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NBA: Guess Who James Harden Thinks Is The Best Basketball Player Alive?


In an in depth interview with ESPN, The Houston Rockets superstar spoke about his youth and becoming mentally prepared for the season. He made some interesting comments about who he believed the best player on the planet was. Hit the jump to see his response.

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(Video) NBA: Jeremy Lin Dunks On His Mom!


Newly acquired LA Lakers guard Jeremy Lin posted a video on Instagram of him dunking on his unsuspecting family members! It gets real interesting when he dunks on his mom! Hit the jump for the video.

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NBA: Dwight Howard Says He’s the Best C & James Harden Best SG, Losing Chandler Parsons Won’t Affect Them


The Houston Rockets offseason was disappointing to say the least.  They didn’t land Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh, they let Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin go for practically nothing and they lost Chandler Parsons after not matching his three-year, $45 million offer sheet from the Dallas Mavericks.   Well they did sign Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard thinks they’ll do just fine because they have him and James Harden.

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NBA: Chris Bosh Says He Was Shocked When Lebron Made Decision


Chris Bosh had his whole world turned upside down for a few brief moments this past Friday. While out of the country on vacation he found out Lebron decided to leave the Miami Heat, which for a moment had Bosh thinking he was heading to the Houston Rockets. Then after the shock of what happened he gathered his thoughts and decided Miami was still the place for him. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh, Dwight Howard Under Fire For This “Mistake” Tweet


All it takes is one second in the social media age we live in to put your foot in your mouth, or this case your fingers. Dwight Howard is coming under fire today for a tweet he sent that was deleted just as fast, but the eyes of social media still caught it in the short period of time. There is a huge international crisis going on right now between Israel and Palestine and has already resulted in the loss of many lives. Not sure if Dwight was serious or not, but his tweet saying #FreePalestine was deleted just after it was posted and then the apologizes came. Now there is no need to apologize if his real view is just that, but my guess is he has no idea about any details of the conflict in the Gaza strip which is why his tweet seemed more like a mockery than a political statement. This situation is not something you want to be mocking. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Trevor Ariza Agrees to 4-Year, $32 Million Deal With Houston Rockets

IFWT_Trevor Ariza

Another domino has fallen in the free agency game.  LeBron James’ decision started a domino effect as teams moved quickly to snatch up who’s left.  The Washington Wizards tried desperately to re-sign Trevor Ariza but he has decided to go to the Houston Rockets whom missed out on Chris Bosh.

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NBA: Chandler Parsons Leaves Rockets For Dallas Mavericks With New Contract


The Houston Rockets have a chance to be the biggest losers in this NBA free agency season. They currently have a deal on the table to Chris Bosh for 4 years/$90 million dollars, but they are just in limbo as they wait for him to make a decision. The problem is it seems that he himself is also waiting on Lebron to make up his mind before he commits somewhere. Now the Rockets may lose one of their most important players in Chandler Parsons to the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons agreed to a 3 year/$46 million dollar contract to switch teams, but the Rockets have till Sunday night to match the offer if they want to keep Parsons. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Does Chris Bosh Have A Secret Plan If Lebron Leaves Miami


Right now the Miami Heat organization is in shambles. They literally have no clue how their team will look next season and are basically waiting on Lebron’s decision before they make any moves. Chris Bosh & Dwyane Wade have also opted out although the odds of Wade leaving regardless of what Lebron does are very slim. Bosh however may have a trick up his sleeve. According to reports he has quietly been talking with another team that he would have no problem going to if Lebron leaves the Heat.

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NBA: Rockets Decline Chandler Parsons 4th Year Option Making Him a Restricted Free Agent

IFWT_Chandler Parsons  2

The Houston Rockets are taking a big gamble in their quest to land a big free agent like Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James and it might come at the cost of Chandler Parsons.

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NBA: Carmelo Leaning Towards Leaving Knicks & These Two Teams Are the Frontrunners


As NBA free agency nears all eyes are on Carmelo Anthony.  The Knicks are desperately trying to hold onto their superstar but his wanting to win now has him considering other options.  There’s reportedly two teams in the lead to land his services.

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