NBA: Uh-Oh, Private Jet Company Suing Bucks OJ Mayo For Drug Use & Not Paying Full Fare


This is one of those “C’mon Man” type of stories, smh. If you can’t afford to live a luxurious lifestyle then don’t fake it. Milwaukee Bucks OJ Mayo, who has made millions during his career is being sued by a private jet company for not only ditching out on the fare price, but also using drugs on the flight. The company claims the employees were put at risk by his drug use, but they never specify what drug. I can only assume the Bucks don’t want to hear something like this.

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Sports: Two Basketball Stars Sue Pepperdine Because “Lesbianism is not tolerated on this team”


Two female college basketball players sue Pepperdine, claiming the University is running them off the basketball team because they are involved in a lesbian relationship.

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R. Kelly Owes $2.9 Million To The Bank For Loan Taken Out On Home!


It’s your boy Kelz again, in some hot water, AGAIN. The longtime musician has not had enough bad things happen in his life to the point where he’d figure that he would get his s**t in order. Or maybe, he just doesn’t give a damn. This time, a debt to the tune of $2.9 million might straighten him up.

Details after the jump.

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Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Wins Lawsuit Against New Orleans Wine Bar For False Advertisement


I’ve seen plenty of false advertisements, i.e promoters, clubs and more lying about a certain celebrity that’s supposedly attending.  Most celebrities let it go or don’t even know about it but undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather went after a bar and racked up another victory.

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Ma$e Loses Lawsuit Over Single Cover Art


Ma$e has lost the suit placed against him after snatching a picture from a model’s Instagram for his ‘Why Can’t We’ single without consent.

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DJ Mustard Being Sued By A Childhood Friend For Allegedly Not Giving Musical Credit


Oh boy – DJ Mustard is experiencing the ‘I made and now they hate me’ blues. A lawsuit have been filed against the Californian producer, claiming some of his biggest hits was not solely created by him. This coming from a former friend.

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Sports: Here We Go Againnn – Donald Sterling Being Sued, Accused of Racism


Once again, Donald Sterling faces a lawsuit regarding unfair treatment and racism. This time around, Sterling is being sued by a tenant from one of his apartment buildings. The tenant, who JUST so happens to be African-American, complained to Sterling about bed bug infestation; however, the complaints went on deaf ears. To make matters worse, Sterling fixed the same problem in nearby apartments while deliberately avoiding the African-American man’s home SMH…more details on this lawsuit story after the jump!

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Boxing: He’s on a Roll — Floyd Mayweather Fires Back About Shantel Jackson Abortion!


Floyd Mayweather Fires Back About Shantel Jackson, First he trolled Manny Pacquiao earlier this morning and now it’s about his ex. Back in May, Floyd Mayweather shocked fans when he revealed some very private information about his relationship with now ex, Shantel Jackson. He took to social media to share the news with EVERYONE that she aborted a pregnancy (twins) behind his back.
A short time later, Ms. Jackson decided to sue Floyd Mayweather over it (among other things). Well now Floyd is finally firing back in response to the lawsuit. Mayweather wants the suit thrown out asap — can’t wait to see what the judge rules.
Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think…

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Marlon Wayans Says He Calls All His Friends The N-Word, Even White Girls


Marlon Wayans recently filed a legal document in which he defends an Instagram post where he called an extra, Pierre Daniel, from his movie, “Haunted House 2″ the n word and a Cleveland lookalike.

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Cash Money Sued AGAIN For Unpaid Production Royalties?!



A production company by the name of OFM, claiming that they are responsible for 8 tracks on Jay Sean’s 2009 album said it’s time for Cash Money to cough it up! Although Jay Sean is no longer with Cash Money Records as of recently, the label still owes the Orange Factory Music Company for royalty payments for the successful work done on the “All Or Nothing” album. The music company obtained a check for $211,000, but are seaking a whopping $1 million for the back up in royalties!

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