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Kid Ink Up Against Possible Lawsuit From Pizza Delivery Man…WHY?!


Garnik Nazarian, a pizza delivery man plans on coming across a hefty pay day after making a stop over to Kid Ink’s place in Granada Hills, LA.

Hit the jump for more details.

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Yikes! R. Kelly Sued By Manager For $1 Million Dollars!


R. Kelly seems to ALWAYS be in some nonsense. The “Black Panties” singer is being sued by his long-time manager, Derrel McDavid, who helped his career pop over the past two decades. Last year, the two had a falling out and Kelly agreed to give McDavid $1.3 million dollars and they’d just part ways peacefully. However, after Kellz made the first payment of $300K, he was supposed to continue paying McDavid $40K a month for a total of 18 months. McDavid has yet to receive any more money after the initial payment, so he’s suing for the remaining $1 million dollar balance. MESSSSSY ALERT!

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Boxing: Damn, Middleweight Champ Andre Ward Being Sued For $10 Million!


There is always some type of shady activity going on behind the scenes in the boxing world, which is why outside of Floyd Mayweather, the sport is fading. Andre Ward, who is ranked #2 pound for pound boxer in the world behind Floyd is saying a grimey promoter tried to ruin him and cheated him out of millions of dollars. Of course the promoter denies it and is fighting back in a big way that might put Ward down for the count if he loses. Hit the jump.

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Oh Sh*t! T.I. Is Getting Sued For WHAT?!


Can T.I. ever stay out of trouble? Apparently not. The rapper is being sued for not returning an expensive stage that he rented for his “America’s Most Wanted” tour with Weezy last year. The stage, which is called a “roll drop,” is worth a total of $50K but the rental company is asking for twice that, stating they lost out on major bucks from not being able to rent it out to other people.

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Director Lee Daniels Being Sued By Dame Dash For How Much & Why?!!!


I was fairly late, but just recently I was able to sit down and watch Lee Daniels: The Butler – awesome movie! I told myself that I would have to get more involved in the director’s other work, which includes “The Woodsman,” “The Paperboy” and “Precious” (I did see this one). No soon after, this news drops – all of these releases Dame Dash has invested in. However, he’s seen not one red cent in return.

In comes the lawsuit papers. Dame is suing Daniels for a hefty amount. Find out more below.

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(Photos) Nicki Minaj Hit With $50K Lawsuit For WHAT?!

Nicki Minaj

Looks like Nicki Minaj’s “divaness” got her into a pickle. The “Anaconda” artist is being sued by IMP Entertainment for a whopping $50K. Back in February of 2011, Nicki was given 50 racks to host an NBA All-Star weekend event in Hollywood. According to the company, she showed up 90 minutes late to the event and left after only 30 minutes (which she was supposed to stay for an hour.) The entertainment company hit her with the lawsuit because she “acted like a diva” and “showed up late for an event,” which completely defeated the whole purpose of her getting paid for the hosting gig. Nicki’s camp has yet to release a statement on the lawsuit.

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(Photos) NFL: Strippers Caught In Compromising Pics With Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Ready For Lawsuit


Seems like everything nowadays can result in a lawsuit, and these girls are well aware of that. The two strippers who were in leaked photos earlier this week with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in some interesting poses and positions have hired a lawyer out of fear that Jones may take legal action against them. A rumor started that the photos being leaked were part of an extortion plot, but the girls claim to have no idea about that and were just hanging out with Jones that night a few years ago. Hit the jump for more.

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What?! Lil Wayne Is Being Sued By WHO!?


This is kind of the last law suit we would have ever predicted Lil Wayne to be facing. Apparently, Lil Wayne agreed to pay a jet company $55,000 a month to fly him wherever he needed but when it came time to shell out the dough, he dipped. Lil Wayne has plenty of money, what’s 55 Gs to him, really? Find out the whole story after the jump!

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Ne-Yo Sues His Ex-Manger For How MANY Millions?!


If you read the Huffington Post, Shaffer “Ne-Yo” Smith is suing his ex-manager Kevin Foster and you won’t BELIEVE how many MILLIONS he’s trying to get!
Find out after the jump…

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NFL: Ex-Girlfriend of NFL Lineman is Suing Him For Allegedly Beating Her & Giving Her an STD!

IFWT_Cam Thomas

Messy stuff, literally… Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes.  Thomas says the claim is untrue and the woman is just bitter.  Who’s telling the truth?

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