(Photos) Keyshia Cole Meets Her Sister For The First Time


Keyshia Cole has recently found her real father and announced the news to Instagram last week. She also has met her sister for the first time as well. Hit the gallery after the jump to check out the picture.

(Photo) Keyshia Cole Has Found Her Real Father


After 34 years, the search is over. Keyshia Cole has found her real father. The singer took to her Instagram to share the news.

(Photo) Does Bow Wow Want That Old Thing Back?


Looks like Bow Wow is back for more.

(Video) Bow Wow Talks Erica Mena, Keyshia Cole & Angela Simmons

ifwt_Nigel D x Bow Wow

Bow Wow has been in the news a lot as of late – not for his rapping or his acting, but for his dramatic relationships with various women. In the last year, he was engaged and broken up from Erica Mena, briefly reconnected with his daughter’s mother, and briefly dated then had a VERY messy (literally) split from singer Keyshia Cole. Sitting down with Nigel D. for “Real Talk,” the pint-sized entertainer opened up about all of the drama. He had nothing but kind things to say about ex-fiancĂ©e Erica, and still wished Keyshia well, despite confirming that the car-egging definitely happened. He also had some nice words for ex Angela Simmons as well. Check out the full clip below.

Keyshia Cole Denies Egging Bow Wow’s Cars


Early this morning, Bow Wow’s friend took to Instagram to show off his egged car, alleging that the culprit was none other than Keyshia Cole. Bow Wow then followed up, and though he didn’t name names, he said an “ex” egged his homie’s car, thinking it was his. Put 2 and 2 together, and it’s pretty clear that there was a major blowout between Bow Wow and Keyshia. Keyshia is now denying any involvement, however, despite her angry tweets the day before the incident took place. “Then n*ggas wonder why they get f*cked up,” Keyshia tweeted on Monday…just shortly after she’d RT’d Bow Wow’s video of his daughter and adding that it was cute. “Stop playing with me. ASAP!!” Welp, looks like Bow Wow didn’t stop playing, and now that the proverbial (and literal) egg is on the proverbial face (or car in this instance,) the singer is denying any involvement.

(Photos) Keyshia Cole Allegedly Eggs Bow Wow’s Friend’s Car Thinking It Was His


Looks like Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow’s relationship (that they’ve denied) is over now anyway. At least for now, as it’s been pretty clear both of these people live for drama and will return to it at any point. Taking to Instagram last night, The Game’s manager (who’s friends with Bow Wow) showed off his egged car, saying that Keyshia was the culprit. Bow Wow then seemingly confirmed it, taking to Twitter to say that “an ex” had egged a friend’s car, thinking it was his. Messy, messy! Check the social media posts in the gallery.

(Photo) Keyshia Cole Says She Is Not Dating Bow Wow


Rumors have been floating around about Bow Wow dating Keyshia Cole. The two didn’t really have much to say except now. Keyshia Cole has broke the silence by saying her and Bow Wow are not dating.

(Photos) Keyshia Cole And Bow Wow Have Been Speculated To Be An Item Recent Posts To Social Media

IFWT_Bow Wow Shad Moss Keyshia Cole

There have been rumors that Bow Wow has moved on from Erica Mena to Singer Keyshia Cole. He recently posted a picture to Instagram with his arm over the singer with the caption

“@keyshiacole we styling on em! JUST KNOW!”

That could mean anything right? But he posted a picture to Twitter and lets just say that it’s creating a little bit of buzz. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Keyshia Cole Is Engaged – But To Who?!

Keyshia Cole

Yesterday evening, a fan tweeted singer Keyshia Cole, asking her whether she was married yet. Though Keyshia replied that she was not, she did add an interesting tidbit – she’s engaged! But who could it be? Last we heard, she was fighting women at Birdman’s condo, and blasting her ex-husband/son’s father Daniel Gibson on social media. When another fan asked if her fiancĂ© was Birdman, Keyshia was quick to reply “No,” so we know it’s not him. Is it Daniel? Is it a mystery man? We need the 411, Keysh! Let us know!

NBA: Booby Gibson Explains Why He Decided To Walk Away From The NBA For A Career In Rap!


It has been a long time since Daniel “Booby” Gibson made you think of his NBA career. In more recent years he is known to the public more as Keyshia Cole’s then boyfriend than anything else. Booby is now focused 100% on a career in the rap game and he talked about the decision process that led him to that.

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