NFL: Deion Sanders Awarded $2.2 Million In Defamation Lawsuit Against His Ex-Wife


Deion Sanders is feeling like a winner today, thanks to a judge ruling in his favor in a big way! Prime Time was awarded $2.2 million dollars in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Pilar.

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Yung Joc Hit With $80k Judgement For Not Paying Jewelers

ifwt_Yung Joc

Rapper/reality star Yung Joc has been hit with a $80,000 default judgment, after he ignored a lawsuit from Aydin & Company for breaking their 2009 agreement to pay $17,500 plus interest for a 24-carat diamond bracelet and a men’s diamond ring.

In their court documents, Aydin & Company said that Joc now owes them $72,819, which includes 12 percent annual interest, plus $7,082 in lawyer’s fees. They reportedly served Joc with a lawsuit at an Atlanta club back in August, but since he never responded, a Fulton County Superior Court judge issued a default order against him for the money owed plus lawyer’s fees and interest.

“The next thing we’ll do is take the necessary steps to enforce the judgment,” Aydin & Company’s lawyer said. “It’s a prime example of justice prevailing.”

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Romeo Miller Opens Wide Up About His Mother Suing Him


It’s been an up-and-down battle between Romeo Miller’s mom and pops. The two are in the midst of a nasty lawsuit that has involved Romeo. Sonya Miller filed a lawsuit against her husband, known to the world as Master P, claiming that he is hiding assets by putting them in their son’s name.

Through it all, the 26-year-old has remained somewhat hush but he now admits in a “letter of hope” that being in the middle of everything has taken its toll on him.

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Rich Homie Quan Counter-Sued By His Former Label, Think It’s A Game Entertainment

Rich Homie Quan

Back in August, Rich Homie Quan filed a lawsuit against his former label, Think It’s A Game Entertainment. In the $2 million suit, Quan accused T.I.G.‘s owner of stealing his money to buy himself a home in Atlanta, pocketing way too much from the deal Quan had signed with Def Jam for distribution of his singles, “Flex” and “Type Of Way.”

Now T.I.G. is firing back, and they say that their former client’s lawsuit is “baseless.” They’ve counter-sued Quan, accusing him of breaching their contract, and they’re also demanding an injunction against him from releasing any music, as well as prohibiting him from signing with another record label. This could get nasty!

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Teen Arrested For Bringing A Clock Is Suing His School For $15 Million


Recently, a teenager named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at his Texas school after his teacher believed his home-made clock was a bomb.

According to his attorney, Mohamed and his family are suing MacArthur High School for a total of $15 million dollars after he wad taken out of his school in handcuffs.

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Lil Wayne Puts Up His Skate Park As Collateral In $1.5 Million Loan To Get His Art Back

Lil Wayne

Earlier this month, cops seized $2 million worth of art from Lil Wayne’s Miami home, after he’d failed to pay the judgement in a lawsuit brought on by a private jet company the year prior. Now in an effort to pay it off and get his possessions back, Tunechi has taken out a $1.5 million loan…and he’s put up his beloved private skate park as collateral!

Should he fail to pay the loan like he failed to pay the lawsuit, that park will be no more! Let’s hope he stays on top of this one.

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Petty Wap: Safaree Hits Nicki Minaj With A Lawsuit For WHAT?!

Nicki and Safaree

Not all old relationships can end peacefully and Nicki Minaj and Safaree “SB” Samuels are a perfect example of that.

According to sources, SB is hitting Nicki with a huge lawsuit because he claims he helped her write majority of her songs on The Pink Print, Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

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(Photos) Dam, No Love: Judge On Taylor Swift Case Dismisses Case Harshly


Some of you may have heard about the RnB singer who was trying to sue Taylor Swift for her song, “Shake it Off”, well it turns out the judge was not here for it either. Who would’ve thought the judge would play the artist Jesse Graham like that, Graham has got to hold this L really closely, especially because the judge played him in vain, dam.

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#IsThisYoThot Girl Suing 2 Chainz Now Says He Put A Hit Out On Her


Christine Chisholm became infamous on the web in 2014, when 2 Chainz released a not-so-flattering video of the North Carolina native acting like quite the groupie at one of his shows. The hashtag used, #IsThisYoThot, went viral, and Christine became so upset at her portrayal, she sued the rapper for a cool $10 million.

She recently did an interview about the whole situation and made herself look even more nuts, and now she’s adding insult to injury and suing for more – this time because, according to her, 2 Chainz has put a hit out on her.

In the latest documents, Chisholm says the rapper came to her hometown last month for a show, and asked people her whereabouts. Shortly afterward, she says, she was jogging and a black Mercedes followed her, struck her, and took off – injuring her arm and leaving her “sore all over.” Bruh.

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Jas Prince Calls Off The Lawsuit Against Birdman … But Wait, There’s More


Jas Prince is on the ‘by any means necessary’ road to what’s owed. During the excessively long journey of getting the 22% of Drake royalties he says is owed to him by Cash Money, Prince has decided to take an alternative route in the battle of he-say/she-say. He’s decided to drop the $11 million lawsuit in Florida.

…but wait, that’s not the end of it. Find out more after the jump.

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