Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral To Surprise Her Husband Who Tried To Kill Her


Yes. This woman crashed her own funeral. All to surprise her husband who hired bounty hunters/killers to have her murdered. But, in an unexpected twist of fate she escapes and has lived to tell her story! This one is like a real life Taken only in reverse. Hit the jump!

WTF: Florida Man Uses His Wife As A Human Mop To Clean Up Spilled Milk

IFWT_Keith Davidson

46 year old Keith Davidson won ass hole of the year award. The idiot got mad at his wife for spilling some milk on the floor. Instead of getting some paper towel or a mop to clean it up he used his wife’s head. And you know what is crazy about this? It wasn’t the first time he used his wife as a human mop! Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

Cynthia Bailey Is No Longer Attracted To Her Husband


Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas’s marriage could be in jeopardy! Ever since the video of Peter allegedly cheating on his wife, things have not been the same. Cynthia claims that she is no longer physically attracted to her husband.

(Video) Lark Voorhies Speaks Out To Defend Her Husband After Her Mom Files A Restraining Order


In a recent interview Saved By The Bell child star, Lark Voorhies is speaking out to defend her new husband after her mother filed a restraining order against him. According to the record, Voorhies mother Patricia filed the restraining order because she felt he would cause her physical harm. Read more below.

(Video) Wife Dies In Accident While Chasing Husband And Mistress


A woman in Houston died in a terrible car accident while chasing her husband who was apparently with his mistress in another car. The Husband and Mistress were not injured, however, another victim was flown to a nearby hospital.

(Photo) Boston Marathon Kiss Gone Wrong !!!


Boston marathon kiss gone wrong , very wrong! What could have turned out to be quite the love story went a little south after the pic went viral spreading all over the internet. A female runner in the Boston marathon, all the way from Tennessee, happened to have a kiss with a mystery man. Someone happened to get capture this random intense kiss on camera. Having this special moment at such a special event added almost a magical touch to the picture leaving her wondering who he was.

Woman Murdered Husband For Cheating With Her Own Sister & Nanny’s Daughter!

_Woman Murdered Husband For Cheating With Her Own Sister & Nanny's Daughter

A woman was charged with killing her husband for cheating on her with her own sister and their nanny’s daughter. Read more on the crazy story after the jump!

So Sad! Queens Dad Shot And Killed Wife, Mother In Law And 7 Year Old Daughter!


A father shot his family early this Saturday morning killing his wife, mother in law, 7 year old daughter and leaving his 12 year old daughter fighting for her life. Read more after the jump…

(Photos) Congrats! Ludacris & His Beautiful Bae Eudoxie Got Married The Same Day He Proposed!


Not only did Ludacris pop the question and ask his beautiful girlfriend Eudoxie to be his wife, but the two got married the same day! Sources explain that Luda asked Eudoxie to be his wife in the morning, then he took her out to a fancy restaurant. When the two returned home, a wedding dress was already waiting for her draped over a chair. They two had a super secretive ceremony on Christmas Eve and then later flew out to Costa Rica to celebrate their honey moon. Luda’s mom apparently picked out the wedding dress and thankfully, Eudoxie loved it. I suppose this is a rich people thing because us regular folk would have NO chance at ever doing this successfully. Congrats to the two love birds on their marriage! Wishing Luda and Eudoxie the best of luck on this new chapter in their lives. So sweet! *Runs and cries in the corner because I’ll be single forever.* LOL! (JK, not.)

In Washington A Woman Set Her Husband On Fire After She Caught Him Molesting Her 7-Year-Old Daughter!!


For some odd reason, a Washington woman was arrested for setting her husband on fire. However, the reason seems to been extremely justifiable… in my humble opinion. 40-year-old Tatanysha Hedman set her husband, 52-year-old Vincent Phillips on fire by pouring gasoline on him while he was sleeping and sparking a flame. Unlike the traditional “he cheated on me” reason, Hedman explained — when questioned by police — that she did it because he touched her 7-year-old daughter inappropriately. More info after the jump.

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