(PHOTOS) NBA: The Raptors AND Drake Have Jokes About Drake Using Lint Roller During Raptors/Nets Game!


By now fans have heard about Drake vigorously lint rolling his black pants courtside during Raptors/Nets game 2 (if you haven’t, you can watch the video here).  Well yesterday the Raptors took to Facebook with jokes & Drake took to Instagram to poke fun at himself.  He had to of known that fans were gonna go crazy over it right?!  At least he has a good sense of humor.
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Michael Strahan, Nas & More Courtside at Knicks/Nets Game

IFWT_Knicks Nets

My Knicks may be out of the playoffs, but they’re not going out without a fight.  They beat the Nets 109-98 last night to win the season series between city rivals.
Of course there were a few celebs courtside including Nas with our guys Pecas & Kyser, Michael Strahan with his boo Nicole Murphy, Elle Varner (I wonder if she was there for Shump?) and Chris Johnson who was in town visiting the Jets.  Hit the jump to check out the pics…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Drake & Rihanna Courtside at Clippers Game, But Why Are They Sitting Like That?!

IFWT_Drake Rihanna Clippers  14

Drake & Rihanna were spotted courtside at the Clippers/Thunder game last night, but a lot of fans noticed something — they weren’t sitting together. They aren’t hiding their relationship anymore, so I’m not sure why they didn’t sit together. Don’t worry though, the couple seems fine — they did show some affection for each other as they shared a hug for all to see.
Check out a bunch of pics…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Lil Wayne & Floyd Mayweather Courtside at Clippers/Rockets Game

IFWT_Clippers courside10

The Clippers beat the Rockets 101-93 and a few celebs were courtside  for the game.  We haven’t seen as much of Weezy courtside this season like we have in the past, but he was there along with Floyd Mayweather, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.
Check out a few of the pics…

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(Photos) This Is Great: Jack Nicholson Puckers Up For a Duck-Face Selfie!

Jack Nicholson takes a selfie

You’ve got to love this! The usually serious Jack Nicholson was sitting courtside at the Lakers game last night (as usual,) this time with a hot blonde by his side. The girl turned out to be a fan, and asked Jack to take a photo, but since no one was around to snap the flick for her…they ended up with a classic selfie, duck-face and all!

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NBA: Here’s How The Knicks Give Courtside Seats To Celebs

IFWT_Knicks  2

Funny that this article came out right after the story about La La paying for her tickets came out.  Many fans have wondered about those courtside seats — who gets them? Did they have to pay or were the tickets free? How do they decide which celebs sit where?  Well we finally get a couple answers.  Check it out…

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Boxing: Uh-Oh! Floyd Mayweather Sued!


We all know that the champ has money, so this has to just be some type of misunderstanding.  Money ain’t got no money worries!  The timing of the lawsuit could be the only issue since his big fight is this Saturday.  Floyd Mayweather is getting sued for the seats he bought for game 7 of the NBA finals.
Report after the jump…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Lil Wayne Courtside For Heat/Pacers Game 6!

IFWT_Wayne Pacers 1

Does anyone care about this anymore?!  Last night the Pacers beat the Heat 91-77 and surprise, surprise —- Guess who was courtside…rocking Pacers colors?  Lil Wayne (and Mike Epps).  I really don’t think Tuenchi has a team, I think he just has love for the game.  At lease there was no drama … as far as we know of … yet.  Check out a few more pics after the jump…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Yep! Lil Wayne Was Courtside at Warriors/Spurs Game 5!

IFWT_Lil Wayne Spurs Warriors 8

Lil Wayne is just ‘bandwagoning’ it up huh?   I know everyone keeps saying that, but can’t he just be a big NBA fan?!  If I had the opportunity, I’d go to all the NBA games I could go to too…just for the fun of it.  I would like to know exactly which team is HIS team though?!

The Spurs took a 3-2 lead over the Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals by winning last night 109-91.  Tunechi was courtside for the game.  Check out the pics…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Rick Ross & Son Courtside For Heat Game! Dwyane Wade Gives His Son His Game Worn Kicks!

IFWT_Rick Ross at Heat Bulls game 2 g

BAWSE!  Rick Ross was courtside as the Heat mollywhopped the Bulls. The game was full of action and Rosay with his son, William Roberts III, had front row seats. Dwyane Wade was seen giving them some love and gave Ross’ son his game worn kicks!  Lucky kid!

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