NBA Report: Kevin Durant Interested in Possibly Signing With the Knicks

IFWT_Carmelo Anthony Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will become a free agent in 2016 but talks have already begun about where he will possibly go.  The main team being discussed is the Washington Wizards who have improved drastically and would be a homecoming for Durant.  Now there’s apparently another team in play.

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NBA Rumors: Coldblooded, Miami Heat Ignored Nate Robinson’s Calls About Possibly Joining the Team


The Denver Nuggets traded Nate Robinson to the Boston Celtics whom eventually bought out his contract making him a free agent.  Instead of waiting for calls to come his way, Robinson decided to get the ball rolling himself and reached out to the Miami Heat.  Unfortunately they didn’t care enough to respond.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant on Recruiting Rajon Rondo: “I’m not stopping until he signs an extension”

IFWT Kobe x Rajon

Prior to Rajon Rondo being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, he had a very public breakfast with Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant.  There were reports that the Lakers wanted to trade for the star point guard but they lacked the assets necessary to get the job done.  Rondo has been thriving with his new team and the Mavericks will certainly make it to the playoffs but he will still become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.  Many think he will re-sign with the Mavericks but Kobe Bryant is determined to continue recruiting Rajon Rondo and convincing the PG to join him.

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NBA: Knicks & Lakers Planning to Go After Rajon Rondo in Free Agency

IFWT_Rajon Rondo Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks traded for Rajon Rondo who will become a free agent after this season.  Rondo says the Mavericks hold an edge to retain to him but he’s not closing the door on free agency.  Of course several teams want the star point guard including the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks.

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NBA: Rumor Report, Another NBA Star Believes Kevin Durant Will Eventually Leave OKC For Wizards


Kevin Durant as well as OKC fans need to get used to the fact that free agency talk regarding him is only going to get stronger with each passing day, week and month until the summer of 2016! The talk of him returning home to the Washington DC area to play for the Wizards is the focus of all rumors, especially today since OKC is actually Hosting Washington. Now another NBA player, Ty Lawson who knows KD even before the NBA because they are roughly from the same area, is saying he has talked with Durant about the move.

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NBA: Report, Josh Smith Decides To Sign With Houston Rockets


According to reports the Houston Rockets have won the chase to sign free agent Josh Smith who was released by the Pistons earlier this week. It appears for Smith the chance to play for a title existed with James Harden and Dwight Howard more than anywhere else.

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NBA: Knicks Realize They Likely Won’t Get Marc Gasol But Are Trying Anyway

IFWT Marc Gasol

At the end of the 2014-15′ season, Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani will come off the New York Knicks books.  That means for the first time in a longgg time, they will have substantial salary cap space and can make some moves during free agency.  One of the biggest names that will be available is former Defensive Player of the Year, Marc Gasol.  The Knicks could certainly use his help and will definitely make a run at him but it’s expected that they won’t get very far and apparently they know that too.

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NBA: Say What? Carmelo Anthony Says Chicago Was “Perfect” For Him


Chicago must not of been so perfect cause Carmelo Anthony is still wearing the blue and orange of the Knicks, but the fact that he is speaking about it now has to make you wonder if he is regretting his choice. Carmelo had the world at his fingers this summer as he went on a free agent tour, focusing on the Knicks, Chicago and Houston. The Knicks could pay him about $30 million more than any other team, so he took the money and stayed in NY, despite them being a mediocre team at best.

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NBA: 6 Teams Contacted Ray Allen Including Wizards, Spurs & Thunder


There was a previous report that Ray Allen had agreed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers but it turns out it was another premature report.  Allen has still not decided whether he wants to retire or try to make a run at another championship ring.  Well if Allen does decide to return he definitely isn’t short on suitors.

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NBA: Report, Derrick Rose Didn’t Really Want Carmelo In Chicago, Wanted This Star Instead


Because of the position they are in, athletes at times can’t really say how they truly feel. They have to play the game with the media to avoid being torched in papers and online. With that said though, they can still convey the message they are trying to send in other ways. According to reports, Derrick Rose really was never too enthusiastic about the chance of Carmelo joining him in Chicago, despite other friendly reports. He really wanted another star to come join him and he actually participated in trying to recruit him. Hit the jump.

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