(Fellas Check The Pics) Baddie Alert! Karrueche Shows Off Her TIGHT Body During NYFW


Chris Brown’s bangin’ Blasian bae Karrueche was spotted in attendance at The Pavillion in Lincoln Center to celebrate New York Fashion Week. As always, Karrueche came out in style with her midriff open for us to see. Check out some flicks from the event over in the gallery.

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OOOO, Hold Up! Karrueche Tran Tells Chris Brown To Eat Her WHAT?!

IFWT_Chris and Karrueche

WELP, looks like on-again, off-again Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are rekindling the flame in their dysfunctional relationship. The beautiful thim slick model posted a sexy photo onto her Instagram page and Breezy commented on it with a naughty emoji (you know, the purple one). Shortly after, KArrueche responded by telling CB, “eat my a*s.” Brown replied by telling Karrueche, “I miss that.” WOAH! Things just went from 0-100 REAL QUICK, real f*cking quick. I’m going to take a wild guess that the two love birds are on good terms once again. However, who can even keep track anymore? Check out their flirtatious Instagram interaction over in the gallery.

Sidebar: You think he did it after she told him to? PROOOOOOLLLLLLLLY.

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(Photos) Check Out Some BTS Footage From Chris Brown x Tyga’s ‘Ayo’ Video!


R&B crooner Chris Brown and rapper Tyga joined forces together for their new collab track entitled “Ayo” which is the first single off of their joint album Fan of A Fan: The Album. They recently shot the visuals for the song in California with a LOT of special celeb cameos including comedian Mike Epps and Tyga’s 17-year-old reality TV star boo, Kylie Kardashian. Breezy’s on-again, off-again Blasian boo Karrueche was also spotted on set.

Head over to the gallery and click below to check out some flicks and videos from the video shoot. I’m just excited to see Kylie’s role in the vid. Can she turn 18 already?!

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(Photos) Karrueche, Christina Milian, Lil Mo & More Take In Russell Simmons’ All Def Comedy Live

ifwt_All Def Comedy Live - Karrueche and Christina Miliain

Last night, the stars gathered to attend All Def Comedy Live at The Inside Jokes Comedy Club/Chinese Mann Theatre for the first Wednesday of the year. Host Tony Rock and Russell Simmons had a fun filled night with special guest comedians like Damon Wayans Jr. and Michael Blackson, who had the whole crowd in tears.

The Brand Group brought out all of the cuties including Karrueche Tran with her bestie Christina Milian, NBA All Star Baron Davis, Kenny Burns, Lil Mo, Bridget Kelly, Love & Hip-Hop’s Nia Riley and more. Check out pics from the night in the gallery. All Def Comedy Live continues this Wednesday at the Chinese Mann Theatre.

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(Photos) Busted! Chris Brown & Karrueche Were Spotted At Sean Kingston’s X-Mas Party Together!

Chris Brown and Karrueche

From the looks of it, Chris Brown and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche are back together even after their super explosive break-up earlier this month. After being caught together at Playhouse and walking the dog Breezy bought for Karrueche, two lovebirds were spotted out together partying it up at Sean Kingston’s Christmas party. Other celebs were in the building including French Montana, Soulja Boy and his reality TV star boo, Nia Riley. Check out some flicks from Sean Kingston’s exclusive holiday party over in the gallery. I think it’s time Karrueche pops out a baby Breezy and calls it a day. She’s clearly not going ANYWHERE!

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(Photos + Video) Chris Brown Spotted Driving Karrueche’s Car

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Oh Chris Brown and Karrueche, when will you two stop this back and forth?! For the one millionth time, the infamous couple are currently split up after a nasty war of words on social media a few weeks back, but as we’ve come to expect with them, they’ll be back together eventually…and it seems like it’s going to be sooner than later!

Despite reports that Breezy is secretly joining the Kardashian krew by dating Kendall Jenner, and despite the fact he was grinding all up on Amber Rose over the weekend at the club, the bad boy singer was spotted driving none other than Karrueche’s Audi on a Los Angeles highway earlier this week.

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(Photos) We Saw This Coming: Chris Brown & Karrueche Are Hanging Out Again

Chris Brown and Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have only been broken up for like a week, and they’re already on the road to reconciliation. “I’m so shocked that Chris and Karrueche are going to get back together this time!” said no one ever.

Last weekend, things got pretty messy between the on-again/off-again couple, with Breezy taking to Instagram to accuse Kae of only riding for him simply when it’s convenient, going on dates with Drake, participating in threesomes and more. He later apologized, but needless to say, Karrueche wasn’t pleased, and vowed on Twitter that this breakup would be their last. Unsurprisingly, she lied.

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According To Karrueche, Chris Brown Is Mentally Abusive & Spiteful!


Chris Brown and Karrueche have had one of the most dysfunctional and confusing relationships in the industry over the past few years. Since the two recently called it quits for good (or so they say,) sources close to Karrueche are dishing the dirt that throughout the entire relationship, Breezy has been extremely mentally abusive towards his Blasian lover.

According to those close to Karrueche, CB would just do extremely spiteful things when they were arguing. Examples would include taking pics of Kendall Jenner sitting on his lap, wearing an old necklace Rihanna gave him, “liking” pictures of various other celebs insinuating that they have something going on and so on. He also recently said, “F*ck that b*tch” on stage, referring to Karrueche, although he apologized publicly shortly after. Since these new rumors of Karrueche and Ray J having something is going around like a wild fire, maybe this will teach Breezy a lesson to appreciate what he has before it is too late.

Sheesh! Let’s hope Karrueche holds her own and stays away for good. I personally liked them as a couple but I know how messy those mentally abusive relationships can get. Her best bet is to just moveeeeeeeeee onnnnnn! Maybe Drake is… nah.. never mind.

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OH! So Princess Tried To Commit Suicide Because Ray J Is Dealing With Karrueche?!

Ray J & Princess Love

I feel like every day, some new wild drama surfaces involving members of the Love & Hip-Hop cast (ALL SEASONS INCLUDED!) The latest saga is continuing on between Ray J and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Princess. As we reported earlier, Ray wanted to cut ties off with the chick and she turned into a complete psycho, making threats to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head due to the break-up. Ray wasted NO time and called 911 immediately. WELP, some new and super juicy info is starting to come out which is making everything make sense.

As you know, Karrueche and Chris Brown just went through an extremely publicized break-up which also got a tad bit messy when Drake’s name got thrown around and Meek Mill even added his two cents in on the drama. That being said, word on the streets is that Ray J and ‘Rueche might be in the beginning stages of building some sort of love thang (ultimate karma for Breezy #OrNah?!) The two were filming a New Years Eve special for BET on Tuesday night, right after the big fight had ensued between Ray and Princess Love. According to sources, the two ended up chopping it up until 4 AM. But wait– there are pictures, too! Although no actual reports have flat-out stated that Karrueche and Ray and canoodling, it looks like this could be the beautiful start to something magical… maybe? Check out the pics of these two [potential] love birds over in the

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Drake Is FURIOUS After Chris Brown Says He Hooked Up With Karrueche!

IFWT_Drake money

Chris Brown and Karrueche have been going through it this past weekend with countless shots being fired back and forth. During their bashing sessions, Breezy accused Karrueche of smashing Drake and going on secret dates in Toronto when he was locked up in prison via his Instagram page on Saturday. However, Drake is not taking these allegations lightly and is FURIOUS with Chris Brown for even dragging him into this big mess.

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