Wendy Williams Clarifies Her Comments From Earlier This Week

Earlier This Week Wendy Williams Criticized Jesse Williams on her talk show. Wendy also criticized HBCU and the NAACP.

(Video) Jesse Williams Enlightens Everyone About State Sponsored Violence

Jesse Williams name has been in the media lately due to his BET Awards speech that he gave June 26th. In the midst of all that is going on now here in America as far as the two fatal shootings of two innocent black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the Dallas shootings that left five officers dead he came out an enlightened those who are not aware of state sponsored violence.

Greys Anatomy Fans Are Starting Petitions To Get Jesse Williams Fired From ABC

The Jesse Williams backlash continues over his powerful speech that he delivered at the 2016 BET Awards last week. Some white people and white Greys Anatomy fans are not feeling what Jesse had to say about oppression towards the black community. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) Ana Kasparian And Cenk Uygur Comment On Tomi Lahren’s Response To Jesse Williams’ BET Award Speech

The Young Turks host, Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur, comment on Tomi Lahren’s response to Jesse Williams’ 2016 BET Award speech about racism. Check out the video after the jump. Instagram | Carli Knox After a clip of Lahren’s segment on The Blaze, Ana Kasparian argued that “her commentary was stupid, it was stupid because there were no facts behind it.” She also said the “there is absolute evidence and data indicating that there is institutionalized racism and that there’s racial bias that plays a huge role in our justice system.” Check out the video below and then comment and let us know your thoughts. Source: WSHH

(Video) Tomi Lahren Claps Back At Those Calling Her A Racist And Says That She Is Not Sorry For Speaking The Truth

Tomi Lahren is back…..yet again but this time to defend herself and to continue to sound uneducated and unaware of what is really happening here in America. Shots were fired after people got on her for her critique about the amazing speech Jesse Williams delivered at the 2016 BET Awards. Lahren went on to say that Williams’ speech made it sound like as if black people are trying to play the victim but can you really blame this woman for saying what she said? What black America deals with on a day to basis is not her reality but that does not give her the right to share he uneducated opinion. Check out what she had to say in the video after the jump!

(Video) Stacey Dash Comes For Jesse Williams

Here comes Stacey Dash with her opinions. She is not here for Jesse Williams as she calls him a hollywood plantation slave.

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