50 Cent Compares Him & Donald Trump’s Bankruptcy Issues


You know it was inevitable…when Fif was asked once again about his money issues right now, he of course had to bring Trump into the conversation – referring to The Donald going “bankrupt” four times.

(Photo) Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Go Shot For Shot On Twitter

IFWT_Donald Trump

Donald Trump woke up on the petty side of the bed this morning. He took to Twitter to go in on Hillary Clinton. However, Clinton was not for it as she fired back.

20-Year-Old Man Arrested For Trying To Assassinate Donald Trump In Vegas

IFWT_Donald Trump

Looks like someone had it out for Donald Trump. A British man by the name of Michael Steven Sanford was arrested after trying to steal a cop’s gun to kill Trump. U.S. Secret Service agents say that Sanford stepped to the Las Vegas officer telling them he wanted an autograph from Trump but then proceeded to try and take his gun. Apparently Sanford had been planning this for a whole entire year.

Donald Trump Loses Campaign Manager

ifwt_trump MM

The cracks in Donald Trump’s campaign are starting to spread. Moments ago, Trump’s team announced the loss of their campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” the campaign’s spokesperson said in a statement to the New York Times. “The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

(Photo) 19-Year Old Tries To Steal Cop’s Gun At Trump Rally In Las Vegas


Nice try…this kid might get 10 years now for trying to grab a police officer’s gun at one of Donald Trump’s rallies – this one in the city of sin.

(Video) President Obama Goes In On Donald Trump’s Comments About Banning Muslims


President Barack Obama spoke moments ago, and went in on Donald Trump for his proposal of a ban on Muslims entering the country, saying the suggestion violates the principles of American democracy. He called it “yapping” from “politicians who tweet.” President Obama was also very against using the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” and had quite a lot to say about it.

NFL: Ben Roethlisberger Says He Won’t Endorse Donald Trump Although They’re Acquaintances

IFWT_Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger says he will not join Team Trump, well at least not publicly despite Donald’s insistence that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is “with us 100 percent.”

(Photo) Donald Trump Says Obama Should Step Down In Wake Of Orlando Shooting…


Shortly after President Obama addressed our Nation in the wake of the Orlando Night Club Shooting Donald Trump decided to state his opinion.

SMH: Stacy Dash Comes For Obama Over #ClubPulse #Orlando Shooting

IFWT_StacyDash endorsing Trump

Damn Dash! Back at it again with the conservative BS! Stacy Dash always knows the wrong thing to say. Today she took to Instagram to give her condolences to the LGBT community, but as usual the condolences were delivered in a distasteful manner. The hate filled post began with the trolling of President Obama, asking the president the condescending question,

“Is he an Islamic terrorist?”.

Well users, like most of the world, are sick of Stacey Dash, are not having it, and have began to clap back. Its crazy how someone so beautiful on the outside can be so ugly within. Screenshots of post and comments located in the gallery after the jump.

(Video) D.L Hughley Shares His Thoughts About Donald Trump And Goes Off On How He Is A Racist

IFWT_DL Hughley

Actor, comedian and commentator D.L Hughley had a lot to say about the current people who are on the political scene including Donald Trump. Hughley went off and said that Trump is a “circus clowm” and a “racist.” Watch the video after the jump!

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