(Photos) Tech: Hyundai Made a Wearable Mech Suit!!

The South Korea automobile manufacturer, Hyundai, has revealed a new prototype mech suit they’ve assembled!

(Video) Kevin Hart Lands Him Self In A Hyundai Commercial During Super Bowl 50

Kevin Hart always has his audience laughing especially in his new Hyundai car commercial during the Super Bowl. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Kanye Didn’t Win A Superbowl But He Sure Drove Off In A Hyundai

Kanye West had a huge grin on his face as he and wife Kim Kardashian hopped into a Hyundai Elantra following a fancy dinner at Nobu on Saturday night…and probably because he knew how un-Kanye of him it was to even be near an $18,000 car. The car clearly belonged to an associate or employee of Ye’s, and as said person gets in the driver’s seat, Kanye puts Kim in the backseat, and he jumps in the front passenger seat – grin in tact the entire time. Check out the funny clip below.

(video) NFL: Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial. Hit the jump.

Auto: Damn! Hyundai & Kia Recalling Over 2 Million Cars For What??

Sometimes car companies do recalls for the smallest things that wouldn’t even affect the way the car drives or any safety issues. But sometimes you have recalls like this one that could be extremely serious if not corrected. It was announced today that Kia & Hyundai must recall 1.6 million vehicles made between 2007-2011. This is on top of the 700,000 cars they had to recall for the same issue 2 years ago. The issue is a faulty brake switch. The brake switch could malfunction causing the brake lights to not illuminate, which could lead to accident. Other possible issues with a faulty switch include the cruise control not cancelling with the brake pedal. That second issue is huge. Imagine your driving on the highway and your cruise control is set when a car cuts you off. Normally you hit the brake and the cruise is cancelled. Now imagine the same issue but your car will NOT slow down by hitting the brake. That is a life threatening situation. Anyone who reads this who owns these cars between those years should be checking with a local dealership about the recall.

Auto: Hyundai Has To Recall 20,000 Cars Because Of Shattering Glass??

This is bad for Hyundai. Not that it is going to cripple the brand or anything like that, but at a time when Hyundai is definitely on the come up in the U.S. they want to stay far away from bad news like this. The car maker has to recall about 20,000 vehicles, mainly the “Veloster” hatchbacks, because there have been multiple cases of the panoramic sunroof literally shattering while the car is driving! Picture that, you are driving, doing nothing wrong, and out of nowhere you have glass falling on your head and possibly into your eyes, or those of your passengers. Think how many car accidents that might cause. The recall covers cars made between July 4, 2011 through October 31, 2012. Obviously the fixes will be free to customers who take their car to a dealership, but still this is a pretty scary issue if it was not caught.

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