NBA: Dwight Howard Doesn’t Get Arrested After Bringing Loaded Gun to Airport


It pays to be a multimillionaire celebrity… Everyone knows you NEVER BRING A LOADED GUN TO AN AIRPORT… everyone, except Dwight Howard apparently.

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(Photos) NBA: Dwight Howard Steals The Show At Comic-Con Dressed As Predator


Conan O’Brien may have already won Comic-Con when he made the trip to the San Diego comic book convention in costume as the fire-spewing guitar shredder from “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but NBA superstar Dwight Howard is doing his best to keep up.

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(Photos) NBA: Dwight Howard’s 8th Baby Mama Puts Him on Blast For Being a Deadbeat Dad!


It’s unclear exactly how many baby mothers Dwight Howard has but it’s rumored that he has ten children with eight different women.  The latest is gospel singer Christine Vest.   Christine and Dwight have a two year old son named Trey and some time in the last year, she and Dwight broke things off. Now Christine has taken to social media to voice her displeasure with Dwight’s parenting.

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(Photos) NBA: Dwight Howard Has A New Instagram Model Girlfriend…… And She Is BAD


Dwight Howard was already on his 8th baby mama, Christine Vest, when they recently broke up because she wasn’t allowed to publicly speak about Dwight and their son. Looks like Dwight has moved on quite quickly and he and IG model Bee Star was caught hanging out and are reportedly dating after she kind of claimed him on IG.

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NBA: Dwight Howard’s Baby Mother Suing For More Child Support, Says $10,000/Month is Too Low!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

Hey rich celebrities… WRAP IT UP.  Apparently $10,000 per month is WAY too low for child support according to one of Dwight Howard’s baby mother’s, who says Dwight has been screwing her out of serious money and now she wants to collect.

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(Photos) NBA: Dwight Howard Has a New Nickname & a Custom Car to Go With It!


Maybe Shaq will ease up on his criticism a bit because Dwight Howard is no longer going by Superman.  He has a new nickname and a sick custom car to go with it.

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NBA: After Being Eliminated From the Playoffs Dwight Howard Says “I’m Still a Champion”

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

I’m sure Dwight Howard was trying to keep his confidence up and get ready to keep fighting but he had to know this statement was going to get him a lot of flack.  The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 104-90 on Wednesday night, winning the Western Conference Finals 4-1, moving on to the NBA Finals and eliminating the Rockets from the playoffs.  Dwight Howard finished with a double-double of 18 points and 16 rebounds.  He took the podium after the game and was asked how tough it was to overcome injuries and then have the season end like this.

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(Video/Photos) NBA: Dwight Howard & 200 Rockets Fans Stranded in Arena Due to Heavy Rain/Flooding

IFWT_Dwight Howard Fans

A flash flood emergency was declared in Houston where torrential downpours created severe flooding.  Tons of cars were stuck on highways and fans inside the Toyota Center were urged to remain in the arena. Some 200 fans were stuck in the Toyota Center for hours along with Rockets star center Dwight Howard.  According to Howard, he lives further away then the other players and was urged to stay in the arena while the others left.  Howard remained upbeat and even came out and comforted the stranded fans as well as speaking with the media.

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(Video) NBA: Hecklers Start “Kobe” Chant Directed At Dwight Howard After He Is Ejected From The Game


The Houston Rockets have seem to struggle against the surging Los Angeles Clippers in the second round of the playoffs, as they find themselves on the brink of elimination, after dropping game 5 of series, putting them in a 3-1 hole. Dwight Howard found himself as a non-factor, after getting ejected in game 5 and the Los Angeles crowd made sure to never allow Howard to forget it, starting a “Kobe” chant as Howard walked back to the locker room. People don’t forget!

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NBA: Dwight Howard Fined 15K


While the Los Angeles Clippers are blowing the Houston Rockets off court in both Game 3 and Game 4; Dwight Howard is “throwing them bows” at Matt Barnes. The Rockets are being out-played and seemed to be over matched by the battle tested Los Angeles Clippers which is causing things to get chippy between the two teams.

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