(Photo) 80 Year Old Man Says He Hasn’t Done What In 60 Years?!

An 80 year old Iranian man has set on his mission to remain pure for 60 years, including eliminating bathing from his entire lifestyle; hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Obama: “Iran Is A Year Or More Away From Having Nuclear Weapons”!!

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states that his neighboring country of Iran is 6 months away from having nuclear weapons, President Obama has a very different assessment. On Friday, the President told the Associate Press that Iran was year or more away from having nukes. Although he has not ruled out military intervention, Obama hopes the U.S. can reach a diplomatic solution. To read more, click below.

President Obama Announces His Surprising Phone Call With Iranian President Hassan Rouhani!!!

Ties between the U.S and Iran have been very controversial and hectic, yet today marks what seems to be a major breakthrough amongst nations as President Obama spoke with the Iranian President which hasn’t been done by a U.S president in 3 decades!!! Hit the jump for more detail!

Sierra Leone Man Accused Of Hiding What In His Shoes?!?!?

A Sierra Leone man traveling from Sierra Leone to the U.S is thought to have been stashing Iranian Uranium in his shoes, hit the jump for more detail!

Iran’s President Elect May Further Complicate Ties With Israel?!?

There are some things as a President Elect that you just shouldn’t do. Attending a national holiday, surrounded by reporters and expressing your hateful thoughts about Israelis? One of them. Read more after jump

WTF! North Korea Launches 3 Missles?!?

North Korea is not playing! North Korea shot 3 missles into the sea, and South Korea has confirmed this. South Korea believes they are looking to practice their range in a future attack on them and Japan.

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