(Video) Tech Talk News: Get In Shape!! Is The Jawbone UP Band Better Than The Nike FuelBand???


After the original which had so many issues they had to pull it off the market, Jawbone is back to help you get in shape with the Jawbone UP. It’s a digital bracelet you where & it tracks your steps, how long you sleep & the food you eat. It only works with the iPhone at the moment. Read on for more & see how it compares to the Nike Fuelband.

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk Review: So This Is How Nike+ Fuelband Keeps You Fit!!!!

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 12.36.03 AM

I wasn’t sure, but I have to say, I really like the Nike+ Fuelband!! At 1st I was like ‘man this is just a scam, how can this thing make a difference’, But after using it, I see!! Hit the Jump.


Ok You may or may not know how it works, but let me tell you it’s pretty simple. it’s a matter of keeping track of your everyday activity, But the importance of that is by keeping track of what you normally do, seeing how much energy you expel from simple tasks, then you have a baseline of what more you can do, AND probably push yourself at times in order to raise your bar. Basically the fuelband can let you know you can do more and letting you know, you probably will.

Ok Let me show you how it’s affected me:

Let’s imagine you have it already, connected to a Nike+ page and have sync’d it up through the App;
1st, I checked out the diff modes it has:



Steps taken

So Now that I know how to get to the diff things the fuel band does, I just went about my day to day, and connected to the App to see my over all progress;

Then I hit the goal they have set(2k fuel points), and I can’t front, I got hype, I was like ‘oh

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