Renowned Gallery Owner Left Manifesto Before Suicide

The famous art gallery owner,Marijana Bego, leaped to her death on December 22nd from the top of her own art gallery. She left behind a manifesto and an explanation as to why she could no longer live life.  According to the notes she left, lost love and loneliness drove her to do this.  She had no husband, no kids and financial struggles.  Although most of her notes pointed that she was so heartbroken from her failed 20 year relationship that she didn’t even know how she got to that low point in her life.  She was successful, yet very lonely and could not deal with the unrequited love she had for her ex-boyfriend. Steph B

Damon Dash Has Big Dreams Of Expansions In South Carolina

This is news to me, but I didn’t know Dame was into art. Well, the business body opened up “Poppington Art Gallery,” which is located in in downtown Manhattan, and he plans on expanding into South Carolina and Hong Kong. In regards to South Carolina Dash says, “I like the town and there is a strong undiscovered artistic community from music to art.” This is all apart of a BIG vision for his company, DD172. He’s hoping that this move will make his “brand” more global so that he can turn this venture into a franchise. I hope it works out for him. Sounds like it’s gone make a big lift off. Drop down bottom for more. P.S. Is it me or does Damn look like he’s tired of the business (gray hairs). Drop down further. JaaiR (JR)

Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Air Jordan 1 High 2013 OG Packaging

We might not be getting Nike Air on the upcoming “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 High but thanks to the Jordan Brand gods. Hit the jump to read more and see a pic…. DJJuanyto

(Photos) Don’t You Want Joe Budden & Kaylin Love?

She’s young and ratchet and he’s an eccentric, emotion-showing rapper. Sounds like the beginning of a great love story right? If you said no, you are wrong. They’ve been going strong ever since he set eyes on her blonde mohawk ,don’t you want what they have? After all he gave some of these ladies the courage to ask their boyfriends why they aren’t flaunting them on Instagram and she inspired women all over social media to be themselves. Without them you wouldn’t be questioning your love on social media ,Hit the jump for a gallery of their love … Steph B

(Photos) Rihanna’s Hairstyles Over The Years

When she’s not caught up in crazy drama with her ex/possible current boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is busy touring the world and being a fashionista. The Bajan beauty first came on the scene in 2005, and her style has completely evolved since her “Pon de Replay” days by far. Back then she had long hair, hardly any bang to cover that forehead (!) and highschool-style clothing but come 2006, she started to grow up. 2007 ushered in her popular bob with the success of “Umbrella,” and it kept going shorter through 2008. By 2009, RihRih started playing heavily with color and since then, we’ve seen her as a blonde, a brunette, a redhead and everything in between. Check out the accompanying gallery to see her styles over the years. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) The Devil Switched To Chanel!

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer and expert, opened up a gallery in Soho that featured many beloved artists wearing “the little black jacket.”  Several celebrities sport the iconic piece in pictures all over the gallery’s walls, hit the jump! Dj Juanyto x Steph Bassanini

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