The Michael Dunn Verdict, For The Death Of Jordan Davis Is In

In the case of the fatal shooting of 17 year old Jordan Davis, over loud music, Micheal Dunn has been convicted of attempted murder.

(Video) SMH! Check Out This Short Documentary About The Death Of Jordan Davis!

After the public outcry to Trayvon Martin’s death, one would think it would bring awareness to the injustices young black men face in America. Jordan Davis is a black teen that was killed because the vehicle he was in, was playing music too loudly. Davis also lived in Florida and his killer is a older white man, who is now claiming self defense in the ongoing trial. To check out the short documentary, click below.

(Photos) Florida Crazies FINALLY Approve Changes to “Stand Your Ground” Law!

Florida lawmakers have made some necessary changes to the “Stand Your Ground” law, which has proven to be both controversial and unfair! To read more, click below.

If Your Upset About The Trayvon Martin Situation Learn About Jordan Davis!!

Jordan Davis, the black son of two Delta Airline employees, was gunned down before dozens of panicked onlookers at a crowded Jacksonville retail plaza on Black Friday. His killer, a white, hate-spewing loner named Michael David Dunn, calmly opened fire, at point-blank range, on the red SUV in which Jordan and three friends, all well-raised, bright teens, were sitting and listening to rap artist Chief Keef. Hit the jump to learn more about this sad situation.

Teenager Gunned Down For Listening To Loud Hip Hop

The tragic stories of being racially profiled in America are endless. While Trayvon Martin is a focus right now, and should be, we can’t forget the others who are have the same scenario played out for them. Jordan Davis, another 17 year-old Florida resident, was listening to loud hip hop music in his car, when a man nearby in a separate car, Michael Dunn, told his girlfriend that he hated “thug music” at the convenience station that they both happened to be at the same time.

Come On DOWN…You’re Cordially Invited To This Event!

You’re invited to NY Voices Against Gun Violence Massive Mobilization Gun violence and gun control has been a major issue these past months, so there are some people who’s stepping up to the plate to make a change. A group called Moms Demand Action, is joining up with a coalition called NY Voices Against Gun Violence. United these two have put together a rally that will take place Thursday, March 21, 2013 in Harlem. This is a very important subject matter and it would make a great deal to a lot of people if you would attend. Think about Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, victims at Sandy Hook Elementary, baby Jonylah Watkins, and anyone in your neighborhood that’s been subject to gun violence. Drop down bottom please, for location and time of the rally.

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