(Video) Cop Arrest Young Drunk Women “Stop Taking My Fries”

How would you react when someone takes food off your plate and you don’t even know them?! Well in this particular case this police officer wasn’t having it obviously, when the officer told the women to stop taking her fries she continued and the officer reportedly called a a female officer to apprehend the wimpy fry snatcher.

(Video) Are They Serious ?!?! You Must Have A Bachelor’s Degree To Work At McDonalds ?!?!

They have lost their DAMN minds! It’s sad enough that they’re paying minimum wage in a hot a** joint, flipping burgers, and tossing fries for people who want it their way in 30secs or less, but now THIS! A McDonalds in Winchendon, Mass. posted an ad for potential cashiers and the REQUIREMENT is to have a BA (in WHAT? – putting salt on some FRENCH FRIES!). I’m speaking from the position of a college student who owes loans up the wazoo – this is ridiculous! When it starts becoming a requirement to have a BA for a fast food joint, I suggest that it be a requirement that the government pays ALL of a college student’s bills while they attend classes. COME ON NOW! Drop down bottom to get more of the scoop.

(Photo) Rihanna Gets A Mean Case Of The Munchies

Rihanna has made no effort to hide her affinity for greenery. Posted to her Instagram yesterday with nothing but the caption “Faded”, RiRi showed off what she enjoys when she gets the munchies. Check her chowing down below. Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk News: Hacking Plan Uncovered With Happy Meal Purchase!!

It’s common knowledge that McDonald’s is unhealthy for your waistband. But, when one man made his Happy Meal purchase, his hacking plan suffered bad health as well. Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

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