(Video) NBA: Victor Oladipo With ‘Dunk of the Year’ Candidate on Dwight Howard

Photo Credit: Instagram Dwight Howard used to be responsible for vicious posters but he was on the receiving end this time as Victor Oladipo threw down as vicious dunk on the Atlanta Hawks center.

(Video) NBA: SMH! Heckler Yells ‘Your Mother’s a Whore!’ at Dwight Howard

I know fans think Dwight Howard is soft, and keyboard thugs get a little braver when there’s barriers and security between them and these 6 foot+ players, but this is really out of line.

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard Goes Off & Challenges Heckler Who Called Him a ‘Bitch’

Dwight Howard did not receive a warm welcome during his return to the Staples Center.  He had to be physically restrained when he got into it with a Lakers fan after the game Sunday night.

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard Is Unapologetic After Being Ejected For Elbowing Hornets Cody Zeller

The Atlanta Hawks lost a close game down the stretch to the Hornets last night by a final score of 100-96. The loss snapped a six game win streak for the Hawks and they may have been able to keep it going had they not lost Dwight Howard for the rest of the game with just under six minutes left in the fourth quarter. He was ejected after hitting Cody Zeller in the face with an elbow. The play wasn’t necessarily dirty but it was definitely a little extra. Either way, Howard was not in an apologizing mood after the game.

NBA: ‘Space Jam’ Director Says LeBron James & Stephen Curry Aren’t Michael Jordan

The 20th anniversary of the cult classic Space Jam passed just a couple of days ago on Nov. 15.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Joe Pytka talks about the first movie, which athlete he turned down who asked to make a sequel, and why LeBron James and Stephen Curry can’t fill Michael Jordan’s shoes although LeBron is set to star in Space Jam 2.

NBA: James Harden Shoots Down Any “Beef” Between Himself & Dwight Howard

James Harden and Dwight Howard can deny it all they want but they weren’t big fans of each other in Houston. It started off promising when Howard came to the Rockets from the Lakers but it didn’t take long to see it wasn’t a match made in heaven. All they got out of their time together was some mediocre basketball and a few playoff runs that really never had a chance from the start. As they prepare to face off as opponents this week with Howard in Atlanta with the Hawks now, Harden is still shooting down any talk that there was ever a beef.

NBA: Dwight Howard Claims He Doesn’t Know Which Players Are On The Warriors

I realize Dwight Howard had a busy summer of his own, which included changing addresses from Houston to Atlanta after he signed with the Hawks but he is definitely lying about this! I can’t figure out if he is just trying to sound cool, like he had to much going on to pay attention to other teams or if he is trying to play mind games. Despite all the attention the Golden State Warriors received during the off season with the signing of Kevin Durant, Dwight claims to not know who plays for them. Insert your side eye here!

(Video) Sports: Dwight Howard Says He’d Beat LeBron James in an MMA Fight

NBA star Dwight Howard is a big UFC fan.  So what if he got in the Octagon himself, who would win between him and LeBron James?

NBA: Dwight Howard Reveals He Used To Sing Beyonce Songs At The Free Throw Line To Help Him Focus

Dwight Howard is one of the more terrible free throw shooters in the NBA. Year in and year out, teams prepare to foul him numerous times per game, the same way they do to DeAndre Jordan and other big men who simply can’t shoot from the foul line. The adjustment to the “hack-a-Shaq” rule for next year will help cut down on that somewhat but not completely. So what are these big guys supposed to do when all the practice in the world doesn’t help? Well in Howard’s case he would sing Beyonce songs but clearly that didn’t work out well either.

NBA: Dwight Howard Opens Up About Why He Didn’t Have A Good Relationship With James Harden

Dwight Howard and James Harden’s relationship started off promising when Howard decided to sign with Houston after leaving the Lakers but it didn’t take long for reality to set in for both players. The expectations of a championship never materialized and with the exception of one successful season which saw the Rockets lose to the Warriors in the western conference finals two season ago, there really was nothing else good to speak of. The relationship between both guys was clearly strained after a while, which was something Howard spoke on during his appearance on the “Mike & Mike” show.

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