Cynthia Bailey Is No Longer Attracted To Her Husband

Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas’s marriage could be in jeopardy! Ever since the video of Peter allegedly cheating on his wife, things have not been the same. Cynthia claims that she is no longer physically attracted to her husband.

Workers Of The Texas Court System Are Getting Killed 1-By-1

FREAKY! A North Texas county District Attorney, Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia was found shot to death in their home. This incident only happening two months after one of McLelland’s assistants was found killed and two weeks after Kaufman County Assistant DA Mark Hasse was killed in a parking lot about a block from his office. Head in charge of the Department of Corrections, Tom Clements was also gunned down right after answering his doorbell. Police are saying that as of now, there is no indication that the McLelland murders are connected to the Hasse murder, but they are trying to see if the Clements murder is connected to Hasse’s. This is a lot. Sounds like some kind of secret inside mess is going on over there in Texas. All politics. Someone maybe up for re-election. Drop down bottom for more on the murders.

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