Another Person Sues 50 Cent, Claiming He Stole Their Idea for ‘Power’


Once again, 50 Cent is being sued by a man who claims he came up with the idea for Power. This has happened before with not only Power, but Empire as well. R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon claim that they pitched the show to 50 Cent in March of 2011, except theirs was titled Dangerous. It was about a black drug dealer attempting to turn his life around for the better, and included a Irish gangster friend and his girlfriend. Hord and Scoon are also suing Starz and parent company CBS, and are looking to get as much as $180,000 per episode.

Ciara Demands Injunction Against Future To NEVER Speak Her Name In The Press Again


Ciara and Future have been going back in fourth in the courts since the winter, after Ciara got fed up when Future called her a bitch on Twitter. She quickly sued him for slander, to which he then counter-sued, though he’s since dropped his suit. Ciara’s is full steam ahead, however. Now, CiCi is demanding the judge grant a permanent injunction against Future, preventing him from ever speaking negatively about her in the press or on social media ever again.

Young Money Loses Lawsuit To David Banner; Has To Pay Him Over $160K


Weezy’s record label Young Money has owed producer/rapper David Banner some royalty checks for quite some time now for work he did on Lil Wayne’s Grammy winning album Tha Carter 3. At the end of the day, the judge sided with Banner.

Lil Wayne Might Have Just Caught A Big Break In Lawsuit With Birdman

ifwt_Lil Wayne MM

Weezy was recently wondering where Birdman put $70 million out of a $100 million advance they were supposed to SPLIT from Universal. Birdman had no answer for his son Weezy and no good excuse either, which just led the judge in the case to force Birdman to bust out the receipts or else!

NBA: Laura Govan Ordered to Pay Big Money to Gilbert Arenas For Emailing Media Saying He Gave Her STDs


Gilbert Arenas has won a major battle in the saga between him and his baby mother/former fiancee, Laura Govan.  A judge ordered Govan to pay Arenas a lot of money in one of their lawsuits against each other.

Judge Throws Out Frank Ocean’s Dad’s $142 Million Lawsuit Against Russell Simmons

ifwt_frank ocean mm

2 years ago, Frank Ocean’s estranged father, Calvin Cooksey, sued Russell Simmons and Global Grind. He accused them of defaming his name by labeling him a deadbeat dad, and decided that $142 million would make it all better. SMH. The Global Grind story was based around a tweet sent out by Frank himself, where he called Cooksey a scheming father and a deadbeat, so it’s not like they made up something out of thin air. Thankfully, a judge has once again shut down the suit, ordering the case to be dismissed once and for all, and Cooksey not be awarded from his complaint.

NFL: Off-Duty Cops File Lawsuit Against LeSean McCoy Saying His Crew Beat Them Up


LeSean McCoy has been hit with a lawsuit by the two off-duty cops he had a club altercation with.  The cops say the Buffalo Bills running back and his crew beat the hell out of them during a bar fight in Philly.

Future Countersues Rocko


Rocko and Future used to be close back in the early 10’s, with Rocko being instrumental in Future’s early success. In 2011, Future signed to Rocko’s A1 Recordings label, and the deal was for Future to make his first 6 albums with them. The pair made a joint deal with Epic Records strictly for distribution, but according to Rocko, that’s when things went south. He alleges that Future cut a side deal with Epic for a few million, and cut him out of the deal. Rocko sued Future for $10 million back in June, which is the number he came out with after calculating 25% of the commission he’s owed off the Epic advances, as well as 20% of Future‘s earnings from touring, endorsements and more. Now Future is firing back, and has filed a countersuit for money he says HE’s actually owed.

Ariana Grande And David Guetta Sued For Ripping Off “One Last Time”


Ariana Grande’s being sued, along with David Guetta, for allegedly ripping off someone else’s song to craft their hit single “One Last Time”.

Tyga Hit With ANOTHER Judgement From A Landlord


I can’t even keep track of Tyga’s legal troubles anymore. Today, the rapper was hit with another judgement, after the landlord of the former space he rented for his Last Kings clothing flagship store won against him in court. We’ve heard of this case previously – the landlord of the Melrose building sued Tyga for $186,275.89, as he reportedly abandoned the building and left it “in ruins,” with ink down the train and other things. He has now won, and Tyga is forced to pay up.

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