(Video) NBA: Another One.. Brandon Knight Gets Dropped Again, This Time Paul George Hits Spin Move

Brandon Knight is often on the wrong end of NBA highlights; actually he might have the most lowlights I’ve seen even though he’s a decent player.  This one is courtesy of Paul George.

(Video) NBA: Damnnn Brandon Knight Crosses Up Marcelo Huertas & Makes Him Spin in a Full Circle!

Brandon Knight knows what it’s like to be on the losing end of a viral highlight (getting dunked on by DeAndre Jordan) but this time he was the one to make a great play.  Unfortunately for Marcelo Huertas he’s now becoming a regular on the losing end.  There was his Shaqtin’ a Fool hall of fame move and now this.

(Video) NBA: Brandon Knight Puts Paul Pierce On The Floor With This Crossover

This crossover may have looked like it was just on accident at first but I believe Brandon Knight knew what he was doing. As the old man Paul Pierce tried to guard him, Knight dribbled the ball slight off his foot. At that point it looks like he tried to let Pierce think he could get it first, before snatching his heart and ankles by finishing the play.

NBA Report: Suns Will Re-Sign Brandon Knight to 5-Year, $70 Million Contract

Teams aren’t allowed to start formally negotiating with free agents until July 1, but as usual, that doesn’t mean behind-the-scenes talks haven’t taken place. The Suns are apparently close to re-sign Brandon Knight, whom they traded for at the deadline from the Bucks, to a long-term deal.

(Video) NBA: OMG! JR Smith Destroys Brandon Knight’s Ankles Something Terrible!

Poor Brandon Knight, how can you not feel bad for this guy? He has been on the wrong end of way too many posterizing type plays in his career. DeAndre Jordan dunked all over him, Kyrie embarrassed him among others and now JR Smith just made him look up at the ceiling after putting him flat on his back! To top it off, JR hit an open Kevin Love for the three pointer to complete the play. One of these days, a highlight play will finally go Knight’s way.

(Video) NBA: Brandon Knight Misses Wide Open Game-Winning Layup, Bucks Bench Has Hilarious Reaction!

At this point Brandon Knight has some of the worst career lowlights I’ve ever seen.  From the funeral DeAndre Jordan delivered with a poster, to this mind boggling shot/pass, Knight is a Shaqtin’ a Fool Hall of Famer.  Last night things got bad for him once again as the Bucks played the Nets in overtime but he later redeemed himself.

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