NBA Report: Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan Had Issues With Each Other Throughout the Season

IFWT_Chris Paul DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan will become a free agent this summer and he plans to explore the market but the Los Angeles Clippers definitely need to keep him.  Though they can offer Jordan more money, they might have trouble retaining him due to friction on the team.

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NBA Report: Cavaliers Have “Legitimate Fear” Kevin Love Will Opt-Out & Leave

IFWT_Kevin Love hurt 2

Kevin Love has denied that he is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers repeatedly but still reports continue to pop up and the rumors refuse to die.  The latest is from one of the biggest news breakers in the NBA.  We all know, love and trust Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo Sports and here’s his thoughts on the matter.

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NBA: Beno Udrih Says the Knicks Won’t Get Marc Gasol Because He Doesn’t Like Drama

IFWT_Marc Gasol Beno Udrih

Marc Gasol will be one of the biggest free agents this upcoming offseason and the New York Knicks have their sights set on him.  There’s been conflicting reports that Gasol has already ruled the Knicks out while Marc himself says he hasn’t ruled anyone out because he’s not focused on free agency right now.  The Memphis Grizzlies are facing the tough Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference semis so I don’t blame him for his mind being else where.  In any event, the Knicks are patiently waiting but Gasol’s Grizzlies’ teammate and former Knick, Beno Udrih says New York has no chance of getting him.

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NBA: Report, LaMarcus Aldridge Will Sign With Spurs This Summer Unless Kevin Love Leaves Cleveland


It is becoming a well known fact that LaMarcus Aldridge is pretty much done with Portland and is ready to move on to better situations. He shouldn’t take any heat for not wanting to return. He has been there nine years and the team has never really done much. True, a combo of him and Damian Lillard is nice to have, but without disrespecting them there are better duo’s out there. Aldridge is a free agent and appears pretty set on going to the Spurs but he could instead wind up with Cleveland if Kevin Love opts out.

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NBA: Report, Spurs Are Playing No Games With Kawhi Leonard, Will Offer Max Deal This Summer


Kawhi Leonard’s stock is going UP and everyone is taking notice. He was named the defensive player of the year for this season and is poised to become a perennial all star and one of the best overall players in the league period. The Spurs organization is one of the smarter ones in sports and according to reports they have no plans to low ball Kawhi this summer and in fact will offer him the max deal on the very first day of free agency.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Admits He Second Guessed His Decision To Stay With The Knicks


I totally feel Carmelo on this because even as a fan I second guessed myself numerous times this season as to why do I keep watching the Knicks. So I can only imagine the stress and frustration a player on the team would feel. When Carmelo re-signed with the Knicks last summer the last thing he expected was to be part of the worst team in franchise history and one of the worst teams in the league period. Can you imagine where Chicago would be right now if Melo went there? It sounds like Melo has thought about that too.

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NBA: Report, Greg Monroe To The Knicks This Summer Is Basically A “Done Deal”


The Knicks can take ANY upgrades they can get at this point and it appears one seems to be on the way already, although it can not publicly be discussed. Pistons Greg Monroe will be a free agent this summer and knows he will be in demand. Phil Jackson and the Knicks however seem to be the front runner to land his services by a mile compared to other teams that will want him. While Monroe is not an elite forward at this point, he is young enough to still achieve greater heights in this game and let’s be honest, he would be a dramatic improvement over some of the front court players the team had this year.

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NBA: Marc Gasol Says He Hasn’t Ruled Out Signing With the Knicks as a Free Agent

Marc Gasol, Andrea Bargnani

The Memphis Grizzlies were in town and beat on the Knicks winning 103-82.  Prior to the game, reporters were able to speak to Marc Gasol who is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and is highly coveted by the Knicks.  A few weeks ago a report surfaced that Gasol ruled out the Knicks as a possible destination but he confirmed the report is not true.

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NBA: Report, If Tim Duncan Retires, Spurs Make It Known They Are Going After Marc Gasol


San Antonio has been the league’s most consistent franchise for going on 18 years now, but two of the three players that have been in place for much of the team’s recent success — Duncan and Ginobili — are in the final years of their respective contracts, and could very well choose retirement at the conclusion of this season. If that happens, the Spurs aren’t going to pursue a long rebuild through the draft. They’re instead expected to go hard after one of the top unrestricted free agents that will hit the market this summer.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Lose DeMarco Murray, Sign Darren McFadden As Replacement


The Dallas Cowboys got over the loss of DeMarco Murray pretty quickly, although that doesn’t mean they are better off for it. The Cowboys announced today they have agreed to terms with Darren McFadden, who has spent all of his injury plagued career with the Raiders. McFadden will not put up the same type of numbers Murray did, but if he can stay healthy he is not a bad option.

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