(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Throws a Shot at Dwight Howard For Sitting Out Lakers-Rockets Rematch

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On Wednesday night the Los Angeles Lakers got their revenge and beat the Houston Rockets in a rematch.  The Rockets however were shorthanded as their star center Dwight Howard sat out with a sprained right knee.  The injury drew some speculation since no one knew about it until shootaround.  Some thought Howard was trying to avoid the media after the recent allegations that he beat his son with a belt buckle.  Others thought Howard was avoiding Kobe Bryant after their altercation during the last game.  Following the game Kobe said the words he said to Dwight during their incident were just said in the heat of the moment but before he hit the locker room he did an interview with ESPN and threw a shot at Dwight for missing the game.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Accuses Royce Reed Of Exposing Their Son To Sex


Amid child abuse allegations, Howard is currently locked in an intense custody battle with his Reed, and is now making some strong accusations about her parenting skills. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Chris Bosh Admits To Why He Chose To Stay With The Heat Instead Of Joining The Houston Rockets


Over the summer, many speculated that Bosh would follow LeBron and leave the Heat to become the first option for another team. Bosh revealed that one of the main reasons why he decided not to join the Rockets was due to pressure. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Doctor Confirms That Dwight Howard Physically Abused His Son & Used Excessive Force


Howard was recently investigated for child abuse allegations and was cleared of all charges. It appears that a doctor’s report concluded that his son Braylon, who is the child Howard shares with Basketball Wives star Royce Reed, was struck with excessive force. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Patrick Beverly Gets in Referee’s Face & Scott Brooks Rushes Out & Joins Altercation

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It was an emotional, physical and nasty game between the Rockets and Thunder. It was so bad, the winning team shot 28.8 percent from the field.  At one point Patrick Beverley got into it with the referee Bill Kennedy, at which point Thunder coach Scott Brooks raced out and joined in on the altercation.

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(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard’s Sidechick Puts His Mouth “Skills” On Blast!


One day athletes and celebs alike will learn to stop sending videos or pictures to irrelevant chicks that can come back to haunt you. Dwight Howard appears to have a sidechick who routinely gets suite seats to Rockets games and gifts from Howard. Something must of went wrong though because she posted a video that he sent her where he was trying to show her his tongue game, SMH! She probably still loses in the end though because I’m sure she is cut off after this stunt.

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(Video) NBA: Posterized! James Harden Throws Down A Mean Dunk Over Spurs Aron Baynes


I am not sure why Aron Baynes even bothered jumping on this play. You could see it developing if you were watching the game and Baynes is definitely regretting trying to block James Harden’s dunk last night. Harden put Baynes on a poster forever with a mean one handed throw down in the third quarter, en route to the Rockets blow out win over the Spurs.

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NBA: Mavericks Star Chandler Parsons Says He “Doesn’t Worry” About His Rockets Replacement Trevor Ariza

IFWT_Chandler Parsons Mavs

When Parsons left the Rockets during the off season, there were many subtle shots fired between James Harden, Dwight Howard, and even involved Chandler’s brother at one point. In a recent interview, Parsons made some interesting comments to suggest that he could truly care less about who the Rockets replaced him with. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA Report: Houston Rockets Interview Kenyon Martin For Coaching Position


Kenyon Martin spent the past two seasons with the New York Knicks and there were rumors that he was interested in returning but his playing days may be over for a spot further up on the bench.

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NBA: If Ain’t About the Money… Chris Bosh Reveals Why He Chose Heat Over Rockets


After striking out on Carmelo Anthony the Houston Rockets made Chris Bosh their target.  With LeBron James electing to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers it was assumed that Bosh would join the Rockets where he could be apart of another Big 3 with Dwight Howard and James Harden and be in his home state.  Then in a twist, Bosh decided to re-sign with the Miami Heat.  Well why?  Because they offered him a huge pay day.

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