Trump Towers Is Being Spied On???


People are really going all out just to not have this man in office lol People in his own camp might also want to stop him by, in the famous words of Malcolm X, “any means necessary”.

(Photo + Video) Another One: Donald Trump Rally Takes A Turn For The Worst In San Diego

IFWT_Donald Trump

Here we go again. Another Donald Trump rally turned upside down. This time in San Diego. 35 arrests were made at the rally. Things got so bad, police had to turn to tear gas to try and calm the storm. This is the second time within a week, that police and Trump protestors have clashed. How can we elect this man as president?

Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Plan To Have a Debate!


It looks like we might get the debate we’ve all been waiting for. And its for a good cause too.

Save The Birds: Donald Trump’s War On Clean Energy


I think we can all agree that pretty much every policy that Donald Trump promotes would be catastrophic for this earth. His opinions on global warming, for example, would tell you just that… literally.

Donald Trump Hits The Required Number Of Delegates Needed For Nomination

IFWT_Donald Trump

Donald Trump is one step closer to the White House. The candidate has officially hit the ‘magic number’ required for nomination. He passed the 1,237 mark after North Dakota, Colorado and Pennsylvania gave their support.

(Photos + Videos) Mayhem Breaks Out At Trump Rally In New Mexico, Shots Fired


A Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico nearly turned deadly last night after everything from shots being fired, rocks being thrown, police sustaining injuries, to tear gas being used caused mayhem in the streets of NM.

Woman Recieves Death Threats For Wearing An “America Was Never Great” Hat


Krystal Lake, a student at Staten Island College, recently wore an “America Was Never Great” hat at her Home Depot job and received a ton of backlash, some of which were racist death threats smh.

(Video) Finally! Megyn Kelly & Donald Trump Have No Holds Barred Interview


It’s been a long time coming for this one. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly & Donald Trump are known for their infamous twitter feuds going back and forth at each other, Ms. Kelly always questioning The Donald’s tactics and Mr. Trump responding. Now we finally get a sit down interview with the two, which is tell all.

(Photos) Bette Midler Question’s Why Donald Trump’s Twitter Isn’t Suspended


Azealia Banks recently got her Twitter account suspended because all she does is offend everyone with racist and sexist comments. She is basically a bully. Her and Donald Trump have a few similarities. What makes them very similar is that all they do is talk sh*t! Bette Midler is no stranger to voicing her opinion either but at least she does it with some class. Midler went to Twitter and and tweeted why Azealia Banks is suspended from Twitter and Donald Trump isn’t. Check out the tweet in the gallery after the jump!

(Photo) Street Artists Make a Mural Of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Kissing Each Other


The troll level is strong in this one. I don’t think Donald Trump is going to take kindly what’s being shown in Lithuania.

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