(Photos) Ludacris & Eudoxie Don’t Seem To Have Any Trouble In Paradise…At ALL!

Photographed out for the first time since news of Ludacris fathering a secret love child while they were on a break, he and his fianceé Eudoxie looked just as happy as ever. The pair attended a movie screening earlier this week in Atlanta, and Luda looked very much the doting hubby, as Eudoxie happily smiled and posed for photos. Once again, taking a page out of D. Wade and Gabby’s book! Hey, if they like it…I love it!

Wow: Ludacris Reveals Extortion Plot From New Baby’s Mother

When you do dirt, it gets messy! As previously reported, Ludacris stepped out on his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie (they were reportedly “on a break” — sure!) and fathered a child with a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller. As the pair hit the courtroom for the customary child support battle, documents with details are starting to leak to the public, and they are full of some interesting tidbits! In docs filed from Luda’s end back in September, the famous rapper pleaded with the judge to issue a gag order on Tamika because he is “a major celebrity of great notoriety,” and that it was essential because Tamika was attempting to extort him for a car and $7500 for lawyer fees, or else she’d go public. Clearly, the gag order never happened. LOL. No word on if Tamika got her car, though! Meanwhile…Eudoxie is sticking by her man!

(Photos) Wedding Bells For Ludacris And Girlfriend, Eudoxie?!

Ludacris’ long time girlfriend, Eudoxie, seemed to have brushed off his dirty dog ways in hopes the rapper will buy her a ring. Despite Luda conceiving a child with another woman, Eudoxie remained by his side. The pair have been a couple since 2009. To read more, click below.

SMH: Dwyane Wade-Syndrome? Ludacris IS The Father Of Newborn Baby…Whose Mom Is NOT Eudoxie!

Yo, what is wrong with these celebrities? It is one thing to cheat…sadly, it comes with the territory. It’s a whole different level of cheating to NOT ONLY go raw, but to…hmm, how do I keep this PG?…to uh, let go of your stuff inside of these women! LOL! This truly gives meaning to “thinking with the wrong head.” You’re famous, you’re rich and your significant other is also well known…not only is the side chick going to MAKE SURE she gets your seed by any means possible because she’ll be ca$hing out, but you’re humiliating the woman you supposedly “love so much” on the most public scale EVER! Okay, am I ranting? I just realized I haven’t even gotten to the story yet. Sorry guys. I just…I can’t b. WHY ARE MEN SO DUMB! (Don’t start with the “Who hurt you?” comments now, LOL.) Anyway, following in the footsteps of Dwyane Wade, Ludacris stepped out on his significant other Eudoxie this year and got another woman pregnant. Also taking a page out of Dwayne’s book, he’s rolling with the “we were on a break” thing. Right. Way to save face, guys. More below.

(Photos) Dope! Kevin Hart & His Girl Go On A Couples Vacation With Ludacris & His Girl

As 2013 comes to an end, comedian Kevin Hart and rapper/actor Ludacris decided to close it out with a relaxing vacation with their ladies. Check out the pics from Kevin and Luda’s couples vacay with Eniko and Eudoxie in the gallery!

(Photos) Ludacris’ Girlfriend, Eudoxie Gets Backlash For Giving White Baby Dolls To Black Children!

#SHAMEful…You’re damned if you do – You’re damned if you don’t. Luda’s girlfriend, Eudoxie visited her hometown back in Gabon, located in Central Africa, and she decided she wanted to bare gits. Dolls babies and barbies – with the skin tones on the lighter side. Once she posted the photos of the toys to her IG, people flew off the handle. WHY AREN’T THEY BLACK?! First – I’m questioning if she’s even black…Second – Should it matter, since they are toys, and it’s up to a parent to let their kids know that no matter your skin color, you’re just as good-looking and can do what ever you want…Third – Why are you clockin’ her gift givin’? People are crazy! Eudoxie replied with a message for those who has a problem with the color of her gifts. Hit the jump for the message.

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