(Video) Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’

How bout let’s not: Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’ and attempt to “endure poverty” on a strict budget for one week (SMH). Check please! …But seriously the latest to sign up for New York’s #FoodBankNYCChallenge has caught a lot of flack, many say rightly so. Is this a good thing, the definition of being “on the wrong side of right” or just one big nah???

(Video) Learn How To Throw A Party From Vic Mensa, Sir Michael Rocks, & G-Eazy

It’s Illmore 2014, and Sir Michael Rocks, Vic Mensa, and G-Eazy are asked, ‘What kind of party would you throw if you had an unlimited budget?’ Well, I could tell you, that I just may act a fool, but Sir Michael is little bit wilder than I am. Let’s just say, a Martin Luther King Jr. ice sculpture made out of Kool-Aid. Okay! Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Obama Responds To Congress Budget Deadlines & Puts Republicans On Blast!!!

President Obama spoke during a conference in front of hundreds of ford auto workers as he responded to the budget deadlines, possibility of a government shut down and more by saying that instead of coming up with a solution to our nation’s problems, Republicans would rather “Mess with Me” than find a resolution, Hit the jump for the full video!

NASA To Catch An Asteroid & Land On It?!?

Obama’s budget proposal is going through Congress next week, and in it $100 million is set aside for a new project where we “lasso” an asteroid, land on it and discover what’s on it. The US is going to mine the materials on the asteroid and also try to figure out an action plan if asteroids were to threaten the earth again. Check out the rest of the proposal after the jump.

(Video) NY Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo Says WHAT About The Budget For The State?!?!

After businesses had to move, residents were getting taxed like crazy, and three extreme storms, the big apple has been through plenty, but it looks as if things may be looking up. Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo releases a video explaining how the budget making it through two legislatures is a positive move. The budget has been handed in on time. Good thing! Drop down bottom and check it out.

NO WAY!!! Chicago School Closings Affect Over 30,000 Students?!?!

In order to meet their One Billion Dollar Budget deficit, Chicago caused conflict for over 30,000 students. Whats their answer for this one. Hit the jump for the full story!

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