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(Photos) #MCM: Karrueche Defends Her Love With Breezy…& Is Meek Mill Back With His Son’s Mom?

Karrueche x Chris Brown

#MCM is always an interesting day on social media! Sometimes girls’ “crushes” are somebody else’s boyfriend (LOL,) sometimes we discover new relationships, sometimes we discover old relationships being rekindled… Yesterday definitely was a case of the ladder, as both Karrueche and Meek Mill’s ex, Fahdy, showed some love to their former – and now possibly current – flames. As we already knew because of their public outing over the weekend, Kae and Chris Brown are once again back on, and she used MCM to defend their on-again/off-again relationship.

“Lovers.. Friends.. We love, we laugh, we fight..” Kae captioned a photo of the pair on IG. “It’s complicated and I can’t explain it but it’s not for you to understand but us .. My MCM”

Aww! Meanwhile, Meek’s ex and mother of his son took to her Instagram to proclaim the incarcerated rapper as her MCM. She’s since deleted the post, but of course I caught the screenshot as soon as I saw it since I knew she’d delete it, LOL. Meek was in court yesterday in an attempt to be released early but was denied, and it seems like Fahdy is supporting him through the tough time! I’d love to see these two get back together!

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(Photos) Not So Fast: This Guy Is NOT Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend!

Jennifer Lopez x J.R. Taylor

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in a car and out to dinner with an unidentified man, and reports began popping up everywhere that this could be her new boyfriend. Y’all got it all the way wrong, though. The man is her choreographer J.R. Taylor, and if the fact that they refer to each other as “bestie” is not enough for you, refer to one of his recent Instagram posts in the gallery where Karrueche commented, “Damn b*tch okay!!” So…yeah.

Meanwhile, J to the L-o is still romantically linked with dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, whom she was canoodling with as recently as a couple of weeks ago at her birthday party. This girl has a thing for guys with some good moves, huh?

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(Photos) Yes, We Get It Breezy – You Want Karrueche Back!

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Chris Brown wants Karrueche back, and he wants the world to know. Well, kind of…because even though he posted a whole bunch of stuff to his Instagram, he’s since deleted it. His point was made, though.

Amidst their latest breakup, (which rumors say was caused by Chris feeling Kae was an “opportunist” and a cheater…) Chris is going hard to let her know she is his soulmate, his WCW and his only WCW. Yesterday afternoon, Breezy posted (then deleted 4 minutes later…) a picture of Karrueche from a recent photo shoot, captioning it with “My only WCW.” He later reposted the image with simply “WCW,” and left that up for a bit longer.

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Ah, So THIS Is Why Karrueche Broke Up With Chris Brown!


Annnddddddd the Karrueche/ Chris Brown love saga continues! Karrueche and Chris Brown have broken up and gotten back together so many times this past year that nobody can even keep track anymore at this point. In most recent Rueche/Breezy news, she broke up with the entertainer because he “liked” two fan pics of Rihanna and himself on the ‘Gram. According to sources, she’s also fed up at Brown’s childish behavior and thinks he’s single handedly ruining his life by partying non-stop as apposed to being in the studio making music. However, the drama doesn’t stop there. Breezy took one of Karrueche’s close friends on a get away to Saint Tropez and made sure to be photographed with the chick. Karrueche’s reaction? A changed number. That’ll teach him!

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Karrueche’s Body Looking Like Milk In An All White Bikini!


Fellas check out these pics of Karrueche showing off her goods in a white bikini while hitting the beach in Miami. You don’t want to miss these flicks!

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(Photos) Sub-Tweet Central: Chris Brown & Karrueche Go At It Over ‘Loyalty’

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Another day, another social media battle between on-again/off-again lovers, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Will these two ever quit going at it? I really do enjoy them as a couple, but stuff like this makes me start to really dislike the pairing. Breezy and Kae are 25 and 26, respectively…a little too old to constantly being going at it like teenagers!

Though everything seemed fine when the pair were spotted out together last week, Chris held a charity kickball game over the weekend that Kae was noticeably absent from, though it was soon revealed on her Instagram that she was shooting her first movie. That’s a pretty good reason to be absent from something! However, tweets from both Chris and Kae (of which Chris’ has now been deleted) seem to show that there’s a bit of tension behind the absence. Check out what was said in the gallery!

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(Photos) Chris Brown & Karrueche Hit The Scene In His Blue Lambo

Chris Brown & Karrueche at Bootsy Bellows

Chris Brown recently gave his Lamborghini Aventador a blue makeover, and took it…and his new ‘do…out for a spin last night as he and girlfriend Karrueche Tran hit Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows. He kept the hair covered by a hat, though. Perhaps he was second-guessing the cut…or maybe he just felt like wearing a hat. LOL. Check out a few pics from their outing in the gallery.

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Wait…What? Karrueche Text Messaged Rihanna TWICE This Past Week?

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Well this is interesting! A new report suggests that Karrueche was the bigger (or more stupid?) woman during her most recent fight with Chris Brown, and reached out to none other than his ex RIHANNA for some advice on what to do with him!

“Karrueche has texted Rihanna twice,” a source close to her said. “She identified herself and basically said, ‘Hey Rihanna, this is Karrueche. I know you probably hate me or dislike me. I don’t hate you since we are both connected to Chris, I would love to talk to you about him and how I can help him be a better man. No disrespect, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while but didn’t have the courage. Now I do.’” Whoa!

“She has always wanted to talk to Rihanna and make sure there was nothing between them,” the source added.” Karrueche’s always been down to talk with her, but just like that — Rihanna kept quiet.”

I mean, if I was Rih, I probably wouldn’t have responded either. I get where Kae is coming from, but not only is it beating a dead horse…but is Rihanna REALLY the one who knows how to make Chris be a BETTER man? I’m going to go with nah…

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(Photos) Chris Brown Has Been Quite A Busy Man…But Are There MORE Karrueche Problems?!

Chris Brown x Justin Bieber x Akon x By x Maejor Ali hit the studio

Another Monday, another Chris Brown and Karrueche breakup…maybe! I went on Breezy’s page this morning to see what the superstar singer had been up to over the weekend, and was not too surprised to see that the photo he’d posted of Kae in his Drake session had been deleted. It could be nothing, though. Maybe there were too many negative comments because of his “Distracted” caption? Who knows! Meanwhile, Breezy has been putting in WORK, so we’ll be getting some more music from him soon. Over the weekend, he was spotted in the studio with Akon, Justin Bieber and super-talented singer/songwriter Maejor Ali (formerly known as Bei Maejor – he had that hit song “Trouble” with J. Cole…), as well as backstage somewhere kicking it with Trey Songz, Tyga and Ty Dolla $ign. Check out pics of Breezy’s weekend in the gallery, and stay tuned for Chris x Karrueche updates. (What is their couple name, by the way? Chrae?)

Sidenote – Ty previously said on the red carpet of the 2014 BET Awards that he had made a handful of songs with Breezy and Tyga, and I got to hear one of them recently when I was with Ty and it’s amazing! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

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(Photos) Seen On The Scene: Karrueche vs. Rihanna – Who Looked Better?!

Rihanna vs Karrueche

Both Rihanna and Karrueche may no longer be with Chris Brown (the latter still up in the air…), but one thing’s for sure: they’re both still as hot as ever! The ladies each were photographed by paparazzi earlier this week – Kae in L.A. and Rih in NYC – and both were looking amazing, despite Rihanna’s interesting fashion choice! Compare the pics in the gallery and then vote below to let us know – who would you rather?!

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