(Video) NBA: Lebron James Honors Bet With Dwyane Wade, Shows Up To Game In Full Chicago Cubs Gear


Dwyane Wade has been waiting for tonight’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers more so than any other game on the early season schedule for the Bulls. Yes, I’m sure he still gets excited to face off against his brother Lebron but tonight’s game has special meaning. Tonight is the night that Lebron had to make good on his world series bet with Wade. Bron bet on the Indians to win and as we already know, the Cubs won in dramatic fashion in game seven, to give them their first World Series win in more than 100 years. It also meant that Bron would have to dress up in full Chicago Cubs gear and he was a man of his word as he arrived tonight looking like he was ready to take the field.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Admits The Heat Weren’t Even His Second Choice In Free Agency


Much was made over the summer about how Dwyane Wade decided to sign a two year deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls rather than stay in Miami where he played his entire career to that point. There seemed (and still seems) like there were plenty of hurt feelings and egos involved between Wade and Pat Riley and while it may appear that his heart was still in Miami, Wade claims they weren’t even his second choice if he didn’t wind up signing with the Bulls.

(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Feels The Love In His Return To Miami And Says Pat Riley Finally Emailed Him


Dwyane Wade returned to Miami last night and the fans let him know how much they still love him and will never forget him. In what was likely one of the more emotional nights of Wade’s career, he returned to South Beach as a member of the Bulls and scored 13 points to go along with seven rebounds and four assists in the 98-95 Bulls win. Heat fans weren’t as upset after the loss as they might normally be because the entire night was all about Wade.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Hasn’t Spoken to Pat Riley ‘I know how he is. If you’re not w/ him, you’re against him’


The Miami Heat will host the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night.  It will also be Dwyane Wade’s first return to the American Airlines arena since he signed a two-year contract with the Bulls this summer.  Wade says he has not spoken to Heat president Pat Riley since the last season ended.  After contract talks broke down with the Heat, Wade left to sign with his hometown team, leaving the team he had spent his entire 13-year NBA career with.  Now that’s he’s returning to play against them, Wade revealed that he’s spoken to everyone but Riley because he knows how Pat is and has seen how he’s treated other players that left in the past.

(Photo) NBA: Dwyane Wade Jokes His Fine Prevented Him From Buying Gabrielle Union Her Birthday Gift


As you likely know by now, Dwyane Wade was fined $25K yesterday by the NBA for his “throat slashing” gesture after hitting the game clinching shot against the Celtics on Thursday. Wade knew the move would likely cost him some money and tried to apologize on twitter but the league still handed down the fine.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Fined $25,000 For Throat Slash Gesture After Helping Bulls Defeat Celtics


Dwyane Wade’s tenure with the Chicago Bulls got off to a good start on Thursday night. Wade caught fire from three point land, knocking down 4 of 6 shots, finishing in total with 22 points and most importantly a Bulls win. Friday wasn’t as nice to Wade as he was fined $25,000 for making a throat slash gesture after hitting the game clinching shot.

(Video) NBA: LOL, Dywane Wade Is Completely Unbothered As Bulls & Celtics Players Push Each Other


Dwyane Wade made his debut last night with his hometown Chicago Bulls and everything went perfect for him. He dropped 22 points, which included hitting 4 of 6 shots from three point land, which is something he rarely does considering he only hit 9 three pointers all of last season. He was shooting it so well from deep that he didn’t let a minor scuffle between his teammates and Celtics players get him off his game.

(Video) Sports: LeBron James & Dwyane Wade Bet on the 2016 World Series


The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs are battling it out in the World Series.  Cleveland Cavaliers star and Ohio native LeBron James and Chicago Bulls star and Chicago native Dwyane Wade decided to place a bet on their hometown teams.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Believes “Superteams” Are Healthy For The League


Dwyane Wade was part of the original superteam that was constructed via free agency so he really has no choice but to support the idea of teams like that being good for the league. When he, Lebron and Chris Bosh got together, they were loved in Miami but essentially hated everywhere else. Regardless of the hate or love people had though, they all had one thing in common. They would be tuned in to watch and that was good for the NBA. Wade echoed that sentiment yesterday when asked about Durant and the Warriors and it if hurts the league.

NBA: Dwyane Wade Claims He & Lebron Wanted To Be In Chicago Before They Signed With Heat


Could you imagine a backcourt of Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose before his injuries when he was still in his prime? What if you then put Lebron James at the small forward spot. Would anyone have beaten them? We will never know but according to Wade, the Chicago Bulls were the preferred landing spot for himself and Lebron during the free agency summer of 2010. He claims they only wound up with the Heat when they showed last minute that Bosh could be added as well.

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