NFL: ESPN Defends Skip Bayless Calling Johnny Manziel an Alcoholic

ESPN’s Skip Bayless has said some crazy things over the years and it’s basically how he built his popularity.  Some people however felt he went too far when he said Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has a drinking problem and needs to seek help.  ESPN released a statement and surprisingly backed Skip rather than issuing an apology as they usually do when other reporters say something outlandish.

(Photos) NFL: Manziel Flips The Bird, Gets Drinks Thrown At Him By Fans In Club

Judging by the main picture above, Johnny Manziel is all too familiar with casually flipping the bird. However, the Cleveland Browns QB, flips the bird at a Houston nightclub & gets drinks thrown on him in return by fans! Check out the footage & photos after the jump…

(Photos) NFL: Johnny Manziel Parties With Victor Cruz For New Year’s Eve

As always, Johnny Manziel’s partying ways have been under heavy scrutiny but doesn’t mean he was going to hide in a corner for New Year’s Eve.  The Cleveland Browns quarterback hit Miami with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley and had an amazing time.

(Video) NFL: Johnny Manziel Gives LeBron James Drunk Birthday Message?

Cleveland Browns’ Johnny Manziel took to social media and wished his good friend, LeBron James, a Happy Birthday while clearly a little buzzed! The basketball star turned the Big 30 today. In the footage, the rookie QB can be seen livin’ it up & having a good ol’ time in the club, alongside friends, who helped give the birthday shoutout…maybe Manziel should think about staying AWAY from social media during the offseason! Check out vid & photos below

(Video) NFL: Skip Bayless Goes Off On Johnny Manziel, Says He Knows He Is a Liar & Alcoholic

My, my, how times change so fast. It wasn’t long ago where Skip Bayless was Johnny Manziel’s biggest fan and thought he would terrorize the NFL the same way he did in college. Well that hasn’t worked out just yet and it seems because of Johnny’s off the field issues, Skip is ready to give up completely. According to Bayless, he knows for a FACT, that Johnny is a compulsive liar and has problems with alcohol. He even thinks Johnny’s own parents are fed up! These are some serious accusations, hit the jump to see what else he said.

NFL: Report, Browns Couldn’t Find Johnny Manziel After He Threw Huge Party

Oh boy, Johnny Manziel, for better or worse just continues to put himself in positions off the field that leave him susceptible to being looked at in a negative light by his team. This time he was fined for being late for an injury treatment appointment, but it is the reported reason why he was late which is the big problem.

NFL: Cam Newton Calls Out Fans For Cheering After Johnny Manziel’s Injury

During the Panthers v. Browns game yesterday, Manziel suffered a hamstring injury and fans were heard cheering when it happened. Cam Newton felt that their actions were “classless”. Hit the jump for details.

NFL: Johnny Manziel in Trouble? Browns Interested in Drafting Heisman Winning QB Marcus Mariota

Quarterback Brian Hoyer is expected to leave in free agency which means Johnny Manziel will likely take over as the permanent starting QB.  The rookie however has not been playing well so far in his two starting games and according to reports, the Cleveland Browns may look to draft another quarterback.

NBA: Cleveland Browns Coach Says Sticking With Manziel Is Their “Best Chance”

Even after a horrible debut, the Cleveland Browns are sticking with Rookie QB Johnny Manziel. Coach Pettine believes that he gives them their best chance to win. Hit the jump for details.

Sports: LeBron James Says Don’t Give Up On Manziel

Cleveland Cavaliers’ King James stands behind his friend Johnny Football 100%, as many, including retailers, have seemed to lost hope in the former Heisman trophy winner. Well, LeBron James, often seen flickin’ it up with Manziel, supports the NFL QB, understanding “how the game goes and how the game works…” Hit the jump to see what LeBron had to say regarding Johnny Football and his shutout debut against the Bengals!

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