(Video) Hillary Clinton Visits SNL And Mocks Donald Trump!


Hillary Clinton has shown us her fun side on a couple of occasions, but most times, the presidential candidate keeps it professional.

Last night, she was featured on Saturday Night Live in a hilarious skit where she played a bartender in D.C..

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Trump Comments On Oregon Shooting And Asks, ‘What Are You Going To Do, Institutionalize Everybody?’


Donald Trump is no rookie to the limelight. Between his flowing locks to the hit primetime show “The Apprentice” and of course his most recent presidential campaign, Trump lives in the headlines.

Today, Trump commented on the Oregon shootings, and needless to say, people aren’t happy about it.

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(Photos) Real Tears: Ask Trump Q&A Gone Horribly Wrong


Do you want funny? Donald Trump stopped by New York City’s Twitter studios where he partook in a question and answer session. The ‘Ask Trump’ hashtag was obviously to get one up on his presidential mates, but all-in=all, he LOST. while there were a few Twitter users that used the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions dealing in strictly politics, other users were not so friendly.

Check out the slam fest after the jump.

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(Video) Mac Miller Talks Beef With Donald Trump On Nightly Show


Mac Miller made an appearance on ‘The Nightly Show’ in which he jokingly talked his beef with Donald Trump.

Check out what he had to say.

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NBA: Mark Cuban on Running For President: ‘I Can Beat Hillary Clinton & Crush Donald Trump’


When it was announced that Donald Trump would run for president, everyone thought it was a colossal joke.  Fast forward a few months later and Trump is leading the GOP race, and it’s a significant lead at that.  Suddenly things that were once a political killer – massive wealth, limited governing experience, even ego-bursting levels of narcissism – have been turned into strengths.  Now there’s another billionaire with those some traits who’s considering throwing his hat in the ring, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

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(Video) Common Criticizes The Media For Donald Trump Coverage


Monday (Sept 14) Chicago rapper Common sat down for an interview with HuffPost Live and shared his thoughts on the media’s coverage of Donald Trump. According to Common, the media is all about ratings and journalists have lost their integrity.

Check out what he had to say below.

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NBC Announces Who Will Be Taking Over Donald Trump’s Spot On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’


Ever since television host/politician Donald Trump announced his plan to run for President of the United States in 2016, NBC has been on the hunt for a new host for The Apprentice. After shuffling through candidates such as George Lopez, Magic Johnson and many more, the network has finally came to a conclusion as to who will take over Trump’s hosting spot on the show.

And the winner is…….

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(Video) Donald Trump Says Black Lives Matter Is A Disgrace, Only Looking For Trouble


Donald Trump Says Black Lives Matter Is A Disgrace, Only Looking For Trouble. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

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(Photos) Tennis: Kendrick Lamar, Oprah, Donald Trump & Kim Kardashian Watch Serena v. Venus

US Open Tennis

Tuesday night was one of the biggest night’s in the U.S. Open as Venus and Serena Williams faced off in the quarterfinals.  There was no shortage of star power at Arthur Ashe Stadium as celebrities like rapper Kendrick Lamar, media mogul Oprah, presidential candidate Donald Trump and reality TV star and friend of Serena, Kim Kardashian and her sister Kendall Jenner were all in the building.

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NFL: Tom Brady Says Donald Trump is a ‘Great Friend’ But He’s Not Sure If He’s Going to Vote For Him


Tom Brady says he’s NOT ready to fully commit to Donald Trump, claiming he’s a huge fan of the guy but he’s not 100% convinced he’s earned the Brady vote for president.

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