(Video) NCAA: LOL John Marshall Steals Inbounds Pass Then Gets His Soul Knocked Out By Brandon Bolden’s Block!

Southern Utah was down by 34 points late in the second half and it was clear Kansas State was going to win the game.  Brandon Bolden inbounded the ball to Jevon Thomas assuming no defense would be played but that’s when John Marshall decided to swoop in and steal the ball, BIG MISTAKE!

NCAA: ESPN Announcer Says Kansas State Guard Angel Rodriguez Has a Puerto Rican Temper

Announcers have to be extremely careful about what they say because it’s live and there’s no turning back.  Terry Bradshaw came under fire for his comment regarding Reggie Bush and a bucket of chicken.  The latest is an ESPN announcer and his racial comment regarding Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

NCAA: Check Out the Latest BCS Rankings After Crazy Upsets!

College football was completely insane this week with upsets.  Now the BCS race is shook up, check out the latest standings after the jump. Shay Marie

(Video) NCAA: Damn Shame, Southern Mississippi Band Chants Racist Taunts At Puerto Rican Player

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl What is wrong with people?  It makes me sick & sad that this type of thing is still happening.  C’mon people! Stop it! Members of the University of Southern Mississippi band chanted racist taunts at a hispanic Kansas State player during the schools’ NCAA tournament game on Thursday.

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