(Video) Disney Airs First Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss in Network’s History

Disney has now just aired the first same-sex cartoon kiss in the television show “Mashable.” In the cartoon episode, Star vs. the Forces of Evil’s main characters are at a boy band concert where they are signing the song “Just Friends” which ends up starting a kissing wave within the concert. In the wave we can see two men exchanging kisses.

Guess Who Is Going To Receive $50 MILLION For Carrie Fisher’s Death

Disney took out a huge insurance policy on actress Carrie Fisher when they signed her to a three-film contract for the Star Wars series, and because of her untimely death, they now stand to make $50 million from it.

Ice Cube Could Possibly Star In Disney’s ‘Oliver Twist’

Disney is now planning a musical that may include Ice Cube. The classical ‘Oliver Twist,’ is about an orphan boy who lives a terrible life in a workhouse. He escapes the workhouse by falling in with a London gang of pickpockets led by criminal leader Fagin. Ice Cube is allegedly on board as a producer.

Tourist Says She Warned Hotel Of Alligator In Sight Before 2-Year-Old Baby Was Attacked At Disney Resort

Shawna Giacomini, a North Carolina tourist, witnessed the alligator roaming around the Disney resort are before 2-year-old Lane Graves was attacked. The woman says she and her 2 daughters were at the beach around 8:15pm when the alligator was spotted.

Family Will Not Sue In Gator Disney Attack

We have now learned that the family who lost their son to an alligator attack while at Disney will not sue. The parents of Lane Thomas Graves have decided to cope with their lost without any court action.

Law Enforcement Says They Are Pretty Confident The Alligator That Killed The 2-Year-Old At Disney Resort Is Dead

Law enforemcent claims that they are pretty confident that they have killed the alligator that killed the 2-year-old child at the Disney Resort. A rep for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission says they have killed 6 alligators in the Seven Seas Lagoon.

(Photos/Video) Disney Builds Fences To Block Wildlife

Not too long ago The Graves’ family experienced an unpleasant incident that resulted in the death of their child and has resulted in a major Disney upgrade. Disney has decided to build a fence around the Seven Seas Lagoon which began Friday, while also adding alligator warning signs around the perimeter due to what occurred nearly a few days ago.

(Video) Man Recalls Surviving An Alligator Attack At Disney Back In 1986

A New Hampshire man by the name of Paul Santamaria says he survived an alligator attack at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort back in 1986. The story came about after a 2-year-old was recently found dead after being attacked by an alligator in Orlando.

(Video) Robert Shapiro Says Disney Will Pay For Alligator Mishap

As you may have heard already about the terrible alligator incident that happened at Disney just a few days ago, many people have voiced their opinion on this situation. Most recently, one of the famous lawyers responsible for representing, along with Johnnie Cochran, O.J. Simpson in the ‘Trial of the Century’, Robert Shapiro gave his take on the Disney situation.

(Video) Disney Is Now Holding A News Conference On The Alligator Attack

Following the news that the 2-year-old child attacked by an Alligator has been found, there is now a news conference being held.

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