Rachel Maddow took to Twitter to share that she had a copy of Donald Trump’s tax returns, which he had previously refused to make public. This has everyone breaking their necks to see what exactly it was that she had.

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She tweeted,

BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC.


Daily Beast columnist David Cay Johnston tweeted,

On @maddow I’ll break a big story about Trump and his taxes – 9PM eastern via @DCReportMedia Ill be on @lawrence, too.

Right before the segment aired, the White House sent out a statement in which they spoke on “dishonest media” that was “desperate for ratings.” Maddow stated she had the first two pages of Trump’s return. She says that Trump took a huge writedown and ended up with a negative income. As a result, Trump ended up paying very little in taxes. This means he was far below the amount paid by most people in the nine-figure income bracket.