NFL: Team From The 90’s Had Two Gay Players & Teammates Didn’t Care

Being a openly gay athlete is such a big deal in our society now, but little did anyone know back in the day there was an NFL team with not one, but two gay players and everyone knew. Maybe because media and the internet were nowhere near as big in 1993, but a story being done on the 1993 Houston Oilers revealed the info about the gay teammates. Hit the jump for more.

NFL:(Update) Four Gay NFL Players Considering Coming Out

Earlier today I did a story on former Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo, claiming part of the reason he may of been released this week was due in part to his stance on gay marriage. He is a strong supporter of the gay & lesbian community. You can read about that story ——–>HERE Coincidentally, I also did a story on funny man Terry Crews and his thoughts on gay NFL players coming out. Crews was an NFL player for 7 seasons. You can see that video —–>HERE. Now shortly after these stories posted, Ayanbadejo came out with claims that 4 current NFL players are seriously considering coming out of the closet together at the same time. Read more after the jump.

NFL:(Video) Funny Man & Former NFL Player Terry Crews Compares Gay Players To The Military?

Who doesn’t love Terry Crews. You look at him and think he is a tough guy, and instead he is one of the funniest dudes you might meet. Don’t get it twisted though. If someone was to disrespect him, they would surely be getting their ass beat. Many people only think Crews is an actor, but he actually played in the NFL for a while before his acting career took off. TMZ caught up with him to ask his opinion on a gay NFL player coming out and Crews makes some really good points, but overall you can tell he would support a player being who they really are. Check out his interview after the jump.

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