NBA: Dwight Howard Claims He Doesn’t Know Which Players Are On The Warriors


I realize Dwight Howard had a busy summer of his own, which included changing addresses from Houston to Atlanta after he signed with the Hawks but he is definitely lying about this! I can’t figure out if he is just trying to sound cool, like he had to much going on to pay attention to other teams or if he is trying to play mind games. Despite all the attention the Golden State Warriors received during the off season with the signing of Kevin Durant, Dwight claims to not know who plays for them. Insert your side eye here!

(Video) Sports: Dwight Howard Says He’d Beat LeBron James in an MMA Fight

IFWT_Dwight Howard

NBA star Dwight Howard is a big UFC fan.  So what if he got in the Octagon himself, who would win between him and LeBron James?

NBA: Dwight Howard Reveals He Used To Sing Beyonce Songs At The Free Throw Line To Help Him Focus


Dwight Howard is one of the more terrible free throw shooters in the NBA. Year in and year out, teams prepare to foul him numerous times per game, the same way they do to DeAndre Jordan and other big men who simply can’t shoot from the foul line. The adjustment to the “hack-a-Shaq” rule for next year will help cut down on that somewhat but not completely. So what are these big guys supposed to do when all the practice in the world doesn’t help? Well in Howard’s case he would sing Beyonce songs but clearly that didn’t work out well either.

NBA: Dwight Howard Opens Up About Why He Didn’t Have A Good Relationship With James Harden


Dwight Howard and James Harden’s relationship started off promising when Howard decided to sign with Houston after leaving the Lakers but it didn’t take long for reality to set in for both players. The expectations of a championship never materialized and with the exception of one successful season which saw the Rockets lose to the Warriors in the western conference finals two season ago, there really was nothing else good to speak of. The relationship between both guys was clearly strained after a while, which was something Howard spoke on during his appearance on the “Mike & Mike” show.

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard Cries During 1st Hawks Presser: “There’s gonna be some memes”

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Dwight Howard opted out of the last year of his contract with the Houston Rockets, and had a homecoming of his own after inking a three-year, $70.5 million deal with the Atlanta Hawks.

NBA: First Two Teams Secure Free Agency Meeting With Dwight Howard

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Kevin Durant is the biggest free agent available but there are other big names for the taking.  For instance, Dwight Howard is available AGAIN.  We’re far from the days of Dwightmare due to injuries and his lowered production but teams are still on the hunt for a big man and sources say he will meet with up to five.  Now we have the first two.

NBA: Dwight Howard Holds Nothing Back As He Explains What Happened With Him & Kobe

Dwight Howard has been refreshingly honest lately and we are the ones benefiting. Recently he was on “Inside The NBA” where he confronted questions from Charles Barkley about people not liking him and also about how things were going in Houston. We all know before he was in H-town, Dwight had a not so memorable experience playing for the Lakers and with Kobe Bryant. Luckily for us, Dwight was asked about that relationship by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan and he was still in that mindset of being honest about it all, instead of giving your typical “PC” answers.

NBA: Dwight Howard Discusses Deteriorating Relationship With James Harden & Rockets Reducing His Role

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When Dwight Howard decided to team up with James Harden and the Houston Rockets, many thought it would drastically help the team.  Howard himself thought they would be the new Kobe and Shaq.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way, and like others before, Howard’s relationship with Harden and the Rockets soured.  He has the opportunity to opt out of the $23.2 million final year of his contract, which is likely to happen.  Now he’s opening up about the situation.

NBA: Dwight Howard Upset He’s Labeled a Cheater After Being Caught Using Stickum Spray

IFWT_Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is surprised and disappointed that he’s being labeled a cheater after he was caught using stickum spray.  Howard says he’s been using it to keep his hands dry during games and many other players do as well.

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard Makes Young Fan Dab For Him In Exchange For His Jersey

Dwight Howard only wanted a simple thank you in the form of a dab from a young fan in Boston after the Rockets beat the Celtics.

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