UPDATE! (Video) NBA: Man Stabbed During Celtics Game at TD Garden


On Wednesday night on the court, the Boston Celtics got one of their biggest wins of the season, a 95-92 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies that keeps Boston in the Eastern Conference playoff race.  Off the court, things were much uglier at the TD Garden as an altercation took place.

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NBA Rumor: Boston Celtics are Interested in DeMarcus Cousins


There’s two things certain about the Boston Celtics, 1) they’ve loaded up on draft picks and 2) they’re in the rebuilding process.  Celtics general manager Danny Ainge can either pick up a bunch of new talent or flip the draft picks into already proven talent.  Ainge has already said publicly that he values the picks because he can trade them, and he’s made no secret he’d rather deal them for an established player rather than using them all.  Well the Celtics reportedly have their eyes on DeMarcus Cousins.

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NBA: Throwback! Legend Dominique Wilkins Shares Larry Bird Trash-Talk Story & Life As A Rookie


Dominique Wilkins talks about being punked as a rookie in the NBA, re-telling the story of the EPIC Game 7 Duel between Wilkins and Larry Bird in 1988. Bird, known for his trash-talking & threes going in like water, told Wilkins it wouldn’t be easy & made it hard the new, young rookie!

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Says He Can’t Even Name 5 Celtics Players

IFWT_Kobe Bryant_2

With both teams falling on hard times as they find themselves in the rebuilding stage, the Boston/LA rivalry just isn’t what it used to be…so much, that when asked about the Boston Celtics during an interview, NBA star Kobe Bryant said he can’t even name FIVE Celtics players!

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NBA: Gerald Wallace Says Nets 2013 Trade Was a “Get-Rich-Quick Scheme” That Backfired

IFWT_Gerald Wallace 2

The Brooklyn Nets went all out in 2013 in an attempt to win an NBA championship but unfortunately for them, their efforts failed.  Among those moves was the blockbuster trade that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets in exchange for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Keith Bogans, Kris Joseph, MarShon Brooks and three future first-round picks to the Boston Celtics.  Looking back on the trade, Wallace wasn’t shy in expressing his feelings.

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NBA: Rajon Rondo: “I Haven’t Played Defense In a Couple of Years”


Consider this praise for Avery Bradley or a damnation of the Eastern Conference. Or, a little of both.

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NBA: Rajon Rondo Says He’ll Try Not to Cry During Upcoming Game in Boston

IFWT_Rajon Rondo Mavericks

After years of speculation, the Boston Celtics finally traded Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks.  Rondo has only played six games so far with his new team and will face off against his old team on Friday night in Boston.  It’s a return he’s highly anticipating.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Mad The Lakers Didn’t Trade For Rajon Rondo


Kobe Bryant is not a fan of Rondo’s recent trade to the Dallas Mavericks, as he’s disappointed the Lakers didn’t trade for Rajon. Despite a nice Breakfast In Boston, Kobe just couldn’t help the former Celtic guard get nabbed by the LA Lakers…further details below!

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NBA: Kendrick Perkins: Rajon Rondo Wanted Out of Boston

IFWT_Rondo Perkins

Rajon Rondo has long denied that he wanted to leave the Boston Celtics even amongst the numerous trade rumors.  Well his former teammate Kendrick Perkins says Rondo definitely wanted out.

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(Photos) NBA: Rajon Rondo Speaks On Trade To Dallas Mavericks


Rajon Rondo has finally voiced his opinion on the recent trade that has him heading to Dallas! Rondo shows love to the Celtics, his fans and says he “look forward to building something special in Dallas.” More after the jump!

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