(Video) Mississippi Gun Store Owner And Son Die In Shootout With Customers

Mississippi police report that two men have been killed and two have been wounded after two father and son teams had a violent shootout after an argument over a $25 firearm repair fee. The incident occurred Saturday near Picayune, Mississippi, where a gun store owner and his son, had an argument with two patrons, also father and son over a firearm that was dropped off for repair. According to police, the customers became infuriated after being told their firearm was not ready for pick up and their would be a $25 service fee. The argument turned into a shootout and the owner and his son were reported dead after “multiple gunshot wounds” while the customers were transferred to intensive care. Read more below.

Three Men Rob A Gun Store, With A FAKE Gun?!

Well, isn’t this ironic as hell. Two teens and a 20 year old man allegedly robbed a gun store in El Cajun, California using a toy gun last week. Imagine how the guy who was working feels now. You know, considering he was surrounded by REAL guns the whole time and works at a gun store and probably should’ve known the difference. Well, the suspects weren’t unarmed for long, running away with several real handguns to replace their toy. Find out how it went down after the jump!

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