NBA: 6 Teams Contacted Ray Allen Including Wizards, Spurs & Thunder


There was a previous report that Ray Allen had agreed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers but it turns out it was another premature report.  Allen has still not decided whether he wants to retire or try to make a run at another championship ring.  Well if Allen does decide to return he definitely isn’t short on suitors.

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NBA: Report, Derrick Rose Didn’t Really Want Carmelo In Chicago, Wanted This Star Instead


Because of the position they are in, athletes at times can’t really say how they truly feel. They have to play the game with the media to avoid being torched in papers and online. With that said though, they can still convey the message they are trying to send in other ways. According to reports, Derrick Rose really was never too enthusiastic about the chance of Carmelo joining him in Chicago, despite other friendly reports. He really wanted another star to come join him and he actually participated in trying to recruit him. Hit the jump.

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NBA (Report): If Kevin Durant Leaves Thunder Next Year, He’d Probably Sign With The …


Gotta love these types of rumors.  While we’re still dealing with this year’s free agency, talk about free agency next year for Kevin Durant has already begun.  Can’t we just get through this first?!  Geez-us.
S00000oo, a report has surfaced already claiming to know where KD will land IF he leaves the Thunder next season.  Any guesses?!  The only reason we’re sharing this is because it’s coming from Stephen A. Smith and he’s a reliable source.  Check it out…

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NBA: Luol Deng Takes His Talents To South Beach, Signs Two Year Deal With Miami Heat


Just a short time ago, free agent forward Luol Deng agreed to a two year/$20 million dollar contract to join the Heat. Deng will basically replace Lebron at the same position, although obviously not on the same level. This is still a good signing for the Heat because Deng is no lame on the court and besides the big name free agents teams were after him just as much. The deal includes a option for Deng on the second year if he wanted to again be a free agent. The Heat are doing all they can to still put a solid team on the floor and compete.

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NBA: Chandler Parsons Leaves Rockets For Dallas Mavericks With New Contract


The Houston Rockets have a chance to be the biggest losers in this NBA free agency season. They currently have a deal on the table to Chris Bosh for 4 years/$90 million dollars, but they are just in limbo as they wait for him to make a decision. The problem is it seems that he himself is also waiting on Lebron to make up his mind before he commits somewhere. Now the Rockets may lose one of their most important players in Chandler Parsons to the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons agreed to a 3 year/$46 million dollar contract to switch teams, but the Rockets have till Sunday night to match the offer if they want to keep Parsons. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Here’s How Kevin Love Reportedly Feels About The Possibility of Heading To Cavs (With LeBron)


Awwww man — LeBron made his announcement and now we’re going to start hearing about everyone else.  There were rumors about the Cavs aiming for Kevin Love if they get LeBron and now that they got their man — what does Kevin Love think about the possibility of joining the team?!  Check it out…

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NBA: Breaking News! The King Is Going Home! Lebron Announces Return To Cleveland


Lebron James has just announced he will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and take his talents from South Beach back to northeast Ohio. This is a major power shift in the NBA and definitely in the eastern conference. The Cavs instantly become a better team than the Heat are and now Miami has alot of things to handle as they will likely lose Chris Bosh as well. Hit the jump.

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NBA Report: Lakers ‘Have Moved Into Serious Contention’ To Land Carmelo Anthony


The reports change drastically everyday, welcome to free agency.  Previously it was reported that the Chicago Bulls were the Knicks biggest competition, then it was reported that Carmelo Anthony was most likely heading back to the New York Knicks and now the latest report suggests the Los Angeles Lakers are serious contenders.

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NBA Report: Chris Bosh Would Prefer a 4-Year Max Deal With Another Team Instead of Taking Pay Cut With Heat


Since the Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all opted out of their contracts with the Miami Heat, there’s been various reports as to what they want.  The initial assumption is that they would all take less in order to help Pat Riley improve the roster.  Now however, there are reports that James wants a max deal and his agent Rich Paul has met with several other teams in case Miami doesn’t work out.  Well now it looks like Bosh is forming a contingency plan of his own.

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(Photos) NBA: LOL, Joel Embiid Blocks Lebron On Twitter After He Ignores His Tweets


Joel Embiid might have not played an actual NBA game yet, but he may have a career in comedy if basketball winds up not working out for some reason. The 76ers rookie big man who was just taken with the third overall pick in the draft has been on a mission via twitter to recruit Lebron James to join the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been tweeting at him for days and receiving no response from Bron. Apparently today he had enough of being ignored and decided to let the world know he is blocking Lebron on twitter. The funny thing is a few minutes later he tweeted that he needs Rich Paul’s (Lebron’s agent) twitter account so he can just work with him. The young kid is definitely funny and he needs that sense of humor as he recovers from an injury that will prevent him from making his debut until later in the season. Hit the jump.

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