NBA: Pistons Trade Brandon Jennings & Ersan Ilyasova to Magic For Tobias Harris

With NBA All-Star weekend wrapped up it’s now back to business.  The NBA trade deadline is February 18th and after all the murmuring the past couple weeks, serious talks have now begun.  The first trade was just announced and it involves the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic.

NBA: Brandon Jennings Says Reggie Jackson is the Best Point Guard in the East

If you ask who’s the best point guard in the Western Conference pretty much everybody is going to say Stephen Curry but what about the East?  Well Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings thinks his teammate, Reggie Jackson, is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference. He said so on Monday, shortly after Jackson won the player of the week award in the East for the second time this season.

(Photos) NBA: Safaree Shows Brandon Jennings Love While Jennings Tries To Explain Himself

Brandon Jennings mentions on twitter must be on fire because he felt the need to explain his point of view in the whole Drake/Meek nonsense. He has been going hard for Drake and hasn’t been shy about his feelings for Meek, just recently calling him corny and saying his career is over. Guess he wanted to clarify where he was coming from. In the meantime, Jennings seems to have a new friend in Safaree, who shouted him out on twitter. They can bond over stories of dislike for Meek. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: Brandon Jennings Is Still Firing Shots At Meek, Calls Him Corny, Says His Career Is Over

Brandon Jennings is definitely loving the beating Meek Mill is taking almost as much as Drake & his fans are. Jennings once again was firing off at Meek last night after returning from OVO Fest. It’s not really his fault he got so involved in this but it feels like he really enjoys it.

(Photos) NBA: Brandon Jennings Really Doesn’t Like Meek Mill, Says Nicki Needs To Leave Him After The Tour

Brandon Jennings seems bent on keeping his twitter “beef” with Meek Mill going judging by his tweets last night. Jennings & Meek, as well as Meek’s manager already traded shots last week but after Meek dropped “Wanna Know” last night, Jennings was back on his bullshit, talking crazy about Meek. He seemed to be going extra hard in an attempt to clown Meek, even going as far as to say Nicki needs to leave him after all this. In the end though he bitched up and deleted ALL of his tweets where he was talking reckless. Can’t take you serious if you delete all the tough talk. Check the gallery!

(Photos) NBA: Brandon Jennings & Meek Mill’s Manager Trade Shots After Drake Drops “Charged Up”

Just a couple days after Meek Mill was coming at him for his tweets, Brandon Jennings found himself the target of another member of the Dream Chaser crew, Meek’s manager, Coon Philly. After Drake dropped “Charged Up” last night, Jennings was on twitter showing his support for the record and as you might expect, Philly wasn’t gonna let that slide after the issue Meek had with Jennings. Coon was blunt in his disdain for the Pistons guard but based on his reply he didn’t seem too concerned. Check the gallery!

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