Uh-Oh! Is There Even More Bad News For Naya Rivera?!

Naya Rivera & Lea Michele

Naya Rivera is already having a rough month, having split with her boyfriend of one year, Big Sean. It’s a messy breakup at that, so that makes the situation that much more stressful. To add to the drama, she MAY have been fired from the show that had her making “more money than me and sh*t,” if new reports that have surfaced have any truth to them.

According to TMZ, Naya got into it with her GLEE co-star Lea Michele on set earlier this week, but both ladies’ camps are telling different stories. If you let Naya’s people tell it: Lea was acting like a “diva” on Tuesday, making everyone wait to shoot a scene while she dealt with a personal matter, and after a while, Naya “had the stones” to finally go to producers to let them know on everyone’s behalf. Once Lea returned and got word that Naya snitched, she “left the set in a huff.”

Now, if you let Lea’s people tell it: There weren’t any complaints about Lea, and she and Naya weren’t even filming together. However, Naya was tossed off set, and reportedly even fired. Naturally, Naya’s people deny that. Oh boy! We’ll keep you updated!

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Lmao: Manhattan Court Stenographer Fired For Typing ‘I Hate My Job’ Over & Over


Lol, I don’t know why I find this HILARIOUS… but I do. A court stenographer in New York has been fired after he was found to have repeatedly typed “I hate my job” instead of trial dialogue. Daniel Kochanski, 43, is said to have “wreaked havoc” on around 30 criminal cases in Manhattan after it emerged he failed to keep a recording of proceedings. Some convicted criminals now have grounds for appeal as crucial evidence and testimonies are missing as a result of Kochanski’s “gibberish”. The source added: “He hit random keys or wrote, ‘I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job,’ over and over.” Read more below!

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(Photos) Is “Scandal” Star Colombus Short ‘Fuse’ Getting Served With Walking Papers For Violent Wrap Sheet?

Colombus Short

Hmmm not such a shocker there…. reports are saying that Shonda Rhimes, creator behind everyone’s guilty obsession, Scandal is not thrilled with all the negative press actor Colombus Short AKA Short ‘Fuse’ has been receiving due to not being able to keep his temper in check….

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(Photos) Is RHOA Porsha Williams Getting Served With Walking Papers After Violent Episode At Reunion?

Porsha Williams

The streets have been murmuring for sometime that RHOA star Porsha Williams may be getting the boot from the Housewives franchise. However, the debacle at last Thursday evening’s taping may have sealed poor Porsha’s fate.

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(Photos) Say WHAT?! Porn Star Fired By Neo-Nazi Group For Getting It Poppin’ With Black Man On Camera


German porn star Kitty Blair has been fired from the National Democratic Party of Germany ad campaign, which is known to be a Neo-Nazi group. She would stand outside in risque outfits, encouraging men to come inside to vote. However, after she had sex with a black man on film in her latest movie entitled “Kitty Discovers Sperm,” the NDP shunned Blair and even started a Facebook petition to be banned from the organization. “Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party,” said NDP in a recent statement. WELP GIRLFRIEND, you know what they say… (y’all know I won’t even say it.) #Welcome.

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(Photos) SHOTS FIRED!!! Miley Cyrus Talking Major Sh*t About Katy Perry!

Miley Cyrus x Katy Perry

“I kissed a girl and I liked it”? Maybe not so much in this case! Miley Cyrus is NOT happy about what Katy Perry had to say about her tongue. So Miley has taken it upon herself to throw some shots back! As if it isn’t bad enough to go through a break up, Miley has made it even more uncomfortable for Katy! Miley took to twitter to speak about the “Roar” artist. Katy Perry was pretty harsh when she said she didn’t know when Miley’s tongue had been while she was on the Australian TV show Sunrise. Wonder if Katy is going to have a response back? Well, find out exactly what Miley said about the whole situation in the gallery below. Who was more harsh? I think Miley took it to another level. You judge for yourself!

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Lady Gets Fired From McDonalds For Paying For Firefighters Meal?


A worker at a McDonalds has been fired for paying for a $153 meal out of her own pocket, for firefighters who just name from fighting a fire. How can you get fired for having a kind heart?! Find out after the jump.

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NBA: Detroit Pistons Fire Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

IFWT_Maurice Cheeks

Expectations were high for the revamped Detroit Pistons but so far they’ve fallen flat.  Owner Tom Gores became impatient and decided to fire new head coach Maurice Cheeks after just four months.

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(Video) Detroit Police Officer Fired For Cutting Out Female Suspect’s Weave, After Being Arrested!

detroit officer fired after cutting out weave

Surveillance footage of a police officer cutting a female suspect’s weave, after being arrested, has gotten her fired in Detroit, Michigan. Officer Bernadette Najor was fired for cutting off 22 year old Chardra Gregory’s weave at the police station. Gregory, who was arrested for trashing a room at the Suez Motel, was also pepper sprayed and hand cuffed to a chair. The suspect now suffers from permanent hair loss as a result of the officer’s actions. According to the Warren Police Department station, officers sometimes remove suspect’s hair extensions because they can be used to cause harm. Police Commissioner Jere Green disagrees with Officer Najor’s behavior and thinks she went too far. To see the video of the incident, click below.

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(Photo) Rumor Mill: Bow Wow Was NOT Given The Boot From 106 & Park


So, today I came across the headline,’Bow Wow Fired From 106 & Park for Using Company Card to Pay Child Support.’ Now, I literally laughed out loud as I read it, especially since I just took a gander at Mr. 106 & Park himself yesterday.
With his finances put on blast in the past, I could understand how some may have fallen, but we all know that Bow Wow knows better than that.
As a blogger, it’s still my duty to do some digging…here it is – Bow Wow cleared things up for the fans…

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