(Photos) Take That, Take That: Karrueche Sons Twitter Troll & Comments On Chris Brown Situation


Poor Karrueche is going through all types of emotional times ever since the news broke of her long-time boyfriend Chris Brown fathering a love child with another woman. If you check her social media pages, her comments are filled with either die-hard #TeamKarrueche supporters or people who bash her entire existence. A random Twitter troll hit Karrueche saying she’s “mad extra” for being upset that people are constantly tagging her in old photos with Brown. Karrueche clapped back and sh*t got real. She replied, “If a n*gga broke your heart would you want to see pics of y’all everyday?”

The troll basically told Karrueche to delete her Instagram then if she can’t handle it, but Ms. Tran said, “Nope. I love Instagram.” WELP, gotttttteeeem! Check out the entire back and forth in the gallery. We’re happy Karrueche is finally speaking up and addressing the haters! You tell ‘em, giiiirrrllll.

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(Photo) Karrueche Tran Is Going To Get An Emmy For What?


Wait, Chris Brown’s ex-girl Karrueche Tran is up for an Emmy!?

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(Photos) Chris Brown and Karrueche Hit Up The Same Coachella Party This Weekend

Breezy x Bieber

Karrueche and Chris Brown have been on the outs ever since the baby news shocked the web, and reports say Kae has gone relatively radio silent on the persistent Breezy. He probably thought he’d finally be able to shoot his shot this weekend while at Coachella, since they both not only attended the huge music festival – but went to the very same party on Friday night!

It doesn’t seem like that happened, though, because all pics from the NYLON Midnight Party show Karrueche with Christina Milian and nowhere near Chris, while he just looks stressed and almost certainly on something. (Or some things.) Check the pics in the gallery.

P.S. Chris – just keep trying. We all know Kae will give in soon anyway.

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(Photos) Going Through It? Chris Brown Has Now Dyed His Hair Rainbow!

Chris Brown

You know the old adage about people changing their hair be their first priority when going through a breakup, and though it typically applies to women, we’ve been seeing more and more men go through it as well! Much like Wiz Khalifa and his purple dreads following his split from Amber Rose last year, Chris Brown is now going a little color-crazy with his mane as well.

Taking to Instagram last night, Breezy revealed a rainbow ‘do, following brief stints with platinum blonde and blue. This is definitely his craziest one yet, but somehow, he still pulls it off!

The latest reports regarding Breezy and Karrueche say that she’s still giving him the silent treatment, but as we know with their history, that can change at any time!

Check out Breezy’s new ‘do in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) & The Saga Continues! Chris Brown Says WHAT About Getting Karrueche Back?!

IFWT_Chris & Karreuche

In the words of the late great Notorious B.I.G.– Breezy wants that olllllllllllddddd thing back! By this point, it is blatantly obvious that Chris Brown does not plan to stop torturing his ex bae Karrueche’s life until she finally agrees to forget the fact he fathered a 9-month-old baby with another woman while they were still together. He’s already unfollowed and re-followed Karrueche back recently to basically toy with her head and now he’s taking his manipulative ways to Instagram to further drag her into his mess. An Instagram fan page called “Chraeallday” (get it, Chris + Kae) posted up an old photo with Chris kissing Karrueche on the forehead with a caption that reads, “kisses on forehead, kae go and get your man girl #karrueche #chrae #chrisbrown #teamkae #teambreezy.” Underneath the post, Chris commented and wrote, “Everything takes time.” Does this mean that she’s agreed to try to work things out with C. Breezy? Since the radar is on his every move heavy, a screenshot of his comment hit the ‘net ASAP and we have it here for you over in the gallery. Go check it out!

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(Photos) NBA: Got in Trouble? Klay Thompson Kills Karrueche Rumors & Posts His Sexy Girlfriend

IFWT_Klay 1

It has been known for quite some time that Klay Thompson is dating social media personality Hannah Stocking.  For some reason after her breakup with Chris Brown, rumors began that Karrueche is now dating the Golden State Warriors guard.  According to the source, Thompson was after Karrueche hard and she finally gave in and gave him a chance.  Well Karrueche denied those rumors and says she doesn’t even know who Thompson is.  Thompson also killed the rumors himself by posting a picture of his girlfriend Hannah on his Twitter page.

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(Photos) Ridin’ Around & Gettin’ It: Karrueche Flexes In Her New Mercedes Truck Post Breezy Break-Up

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran has been the spotlight of everyone’s blog and news stories ever since news broke that her on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris Brown had a love child with a Houston model named Nia Amey Guzman. We’ve all been glued to our social media outlets to keep an eye on Karrueche to see if she’s going to have a public melt-down or if she’ll remain classy and keep her composure. WELP, sorry to break it to you, but she has not found another celeb replacement for Breezy just yet like most of you Petty Waps would. Instead, she has been doing as much press as possible and has been stunting in her brand new all-black Mercedes-Benz Truck even though for whatever reason, Breezy just cannot seem to let go of his Blasian bae.

From the looks of it, Tran seems to be keeping it cool but I’m sure she’s devastated. On the bright side, now she’s a celebrity and can profit off of her heartache. I’m sure Iyanla isn’t the last interview she’ll be doing about this crazy love story she has going on. Check out some new flicks of Karrueche flexin’ with her new whip over in the gallery. She’s looking great, regardless of the BS!

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(Photos) Chris Brown Is Coming For Karrueche Again

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche aren’t together at the moment because of that whole having a baby with another woman thing, but as we all expected would happen, it looks like Chris is back on the prowl for Kae. Again.

True to their typical formula, Breezy started following Kae again last night on Instagram, so I’m SURE it’s only a matter of time before we see another development here. Sigh…

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WELP: Find Out What Chris Brown Feels About Karrueche’s Tell-All Interview!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown wants that ollddddddddd thing back and he’s not afraid to show it! Karrueche recently did an intense interview that aired on Oprah’s OWN Network on Iyanla: Fix My Life show. She detailed the entire drama of finding out about her long-time boyfriend Chris Brown’s “love child” and revealed how she feels about his baby mama, Nia Guzman. However, when hearing this interview– all we can do is think one thing: WHAT IS CHRIS THINKING?! Anyone with a heart can only feel so horrible for Karrueche. She has been dragged through the trenches with Breezy and she always held him down but according to her, she is COMPLETELY done after the baby. I mean, do we blame her?

According to a source close to the two, “[He’s] not mad at anything she said in that interview. He just wants her back.” They also revealed that, “He wants her to reminisce on all the good times they’ve shared. The love and passion that they both have for one another. Chris thinks that’s enough to jump-start their relationship. Not only that, after seeing just how hurt he made her feel, he vowed to never let her down again if they got back together.”

Breezy also apparently feels that after watching the show, he vows to treat women much better, whether it be Karrueche or not. “It was gut wrenching for him to watch. He felt bad and had a knot in his stomach the entire time she explained how she was feeling.” He

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(Video) Kicks: Karreuche Tran Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex At Flight Club!


Joe Lapuma is back with another complex magazine sneaker shopping epidsode with that being said Joe Lapuma & Karreuche hit up Flight Club in New York to pick up some kicks. Joe Lapuma asked Karreuche what is her favorite Jordan & of course she went with the classic Bred 11 sneaker. Karreuche biggest turn off is a dude that wears team Jordans so fellas if you on your team Jordan thing make sure your retro game is right before approaching Karreuche. Karreuche did pick up two pair of Retro Jordans we could tell you what she copps but we rather show you. Peep The Video To See What Karrueche Copps At Flight Club After The Jump….

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