NBA: Julius Erving Says the 76ers Told Him They Were On a Seven-Year Plan

The Philadelphia 76ers had been publicly criticized for their sketchy rebuilding efforts from loading up on second round draft picks to picking questionable players like an injured Joel Embiid who will reportedly miss another season.  Apparently it’s all apart of the Sixers long seven-year plan.

NBA: Shaq Reveals Who He Believes Is The Greatest Player Of All Time

When asked who the better player, Kobe or Lebron, Shaq instead gave reasons why both are great and then gave his thoughts on who the GOAT is. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) NBA Throwback: Dr. J Can Dunk Too … at 63 Years Old

This isn’t new footage, we actually posted this back in June – but thanks to the new footage of Michael Jordan dunking at 50, it prompted the NBA to upload the video of Dr. J dunking at 63.  Can’t deny that it’s impressive.  For those that haven’t seen it – check it out…

(Video) NBA: Yep, He’s Still Got It! Dr. J Shows Off His Dunk at 63-Years Old!

You didn’t doubt him when he said he could still dunk did you?!  It’s Dr. J, c’mon son!   Last night NBA TV premiered a documentary called “The Doctor,” about the life of Julius “Dr. J” Erving.  Yes, the legend proved that he can still dunk.  Check it out…

NBA Legend Says He Can Still Dunk & Calls Andrew Bynum “Damaged Goods”

Yikes, no one wants to be called “damaged goods” esp. from an NBA legend. Yesterday Dr. J spoke with reporters about a number of topics at Xfinity Live in South Philadelphia for a private screening of a new documentary about him. Report after the jump…

NBA: 76ers Want To Bring Dr. J Back To The Organization

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl His sneakers are returning to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia 76ers are hopeful Dr. J will come along for the ride. A day after the Sixers swooped in and collected some Julius Erving memorabilia, team CEO Adam Aron said he has reached out to Dr. J about joining the organization in some capacity.

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