(Video) Check Out 67 Rap Songs Where Donald Trump Was Name Dropped


As the 2016 Presidential election heats up, we are getting a closer look into the candidates that are running for the big dawg spot in the White House.

Donald Trump has been a public figure for as long as I can remember, but he’s really starting to cause mass hysteria now with with the controversy that surrounds himself and his questionable comments at the current moment.

Although the Hip-Hop world might not be the biggest fan of Mr. Trump, he actually plays a larger role in the rap game than we thought. I found an interesting video that shows every rap some that Trump was mentioned in – totaling out to 67 different tracks!

Check out the vid below.

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(Video) Waka Flocka Flame Talks 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump & Educating The Youth On Voting

Waka Flocka

BSM head honcho Waka Flocka Flame stopped by The Durtty Boyz show to discuss politics, voting and a bunch of other issues. He addressed the 2016 presidential election, his thoughts in regards to Donald Trump and how important it is to educate the youth on voting.

Get into the full interview below to see where Waka stands on these various political issues.

Would you vote for Waka for President?

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Donald Trump, Who? NBC Really Wants To Continue “Celebrity Apprentice” Without The Presidential Candidate


As he presidential race continues, candidate Donald Trump realizes that other affiliates wants no parts. He and NBC has parted ways as far as the Celebrity Apprentice goes, and they are still in the works for another host. The show must go on … without The Trump.

Find out more down bottom.

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(Video) UFC: LOL Donald Trump Says Ronda Rousey Likes Him, Ronda Says She Wouldn’t Vote For Him

IFWT_Ronda Rousey Donald Trump

Donald Trump is currently the front-runner for the GOP nomination in the upcoming presidential election (I know I can’t believe it either) and as usual he was running his mouth.  While discussing women in combat on CNN, he brought up Ronda Rousey and said that she likes him.  The UFC women’s bantamweight champion had actually told CNN in a recent interview not only that she wouldn’t vote for Trump, but that she wouldn’t want him to run the country.

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(Video) ‘Deez Nuts’ Appears To Be Running For President


LMFAOOO ‘Deez Nuts’ Appears To Be Running For President. Hop into the post for the details and video! #IFWT!

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(Photo) Kelly Osbourne Defends Herself After Making Racist Comments


Kelly Osbourne is speaking out about the racist comment she made on The View.

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(Video) Kelly Osbourne Attempts To Slam Donald Trump For Being Racist, Ends Up Making Racist Comments Herself


Sometimes people just need to know when its time to shut their mouth. Today during the daytime talk show The View Kelly Osbourne sat a guest co-host and is now being attacked on social media because of some of the comments she made. According to Kelly Osbourne, Latinos only know how to clean toilets…WTF? Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) Donald Trump Says Obama Failed Black People!


Old man Trump is at it again and this time Trump targets Obama! The Trumpster claims Obama failed black peoples!

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Donald Trump’s Staffer Fired Over History Of Racial Facebook Posts


If you think the things you post on social media can’t come back to bite you, think again. Recently one of Donald Trump’s staffers was fired from his position because of the content of his Facebook dating back to 2007. Sam Nunberg’s page was filled with numerous racist posts.

Hit the jump for more details.

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(Photos) NBA: Mark Cuban Said WHAT About Donald Trump?!


Mark Cuban is known to be opinionated on a plethora of issues, but recently he voiced his feelings about the Republican National Party’s most controversial candidate, Donald Trump. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks explained that he doesn’t pay attention to the outrageous comments Trump has made nor does he care about his actual stance on our country’s issues! Cuban feels like Trump and his highly-publicized campaign has “changed the game of politics.” Find out if he will be voting for The Donald after the jump!

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