(Videos) Jay-Z Refuses To Answer Question About Donald Trump

Lol, the reporter tried to throw it in there sneakily and get Hov’s take on the new president. Watch Jay swerve her below.

Trump Signs Executive Order On Mexico Border Wall

Donald Trump has officially made good on his word about this “wall” between the U.S. and Mexico, today signing executive orders that begin moving towards building it – the goal being boosting border patrol forces and ordering an increase in deportations of undocumented immigrants. Construction of the wall could begin in months, but planning for the massive project is “starting immediately,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview with ABC News. The funds will come from the U.S., but he plans to have Mexico reimburse the costs.

(Audio) NFL: Donald Trump And Tom Brady Are Besties!

Photo Credit If you were besties with the President of the United States, wouldn’t you be singing it from the rafters? Not tom Brady, he’s super hushity-hush about it. Check out his recent interview.

One Man Bites Another Man’s Ear Off During Argument About Donald Trump

Okay this is getting weird now. One man bit off another man’s ear after an argument about Donald Trump. The argument turned violent which prompted the wounded man to run towards the nearest gas station. Police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer refused to say which side the man was on but the ear was recovered by authorities in an apartment.

Donald Trump Sued For Still Making Money Off His Business Ventures While Being President

The President just got his first lawsuit in office, for allegedly violating a clause of the Constitution which prohibits federal office holders from making money off of foreign powers. Examples included in the suit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington include leases held by foreign governments in Trump Tower, room reservations in Trump’s D.C. hotel and payments from foreign governments, rebroadcast episodes of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice and more.

(Video) MLB: Trump Lover Curt Schilling Tells Why He Wasn’t At Inaguration

Photo Credit You will recall how vocal Curt Schilling has been over the last several months with regard to The Donald; always having his back and defending him to no end. Well, what a shocker that he wasn’t at the inauguration today. Surprised? Let’s see why.

(Video) DC Police Hose Down Trump Protestors

Pic Source: Instagram Today is the day where president elect Donald J. Trump is sworn into office to become the 45th president of the United States of America. Since it’s been filled with nothing but drama since he’s began running, it only makes sense for there to be some drama on this day. As people were protesting in the streets of Washington DC, the Police felt it was necessary to hose those protestors down with water after failing to cooperate.

(Video) Pepper Spray Fired At Anti-Trump Protest

Police had to now pull out the pepper spray at a anti-Trump rally. The rally took place outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

NFL: President-Elect Donald Trump Naming NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson as Ambassador to the U.K.

Apparently, the only requirement you need to get an official appointment from president-elect Donald Trump is have given him money.  New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, a longtime friend and financial backer of Trump, appears to have been chosen to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Shocker: Azealia Banks Puts Her Bid In To Perform At The Inauguration

In news that’s completely unsurprising, Azealia Banks has put her bid in to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The controversial rapper has voiced her support of Trump in recent months, so it’s not a complete shock.

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