Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas’s marriage could be in jeopardy! Ever since the video of Peter allegedly cheating on his wife, things have not been the same. Cynthia claims that she is no longer physically attracted to her husband.

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On the first episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Cynthia bought her relationship troubles with husband Peter to light. Cynthia tells her sister Malorie, that she is in love with Peter, However, she is not physically attracted to him. She stated,

“Physical attraction is important but I am more attracted to Peter’s mind.”

Peter’s constant traveling has put a damper in his marriage with Cynthia. Apparently, the traveling has caused the couple to lose a sense of communication with each other. She also mentions that the video has also added fuel to the fire in the marriage.

“Peter and I we have a lot of real issues that we are dealing with. We have no real communication. We have distance issues now that he is spending more time in Charlotte. The video is just another thing to put on the list.”

Despite past altercations, Porsha Williams decided to put the past behind her and share some words of encouragement to Cynthia as Porsha went through a rough marriage also.

“I honestly felt sorry for Cynthia and saw myself in her. I too have been in a relationship and operated in total denial, and that’s what I thought she was doing. It’s just easier sometimes to put your head down, run your business, and keep the peace.”

Source: Inquisitr