NBA: Kobe Says Dwight Howard Needed to Be Like Magic, Bird or Jordan For Him to Hand Over the Lakers


Kobe Bryant is out for the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff; that coupled with the promotion for his documentary “Kobe Bryan’t Muse”, means he’s doing a lot press, and that coupled with the fact he’s nearing the end of his career makes him a quote machine.  He’s spoken on a lot of things including his relationship with Phil Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal, now he’s speaking on Dwight Howard.

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(Photos) NBA: LMAO Twitter Goes In on Dwight Howard’s Crazy Suit


Dwight Howard will likely be out through March with a right knee injury but he was still in attendance Monday night for the Houston Rockets 127-118 win over the Phoenix Suns.  Not only was Howard there, he basically couldn’t be missed in the loudest suit ever that was so bad, it might have the NBA reconsidering their mandatory suit policy.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Out At Least 4 Weeks After Having Knee Procedure

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard had a procedure on his ailing knee Wednesday morning and will be sidelined at least four weeks, the team announced.

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NBA: Dwight Howard’s Uncle is the District Attorney in Child Abuse Investigation


Dwight Howard’s baby mother Royce Reed alleges that he has abused their six-year old son Braylon.  Howard initially said he was cleared in the matter but Reed insisted that an investigation is in place.  Well it turns out she was right and the child abuse investigation has been sent to the Atlanta Police Department.  If charges are eventually filed against Dwight, the matter would be prosecuted by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  There’s just one problem… the Fulton County District Attorney is Dwight Howard’s uncle.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett Ejected After Scuffle With Dwight Howard At Tonight’s Game

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard got tangled up after a play and it turned ugly with KG headbutting Howard and they two had to be separated by referees and their teammates. Hit the jump for details.

Via Complex Sports:

Kobe Bryant. Kevin Durant. Now, Kevin Garnett. The NBA regular season hasn’t even hit the halfway point and Garnett has become the third player to get into it with Dwight Howard. Nearly midway through the first quarter of tonight’s game between the Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets, KG and Howard got tangled up a little bit. It seemed like a harmless foul, but things escalated pretty quickly.

A push by Garnett turned into a retaliation shot by Howard and then things got out of hand. KG sealed his fate for the rest of the night by throwing the ball at DH and delivering a headbutt right to the dome.

Click above gallery for pictures.

Tavia HartleyIFWT

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NBA: Jeanie Buss Says Lakers Chose to Build Around Steve Nash Not Dwight Howard

IFWT_Dantoni Nash

The Los Angeles Lakers infamous coaching decision is still one that has people scratching their heads.  Rather than re-hiring legendary coach Phil Jackson, they decided to go with Mike D’Antoni.  Jim Buss has long maintained that it was a decision made by his father Jerry Buss from his hospital bed.  Jerry reportedly wanted a return to the uptempo Showtime Lakers and Jim wanted to make his first big decision for the team.  It might have been more than that though, according to Jeanie Buss the Lakers chose to build around Steve Nash not Dwight Howard.

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NBA: Rockets Coach Kevin McHale Says Dwight Howard Won’t Be Back Anytime Soon


Dwight Howard was a surprise late scratch for his return game to Los Angeles.  In fact it was so shady people thought Howard was either avoiding Kobe Bryant or avoiding the media because of his child abuse case.  Well it turns out Howard’s knee issue is a real problem and he even underwent platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment on the knee, in an attempt to speed up the healing process.  Well nine-games later with Howard still sidelined and Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale says Dwight Howard won’t be back anytime soon.

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(Video) NBA: Mary Carey Says Dwight Howard Would Make the Best Porn Star Because He Has the Biggest…

IFWT_Mary Carey Dwight Howard

Porn stars are just chock full of information.  Quite a few of them have been with your favorite actors and athletes and have all the inside tidbits on those naughty bits.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Gets Kobe Bryant Style Knee Treatment & Is Out Indefinitely


Turns out Dwight Howard isn’t ducking Kobe Bryant (crazy people) or the media in his child abuse case, he genuinely is injured.  There is no timetable for Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard’s return after he underwent platelet-rich plasma therapy to treat his strained right knee, coach Kevin McHale said before Saturday night’s 95-92 win against the Dallas Mavericks.

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NBA: Dwight Howard’s Babymother Royce Reed Also Being Investigated For Child Abuse!

IFWT Dwight x Royce

So it turns out that Dwight Howard is not the only person being investigated for abuse in the case of his six-year old son.  The boy’s mother Royce Reed whom filed the charged against Dwight, it also being investigated for abusing him as well.

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