(Video) NBA: Does Baron Davis Take A Shot At LeBron By Saying He’s The Best Actor In The NBA?

In a recent interview with TMZ, Baron Davis was approached about his recent on camera roles and he was asked about his take on LeBron James. Now, to me this sounded like a small jab when the reporter asks him if LeBron is the best actor in the league and Baron laughs, then says yes.

Sports: White College Baseball Player Calls Mo’ne Davis a Slut

White College Baseball Player Calls Mo’ne Davis a Slut. A white college baseball player from Bloomsburg University took to twitter to address the fact that Disney is going to make a movie about Mo’ne Davis and her story. He says “Disney is making a movie about Mo’ne Davis? What a joke. That slut got rocked by Nevada”.

(News) Michael Dunn’s Lawyer Said What About The Case?!

Any minute now the jury will release their verdict for the Michael Dunn and Jordan Davis case. Dunn’s lawyer says in a interview that this case is not a race thing but a sub culture thing ?! I’m tired of hearing of trigger happy conservatives killing teenagers because of stupid BS! Read what Dunn’s lawyer says after the jump.

(Video) Update: Suspect Arrested For Shoving Ki-Suk Han Into Train Tracks And Said He Did It Why???!!!!

Wow! This story is just too sad. Naeem Davis walked into Central Booking on Wednesday confessing to pushing Ki-Suk Han into the train. Sources said that when he was asked why he pushed Han, Davis said “He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I pushed him,” .. “I saw him get hit by the train.”. Really?!!! What is wrong with this man? Well if this bad enough, the man who took the picture on the front page of ‘New York Post’ just so happen to be a photographer and had enough time to take 40 pictures!!! For the updated video click below…My condolences goes to Han’s wife and family, this is a horrible story. Mickey

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