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Kanye Parts Ways With His Longtime Friend & DJ?


It appears that Kanye West has gotten rid of DJ and collaborator DJ Million Dollar Mano who is also his long time friend. DJ Mano took to his Twitter account to announce his departure from Kanye right before they were expected to set out for Jay Z’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. There is currently no official explanation and no details as to who will take his spot. Rumors are circulating that Mano may have been let go due to an abundance of mistakes made during live shows….

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LOL: Nanny That Refused To Move Out After Being Fired, Decides To… On HER Terms!


Last week we broke the news of a nanny that refused to move out of the home she worked in. After being fired, 64-year-old Diane Stretton refused to leave the Bracamonte household. Well now, she’s finally agreed… but on her own terms. Check them out after the jump.

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American Apparel CEO Fired After Dancing Nude In Front Of Female Employees?!

_Forcing An Employee To Be His Sex Slave Is Real Reason Why American Apparel CEO Was Fired!

American Apparel founder Dov Charney, is now fired after a video clip features him dancing completely unclothed in front of his female employees. Charney is known to be quite controversial with his provocative company photoshoots and ad campaigns. He was also the center of many harassment lawsuits from nine other female employees. Read more on the shocking story below!

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A Dollar Store Manager Sprayed Febreze In The Face Of A Shoplifter, Then THIS Happened!!!


Devoted to his place of employment, a Michigan dollar store manager, Gavyn Edlinge was caught on tape spraying two alleged shoplifters in the face with Febreze. In fact, one of the two sprayed was pregnant. Now, in light of the eventful situation, Edlinge has since been fired. Either way, after the jump you see his infamous incident.

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KFC Worker Fired For Putting Pubic Hair In Food


A KFC worker in Wales was fired this week after claiming to have put pubic hair in customers food. The employee reportadly took to a Facebook page with an anonymous post describing how he did the nasty act. His motives? The customers had been rude to his co-worker.

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(Video) Student Records High School Teacher Rant


A junior at Jefferson Davis High School in Alabama who was use to getting straight A’s was caught of guard when he received a 23 out of 100 on one of his assignments. He needed answers and the teacher had responses but not the one’s he was looking for.

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Damn! The Bad News Continues For Naya Rivera: Find Out Who Just Dropped The Singer

Naya Rivera Big screen debut

It’s been nothing but mad news for actress/singer Naya Rivera. First, her split from Big Sean as been nothing but messy. Followed by reports of her feuding with (former) Glee cast-mate Lea Michelle, and then being fired from the hit-series for her “diva-like” behavior shortly after; Naya just received another hit of bad news.

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Uh-Oh! Is There Even More Bad News For Naya Rivera?!

Naya Rivera & Lea Michele

Naya Rivera is already having a rough month, having split with her boyfriend of one year, Big Sean. It’s a messy breakup at that, so that makes the situation that much more stressful. To add to the drama, she MAY have been fired from the show that had her making “more money than me and sh*t,” if new reports that have surfaced have any truth to them.

According to TMZ, Naya got into it with her GLEE co-star Lea Michele on set earlier this week, but both ladies’ camps are telling different stories. If you let Naya’s people tell it: Lea was acting like a “diva” on Tuesday, making everyone wait to shoot a scene while she dealt with a personal matter, and after a while, Naya “had the stones” to finally go to producers to let them know on everyone’s behalf. Once Lea returned and got word that Naya snitched, she “left the set in a huff.”

Now, if you let Lea’s people tell it: There weren’t any complaints about Lea, and she and Naya weren’t even filming together. However, Naya was tossed off set, and reportedly even fired. Naturally, Naya’s people deny that. Oh boy! We’ll keep you updated!

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Lmao: Manhattan Court Stenographer Fired For Typing ‘I Hate My Job’ Over & Over


Lol, I don’t know why I find this HILARIOUS… but I do. A court stenographer in New York has been fired after he was found to have repeatedly typed “I hate my job” instead of trial dialogue. Daniel Kochanski, 43, is said to have “wreaked havoc” on around 30 criminal cases in Manhattan after it emerged he failed to keep a recording of proceedings. Some convicted criminals now have grounds for appeal as crucial evidence and testimonies are missing as a result of Kochanski’s “gibberish”. The source added: “He hit random keys or wrote, ‘I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job,’ over and over.” Read more below!

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(Photos) Is “Scandal” Star Colombus Short ‘Fuse’ Getting Served With Walking Papers For Violent Wrap Sheet?

Colombus Short

Hmmm not such a shocker there…. reports are saying that Shonda Rhimes, creator behind everyone’s guilty obsession, Scandal is not thrilled with all the negative press actor Colombus Short AKA Short ‘Fuse’ has been receiving due to not being able to keep his temper in check….

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