(Video) Sports: Formula 1 Head’s Mother-In-Law Kidnapped Kids’ Security Raised

Bernie Ecclestone, top dog in charge over at Formula One, has a serious problem. His wife’s mother was kidnapped in Brasil this week and now he fears for his own grown daughters’ lives.

Auto Talk: ALMS confirms 2013 race at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas

The American Le Mans Series has announced that the 2013 season will include a race at the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, which is currently under construction in preparation for the upcoming Formula One race in November. The last time ALMS held an event in Texas was in 2007, when it raced on a street course in Houston. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Formula One headed for New York/New Jersey in 2013

If you thought Formula One racing had a checkered history in America, well – you’re right. Over the years, the United States Grand Prix has been held in more locations and has suffered from more hiatuses than a drug addicted musician’s touring schedule. But a good portion of that drama has been played out in New York. Upstate, Watkins Glen hosted the United States Grand Prix for longer than any other single location, but the past few decades have also seen efforts to bring an F1 race to New York City. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Tom Cruise test drives F1 car at Willow Springs

“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television.” If that line sounds familiar from old television commercials featuring soap opera stars in white coats, bear in mind that the theme extends far beyond the annals of fake medicine. People get mixed up between actors and the characters they play all the time. Funkmasterflex Find Flex On Google+

Formula One gets a new engine supplier

With BMW, Toyota and Honda long gone from an expanded grid, the 12 teams in the Formula One World Championship are powered by one of four engines: Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Cosworth. The new turbo four formula that’s set to come into effect for the 2013 championship, however, is geared towards attracting new manufacturers into the series. And according to reports, it has landed its first newcomer. @funkmasterflex

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