(Photos) Joey Meek, Friend Of Dylann Roof, Arrested By FBI

After watching the countless interviews that friends of Dylann Roof conducted after his slaying of the Charleston 9, many of us wondered why some of them haven’t been taken into custody since it was apparent that they had information that could have helped stop the murders. Today, the FBI arrested Joey Meek, one of Roof’s friends that did several in-depth interviews about the murders.

Friends Of Dylann Roof Ignored The Signs Of ‘Crazy’ Prior To Charleston Church Shooting

Many are still wondering what pushed 21-year-old Dylann Roof over the edge to shoot up the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, and killing nine attendees. While he has yet (who knows if he will ever) to give us that answer, friends of his prior to the horrid incident gives us an idea.

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Indicted On Three New Attempted Murder Charges

While his name has died down significantly, Dylann Roof is on a long journey to hell. The Charleston church shooter has been charged with killing nine individuals, and now, there are three new attempted murder charges under his belt. More after the jump.

(Video) President Obama Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Close Eulogy

Today, President Obama delivered the eulogy at Senator Clementa Pickney’s funeral and it will most likely go down as one of his most powerful speeches while in office. To close his speech, the President lead the congregation by singing ‘Amazing Grace!’

(Photos) Charleston: President Obama To Give Eulogy At Reverend Pickney’s Funeral Today

Today, (Senator) Reverend Clementa Pickney–one of the nine members of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston that were murdered at the hands of domestic terrorist, Dylann Roof–will be laid to rest. President Obama is set to give the eulogy at today’s funeral service.

(Video) Republican Karl Rove Says Charleston Shooting Act ‘Racist, Bigoted & Evil; Repeal 2nd Amendment

Republican Strategist and Former President George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor Karl Rove said the Charleston shooting in South Carolina was a ‘racist, bigoted & evil… act.’ He suggests repealing 2nd Amendment.

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