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(Photo) NBA: You Can Still Buy a Dwight Howard Lakers Jersey at LAX For How Much?!


Dwight Howard is obviously not very popular in L.A. after leaving and choosing the Houston Rockets over the Lakers.  His jersey is still available at LAX airport in LA but the price is absolutely ridiculous.

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NBA: Shaq Defends DeMarcus Cousins & Throws More Shots At Dwight Howard?

IFWT_Shaq x Cousins

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has developed a reputation for his attitude and aggression.  Despite the amazing stats he puts up, his negative reputation still precedes him.  Shaquille O’Neal, one of the best big men in NBA history, stood up and defended Cousins demeanor, saying it’s necessary.

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(Photos) NBA: Shots Fired!! James Harden & Chandler Parsons Trade Jabs, Parson’s Brother Gets Personal


I’m actually pretty disappointed in James Harden & Dwight Howard. These two guys are more self absorbed with themselves than they appear. Earlier this month Chandler Parsons decided to sign a new three year contract with the Dallas Mavericks after the Rockets decided not to match the Mavs offer of $46 million. Questions immediately arose about if the Rockets would feel the effects of losing Parsons who was a solid contributor on the team and is on the cusp of all-star appearances. Both Howard & now Harden have kinda thrown Parsons under the bus and downplayed his skills and made themselves seem like they are on a mountain looking down on the rest of their teammates. It got to Parsons so bad that even his brother jumped on twitter and got personal towards Harden. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Says He’s the Best C & James Harden Best SG, Losing Chandler Parsons Won’t Affect Them


The Houston Rockets offseason was disappointing to say the least.  They didn’t land Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh, they let Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin go for practically nothing and they lost Chandler Parsons after not matching his three-year, $45 million offer sheet from the Dallas Mavericks.   Well they did sign Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard thinks they’ll do just fine because they have him and James Harden.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Speaks The Truth About What Happened With Dwight Howard & Kobe


Everyone knows Dwight Howard & Kobe Bryant never really got along as teammates on the Lakers. There has been rumors to things that may or may not of happened but Dwight & Kobe themselves never really gave specifics on their relationship. Fans and media have gathered enough info on their own but there is nothing that compares to hearing it from someone directly involved. Phil Jackson knows exactly what happened including the details on the private meeting that occurred prior to Dwight choosing to sign with Houston.

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(Photo) Rihanna Shows Support For #FreePalestine Campaign Then Takes It Back


Many celebrities are making attempts at letting their voices be heard with this #FreePalestine campaign, however the backlash is real. Dwight Howard showed his support for the Middle East by tweeting the hashtag only to immediately delete it, and then apologized for involving himself in politics.

Earlier this week other celebs such as Tyrese, Swizz Beatz and Waka Flocka spoke their minds on the situation and more recently, Bad Gal RiRi chimed in. Like Dwight, RiRi deleted the tweet minutes later. Check it down bottom.

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(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh, Dwight Howard Under Fire For This “Mistake” Tweet


All it takes is one second in the social media age we live in to put your foot in your mouth, or this case your fingers. Dwight Howard is coming under fire today for a tweet he sent that was deleted just as fast, but the eyes of social media still caught it in the short period of time. There is a huge international crisis going on right now between Israel and Palestine and has already resulted in the loss of many lives. Not sure if Dwight was serious or not, but his tweet saying #FreePalestine was deleted just after it was posted and then the apologizes came. Now there is no need to apologize if his real view is just that, but my guess is he has no idea about any details of the conflict in the Gaza strip which is why his tweet seemed more like a mockery than a political statement. This situation is not something you want to be mocking. Hit the jump.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Twitter Is DESTROYING Dwight Howard With Jokes & Memes

IFWT_Twitter jokes on Dwight 15

A story has leaked about Dwight Howard allegedly hooking up with a 16-year-old and while IF it’s true, Dwight is about to have some serious legal troubles — but Twitter is finding a sense of humor about it and DESTROYING him.  Of course memes & jokes have popped up — check it out…

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(Texts & Photos Leak) NBA: Side Chick? Twitter Is on Fire! 16-Year-Old Exposes Dwight Howard!!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

Awww man, SMH.  Say it ain’t so Dwight!  I noticed that Dwight Howard was trending on Twitter so I did some digging … and this isn’t good … at all.
A high school girl (16-years-old) is claiming Dwight Howard flew her out from Florida to hook-up.  Pictures have gone viral on Twitter of Dwight in a hotel room with 2 very young looking girls & there are some alleged text messages between Dwight & one of the girls that leaked.  Not only is this a bad look, but this can get Dwight into some deep legal troubles.
This story is developing and we don’t have all the details yet, but check out what we have so far & we will keep you updated…

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NBA: Damian Lillard & Dwight Howard Face Off After Lillard Gamewinner! What Did Dwight Say?!


Last night during the Portland Trailblazers and Houston Rockets game 6, Damian Lillard hit an amazing three-point buzzerbeater that gave the Blazers the win and ended the Rockets season.  Following the shot, cameras caught Dwight Howard and Lillard very close appearing to stare each other down and have a conflict but what did Howard actually say to Lillard?

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