(Video) Oh Hell Nah!: Racist Trump Supporter Argues With Black Woman On A NYC Subway


Some of Donald Trump supporters have lost their marbles. It seems as if they are popping off on those who don’t support the presidential candidate. One Trump supporter went off on a woman on a NYC subway. She remained extremely calm in the situation and went back and forth with the man but if I was her in that same situation there would be a lot less arguing. Check out the video after the jump!

(Video) Jon Stewart Takes Over “The Late Show” To Talk About The RNC


Best Friends For Life. Jon Stewart reunites with his pal Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” and decides to give his two cents on the state of the Republican Party after the convention. And he does so in such a classic Jon Stewart way. *Sigh* These news satire shows aren’t the same without him.

Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Saying His Supporters Will Vote For Him


Bernie Sanders literally spent his entire time watching the Republican National Convention taking shots at Donald Trump lol Hit the more button to see what he said in response to Trump’s Bernie shout-out.

(Video) Donald Trump Officially Accepts Republican Nomination For President Of The United States


Donald Trump officially accepts the Grand Old Party nomination for President of the United States, getting one step closer on his promise to restore law and order once he gets in the White House.

(Photo) Donald Trump Drags Hillary Clinton During His RNC Speech


Donald Trump has spoken. During his RNC speech, the candidate drags Hillary Clinton. He speaks on not agreeing with Obama making Hillary incharge of foreign police. He says it has made America ‘less safe.’

(Video) Omarosa Talks African-American Support For Trump; Denies Claims It’s AT 0% In Some Places


Former Apprentice star Omarosa has been tapped as the Director of African-American Outreach for the Trump campaign, because nobody else is dumb enough or hates themselves enough to do it because of the relationship she forged with Trump while on the show. At the RNC this week, Omarosa was asked about the journey she has ahead of her with attempting to garner the African-American votes, and she denied the reporter’s claims that some places have support levels as low as 0%. Watch her talk her nonsense below. Wonder if she even believes herself…

(Video) Ted Cruz Booed As He Decides Not To Endorse Donald Trump


I bet a lot of people did not see this coming. Ted Cruz got booed off stage as he decided he will not be endorsing Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Wants His VP To Handle All Presidential Duties

IFWT_Donald Trump

Donald Trump reportedly wants his VP to handle all presidential duties. Donald Trump Jr. made a call to one of Kasich’s top advisors to offer him the deal.

(Video) SMH: Republican Party Officially Nominates Donald Trump For President


Well everyone. It’s official, Donald Trump is officially a Republican nominee. Trump’s home state of New York pushed him to the top. Donald Trump, Jr. casted the state’s 89 delegates for his father as all the people in Quicken Loans Arena cheer him on.

Queen Tweets That Trump Campaign Did Not Have Permission To Use “We Are The Champions”


Last night, Donald Trump walked onstage at the RNC to Queen’s “We are The Champions,” and the iconic group is NOT happy about it. “An unauthorised use at the Republican Convention against our wishes – Queen,” the group’s official Twitter account tweeted earlier today. In addition, a rep for Sony Music ATV (which owns publishing rights on the song) tells TMZ the Trump campaign never asked nor were they given permission to use the song. It’s unclear at this time if Sony ATV plans to take legal action – but let’s hope they do!

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