NBA: Derrick Rose & Attorney Say Rape Lawsuit Is Just a Shake Down to Get Money


An alleged ex-girlfriend of Derrick Rose has come out and filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly drugging and gang-raping her.  His response is what most would assume; according to Rose and his attorney, the woman is just out to get money.

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Tyga Gets Back At His Former Landlord With A Breach Of Contract Lawsuit


Every since he dipped his pole in the ocean of Kylie Jenner, it seems as though Tyga has been going through it. I am really beginning to feel bad for the kid. If it isn’t his break-up with Blac Chyna, it’s his actions with a formerly underaged Kylie Jenner or his financial issues or his music lyrics or his label issues or … well, you get it. Now, he is battling it out in court with a former landlord – again.

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‘Empire’ Is Being Sued…AGAIN


The creators of the hit TV show Empire just cannot seem to catch a break!

For the third time since it aired on the Fox network, the show is getting sued by people claiming the creators “stole their idea” for the original series. A man by the name of Jon Astor-White is suing both Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the two creators of the show, along with Imagine Entertainment and 21st Century Fox for $500 million dollars.

According to court documents, Astor-White – who is the owner of a large Vegas-based production company – is claiming he pitched a show called King Solomon back in 2007 and is saying it has “extreme similarities” to Empire.

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NBA: The GOAT Wins Again! Michael Jordan Awarded $8.9 Million In Lawsuit Against Grocery Chain


Michael Jordan is competitive no matter what type of venue it is. So if the grocery chain that tried to be sneaky and use his likeness for themselves thought MJ wouldn’t fight it to the end then they were wrong. A jury decided Michael deserved to come out on top and awarded him $8.9 million dollars!

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NFL: Rick Ross Is Being Sued For Allegedly Ruining A Super Bowl Party He Was Supposed To Perform At


A company is suing Rick Ross because they allege he sucks at social media or just didn’t care enough to hold up his part of a contract. The company, Conexts, is suing Rick for the Jan. 30 event that was scheduled to go down at the Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater. According to the docs, Ricky Rozay agreed to do some heavy duty social media promotion for the party and concert. Problem is he never did it.

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(Video) The #IsThisYoThot Woman Suing 2 Chainz Sits Down For An Interview


Remember when 2 Chainz put that girl backstage on blast, which turned into the viral video, #IsThisYoThot? Well, she sued the rapper and his friend allegedly responsible for her placement backstage, Cap 1, back in July for a cool $5 million, and now she’s speaking out about the situation.

Christine “Tina” Chisholm sat down with a local news channel to discuss why she chose to sue, and her ridiculous responses combined with that look in her eyes makes me think she just might not be all the way right up there. Also – I’m no lawyer – but aren’t you not supposed to talk about these things while they’re in their early stages with the courts? Check out the interview below and let us know what you think!

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(Photos) Birdman Owes Producer DVLP $200K And He Wants His Money Like … YESTERDAY


He’s the RICH Gang leader, however, no one is getting paid. Birdman may soon find himself the focus of another lawsuit if he continues to put off paying folks. Producer DVLP (Develop) sends the Cash Money man a few text messages that lets him know, if he doesn’t pay up, his attorney will be calling Birdman’s attorney.

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A$AP Rocky Sued By Fan Who Broke Her Back During Concert


Things seem to be going down hill for rapper A$AP Rocky. He’s recently been slammed with a lawsuit by his former manager for for failing to pay him, and now he’s being hit with another by a fan who claims she broke her back during an A$AP Mob show.

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Sports: Report, Young Money & Lil Wayne’s Manager Sued Over Wayne Not Paying For Sports Tickets


Lil Wayne is constantly seen at big athletic events. Whether it’s a Floyd Mayweather fight, an NBA playoff game, The Super Bowl, you name it and he is usually there. Depending on who you ask however, he may not have paid for any of those tickets and his company is now being sued because of it.

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NBA: Report, Michael Jordan’s Name Alone Is Worth Close To $500 Million Dollars!


Michael Jordan is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with a grocery chain that tried to use his likeness to sell steaks and coupons. Because of the litigation in the court room, some sensitive information on Jordan’s side is needing to be disclosed, including some of the details of the contract he has with Nike.

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