Tamar VS. Jeannie ‘The Real’ Cast Members Beef Over Donald Trump


Tamar Braxton has never been one to keep her mouth shut when she feels strongly about something. Today the singer/daytime talk show host let her feelings be known about her co-host Jeannie Mai choosing to still participate in the Miss USA pageant. Mai seems to be the only person who has decided to still be apart of the pageant after the rant of offensive statements made by Donald Trump. Hit the jump to find out what happened.

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The Show Must Go On – Reelz Picks Up ‘Miss USA’ Pageant

Donald Trump

Donald Trump made quite a few enemies after his many offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants. He royally ticked off so many people that the Miss USA pageant was pulled from Univison and NBC, all the hosts and performers quit and Macy’s is pulling all Trump related merchandise off the shelves. The show must go on however, and TV company Reelz has come to the rescue. Find out more after the jump.

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Flo’Rida Backs Out Of ‘Miss USA’ + Macy’s Pulls All Donald Trump-Related Items


Following his racially-charged rant during his announcement for Presidential candidacy, the backlash continues for Donald Trump.

His derogatory statements toward Mexican immigrants have thus far caused Univision to pull out of his Miss America pageant, and NBC severing all ties with him – which included his long-running show, The Apprentice, as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants. Now the latest includes Flo’Rida and Macy’s.

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Poof, Be Gone: NBC Gives Donald Trump The Ax For ‘Immigrants From Mexico’ Comments


You’re Fired! NBCUniversal has decided to cut all ties with Donald Trump, following his controversial comments on Mexican immigrants – all in the name of being President of the United States.

“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” Trump said during his surprise announcement. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you… They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Read the official statement from NBCUniversal, after the jump.

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(Photo) Roselyn Sanchez Quits Because Of Trumps Racism


Donald trump has not stopped putting his foot in his mouth for as long as I can remember. This time his hurtful words from earlier this month has caused Roselyn Sanchez to step away from the oppertunity given as a Co Host for the Miss USA competition. Defending her roots as a Latin American she felt more than disrespected by the words of Donald Trump. Check out what he had the nerve to say and the Classy response from the Latina Bombshell. In the Gallery you can also check out another racist statement at the end of a letter from Trump that was exposed this week.

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(Video) Wyclef Jean Unfriends Donald Trump For Mexico Rant!


Wyclef Jean was in the middle of a obviously amazing performance and broke out in silence. Wyclef took his time to bash the troll Donald Trump in his comments towards Mexican Americans. Wyclef even unfriended Donald Trump on stage for his mexico rant!

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Major TV Company Pulls Out Of Miss USA Pageant Because Of Donald Trump ‘Mexicans’ Rant


The TV company Univision has decided to cut all ties with Donald Trump after he announced his run for presidency and pissed off quite a few people with his remarks about Mexican immigrants. Cutting ties with Mr. Trump includes pulling out of their deal with the Miss Universe Organization which Trump is part owner of. Details after the jump.

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Sounds Like Him: Donald Trump Paid Supporters To Support … During Presidency Announcement


Money talks, and bulls**t runs a marathon. This is one real estate mogul who knows the meaning all too well. Donald Trump paid supporters … well, to support him during his tumultuous presidential campaign announcement. While we are pretty sure that the Trump has folks who back him up 100 percent, there still were a group of individuals paid to hold up signs and sport T-shirts the said, TRUMP Makes America Great Again! Yeah, sure.

Find out more down bottom.

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NFL: Terrell Owens Endorses Donald Trump For President of the United States


Donald Trump officially announced that he is running for president and he already has his first celebrity supporter, Terrell Owens.  The former NFL players says he supports his former boss’ run for the presidency because “he won’t put up with B.S.”

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(Video) Donald Trump Is Running For Presidency!!!


Oh-Em-Gee! It would be this 69-year-old television personality, among other things, to make an announcement is the biggest way possible. Donald Trump is running for presidency, and he does so on live television.

“I am officially running for President of the United States,” the Trump announces this morning. “We are going to make our country great again. It can happen. We have tremendous potential.”

Hit the jump for more.

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