(Video) Sports: Tiger Woods Takes A Jab At Donald Trump On “The Late Show”


Tiger Woods made an appearance on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert last night and talked about a wide variety of topics ranging from his current relationship with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, who he calls “one of my best friends”, to his love of video games, specifically Call of Duty, to of course, golf. The latter part of the conversation was where Tiger took the opportunity to throw a slight jab at Donald Trump and his hopes for the presidency.

(Video) Donald Trump Now Blames Clinton’s Campaign For Sexual Allegations

IFWT_Donald Trump

With the final debate currently taking its course, Donald Trump got a chance to speak on the sexual allegations flying his way. Trump states the assumptions are “fiction,” and “lies.” In fact, he states that Hillary’s campaign just may have something to do with it?

Larry Flynt Is Now Offering $1 Million For ‘Scandalous’ Donald Trump Tapes


Larry Flynt is now on a mission to keep Trump out of the White House by asking everyone to come forward with any “scandalous” tapes of him. Ready for the best part? He is dragging a $1 million reward into the deal. For that I wish I had the tapes!

(Photo) Condoleezza Rice Responds To Trump Allegedly Calling Her A B*tch Back In 06′


Back in 2006, it was reported that Donald Trump called former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice a b*tch. Rice has now spoke out on the report. She told CNN’s KFile in an email, that she can not wait until November 9.

NFL: Tom Brady Talks About His 15 Year Friendship with Donald Trump


Tom Brady was previously happy to talk about his friendship with Donald Trump.  The New England Patriots quarterback said Trump is his friend, and he supports his friends.  Brady, however, went silent and walked out of a press conference when he was asked about the crude comments where the Republican presidential nominee said he gropes and kisses women without their consent.  Brady decided to break his silence during his weekly hit with Boston radio show Kirk and Callahan on WEEI Monday morning.

(Video) NFL: Trump Supporter Tom Brady Ends Presser When Asked About the Candidate’s ‘Locker Room Talk’


Tom Brady by all appearances is a friend and supporter of Donald Trump.  The New England Patriots quarterback has hung out with Trump and had a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker.  Brady, however, went silent when asked about the crude comments the republican presidential candidate made in a leaked tape.

Donald Trump Denies Sexual Harassment Claims & Threatens To Sue NY Times


In a new NY Times piece, two women claim that Donald Trump inappropriately touched them touched them in the past. Jessica Leeds alleges that about 30 years ago, Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt while on an airplane. Rachel Crooks says she previously worked in Trump Tower at a company that Trump did not own, but once ran into the Presidential hopeful outside of an elevator – who kissed her after she introduced herself.

(Video) Two Women Are Claiming Donald Trump Inappropriately Touched Them


Donald Trump recently received tons of fire for the hasty remarks he made about women. 74-year-old Jessica Leads says she wanted to punch her screen once she heard Trump say he has never really done the things he boasted about. Over three decades ago, Leeds says she sat beside Trump in first class as she was a traveling businesswoman at a paper company.

(Video) Donald Trump Says It Would Be A Shame To Lose The Election To Locker Room Talk


During an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Trump got a chance to speak on his degrading remarks about women…or ‘locker room talk,’ as he would call it.

Sports: Athletes From NBA, NFL & MLB Say Donald Trump’s Crude Comments Aren’t ‘Locker Room Talk’


In a leaked tape, Donald Trump was caught making crude and predatory comments about women.  Trump bragged about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women other than his wife. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he bragged. “You can do anything.  Grab them by the pu–y”  The Republican presidential candidate characterized his comments as just “locker room talk” not meant to be heard in the general public, but several athletes from different major league sports all dismissed his excuse and say they don’t speak like that in the locker room at all.

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