Donald Trump Shouts-Out Ice Cube For Thinking He Got An Endorsement, Ice Cube Shuts That Down ASAP


It looks like Ice Cube doesn’t want anything to do with Donald Trump, haha. Check out his reaction when Trump thought that Cube was endorsing his campaign.

ISIS Members Hope Donald Trump Wins The Presidency, “I Ask Allah To Deliver America To Trump”


Looks like Donald Trump has a new fan base. Yet another sick group of individuals are backing this man.

(Photo) Sports: Donald Trump Shamelessly Uses The Murder Of Dwyane Wade’s Cousin To Ask For African-American Votes


News of the shooting death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, is still fresh and police are still trying to gather information to find the suspects but Donald Trump is already trying to use the tragic incident for his own gain. He is willing to do anything to make a spectacle of himself and draw the attention of not so intelligent folks away from the real issue. Electing Trump as the next president will do nothing to stop gun violence in cities like Chicago but he damn sure wants his followers to believe that.

(Video) Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton Is A Bigot Who Sees People Of Color Only As Votes”


The Donald just went off on Hillary Clinton, like really went off on her, calling the Democratic candidate a “bigot” who is only seeing people of color as votes and not human beings deserving a better future.

(Video+Photos) SMH: Donald Trump Asks Black Voters What Do They Have To Lose, Hilary Claps Back


Sometimes we never know what to expect when Donald Trump opens his mouth. At one of his rallies he made some controversial and offensive comments towards the African American community. Not too long after, Hilary Clinton gave her two cents, check it out.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Resigns


Welp, looks like Donald Trump’s campaign chairman has called it quits. Paul Manafort has now resigned. The resignation came shortly after Trump brought on Steve Bannon from Breibart News, as the campaign CEO. Manafort possibly was not feeling this move.

(Video) Muslim Lady Kicked Out of Trump Rally

IFWT_Muslim Lady Trump rally

As the political race continues for who will become the next president of the United States, there will continue to be rallies. At this particular Trump Rally, a muslim lady was escorted out for handing out pens during the rally.

(Photo + Video) Donald Trump Says Black People Should Vote For Him


Donald Trump is calling all black people. He says they should vote for him due to the fact that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party pander to African Americans.

(Video) YG Ft. G-Eazy & Macklemore – FDT Part 2


YG has made it quite clear that he is not too fond of Donald Trump. After the realease of FDT, the Bompton native took to the streets of LA for an anti Donald Trump protest. But, just in case he didn’t get his point across, YG took it to the east coast and hit the streets of New York for another anti-Trump protest! But wait! There’s more! The FDT tour is underway, scheduled to commence September 18th!

Hillary Clinton Releases 2015 Tax Return And Pressures Trump To Release His


Hillary Clinton has just put the pressure on Donald Trump. Clinton has released her 2015 tax return and is now pressuring Trump to release his. Clinton paid an effective federal tax rate of 34.2% last year.

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