(Photo) Songstress Keyshia Cole Blasts Her Hubby Out AGAIN For Trying To Cheat With Video “Love Interest”?

IFWT_Keyshia Cole Blasts Hubby 6

C’moon breh, really though?? These two just can’t seem to get right. Songstress Keyshia Cole blasts her hubby out AGAIN for trying to cheat with video “love interest”? Yes, Keyshia Cole’s baller husband Booby Gibson is in the hot seat once again. After months of heading down the path to divorce, fans recently got a glimmer of hope that Keyshia and Booby were going to be able to try to work through some of their issues…but alas it looks like things are officially dunzo btween the couple. See photo evidence of why inside.

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(Photos) Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper Who Says She Fell Off

Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper

No secret that people will always have something to say, but this R&B Diva decided to fire back at a certain critic in defense of her name, respect and career. Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper Who Says She Fell Off and in the end takes the high road…

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Keyshia Cole Donates $15K To The Oscar Grant Foundation


Keyshia Cole may be dispensing worthless tips and bad attitude, however she’s more than made up for it with her latest donation to the Oscar Grant Foundation. The “New Nu” singer dropped 15 stacks to the family of the fallen gentleman.

Find out more down bottom.

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(Photo) Keyshia Cole Gets Bashed By Waitress For Leaving A Bad Tip


Keyshia Cole Gets Bashed By Waitress For Leaving A Bad Tip
Waitress Bashes Keyshia Cole’s Bad Tip & Attitude, She Responds
A Pretty Pissed Off waitress recently reached out to throw a little shade of her own at Bay Area singer Keyshia Cole, putting the singer/songwriter on blast for leaving a WEAK tip and having a “bad attitude.”
Want to See How Bad The Tip was ? CLICK READ MORE WE GOT PICS !

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(Photos) Wait – What? Keyshia Cole Is Going To Jail For 30 Days?!

Keyshia Cole

Well this certainly is interesting. According to Keyshia Cole’s Twitter, the Oakland songstress was sentenced to 30 days in jail during a court hearing this morning, stemming from “something from 10 years ago.” But uh…by 10 years ago, did she kind of maybe perhaps mean 3 months ago?

Back in September, Keyshia Cole was arrested for fighting a woman she found at her man Birdman’s apartment early in the morning. The victim – a woman by the name of Sabrina Mercadel – turned out to be a longtime employee of Birdman’s, and has since filed both a restraining order and a lawsuit against the Oakland singer.

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Keyshia Cole Is Being Sued By The Women She Attacked In Birdman’s Apartment!

Keyshia Cole Is Being Sued By The Women She Attacked In Birdman's Apartment!

Keyshia Cole was recently caught in the middle of what appeared to be a love triangle when she walked into Birdman’s apartment back in September only to find another women in the apartment.
Cole went crazy and attacked the woman which resulted in Cole being arrested that night and having a restraining order against her. However that was only the beginning….
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(Videos) WTF? Keyshia Cole Was Doing THE MOST To Get Birdman’s Attention Last Night!

Keyshia Cole

She may have gave a woman the ill beat-down because she thought she was his side chick, but it seems Keyshia Cole and Birdman are still an item. Either that or she’s that petty that she wants to show him (and the world) what he’s missing? I’m hoping for the former, but you never know! Last night, Keysh took to Instagram with a few videos…some directly @’ing Stunna, some with hashtags related to him like #5StarBish…and proceeded to gyrate and toss her hair on top of a piano. Admittedly it’s sexy for like 4 seconds…..and then it’s just awkward. Hope her plan worked, whatever it was…

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Keyshia Cole Will NOT Be Prosecuted For Throwing Hands At Birdman’s House!

Keyshia Cole

Songstress Keyshia Cole was involved in an altercation with another female at YMCMB’s own Birdman’s home a few weeks ago. She basically saw the chick coming into his L.A. condo and went hammmmmmm on the poor lady. Luckily for Keyshia, she will not be getting charged for any type of assault. HOWEVER, the judge will most likely sentence Ms. Cole to some mandatory anger management classes for her out-of-control temper. C’mon– where is the love?!

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(Photos) K. Michelle Hints At Joint Tour With Keyshia Cole – Black Twitter Goes In!


So, K. Michelle hinted at a joint tour with Keyshia Cole and well, they are getting slammed for it.

K, who is getting ready for the airing of her VH1 reality series, K. Michelle: My Life, has always had a mouthpiece on her – an uncontrollable one at that #NoFilter – and then there is Keyshia Cole. Let’s just say, RESTRAINING ORDER. It’s safe to say their actions are not calm, cool and collective, which is why when black Twitter heard of this possible tour, they went in.

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The Woman Keyshia Cole Attacked Over Birdman Files A Restraining Order Against Her

Keyshia Cole x Birdman

Last month, the cat was let out of the bag on Keyshia Cole and Birdman’s relationship, after Keyshia was arrested for attacking a woman she’d found in Birdman’s L.A. home during the early hours of the morning. Turns out, though, the woman was a longtime employee of Birdman’s, which made Keyshia’s insane attack a bit more ridiculous.

Now Sabrina Mercadel has filed court documents accusing the Oakland native of punching her in the face, slashing her with fingernails and throwing objects at her, adding that her neck and back were hurt in the melee, and that her finger may be permanently damaged. She has requested and been granted a restraining order, which requires Keyshia to stay 100 yards away and prohibits any contact. Hopefully no lawsuit stems from this!

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