Ariana Grande And David Guetta Sued For Ripping Off “One Last Time”


Ariana Grande’s being sued, along with David Guetta, for allegedly ripping off someone else’s song to craft their hit single “One Last Time”.

Tyga Hit With ANOTHER Judgement From A Landlord


I can’t even keep track of Tyga’s legal troubles anymore. Today, the rapper was hit with another judgement, after the landlord of the former space he rented for his Last Kings clothing flagship store won against him in court. We’ve heard of this case previously – the landlord of the Melrose building sued Tyga for $186,275.89, as he reportedly abandoned the building and left it “in ruins,” with ink down the train and other things. He has now won, and Tyga is forced to pay up.

NBA: Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Says She Didn’t Agree to $5 Million Settlement, Deserves at Least $10 Million


The on-going saga between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches is not over yet.  It initially appeared that they finally settled things when she agreed to receive a $5 million settlement from Wade and their marital home but she’s back with new court docs.  Funches sued her lawyer Brian Hurst last year, claiming his handling of the case screwed her out of a bigger settlement that she was entitled to receive.  Funches says she’s entitled to at least $10 million from Wade.

Bench Warrant Issued For Tyga


Even though he allegedly bought Kylie Jenner a new car last weekend, Tyga’s still pretty deep in some money issues.

NBA: Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Reveals Details From the Alleged Gang Rape

IFWT_Derrick Rose

A woman has filed a $21 million federal civil lawsuit against Derrick Rose, claiming he and two of his friends drugged and gang raped her.  Rose says the group sex was consensual and they did it on more than one occasion.  He says the woman is extorting him because he didn’t reimburse her for some sex toys and wouldn’t move forward with their relationship.  Rose says she began to get angrier when he started ignoring her texts.  A judge recently denied Rose’s request to throw the case out and it’s now in the discovery phase with both parties taking depositions and exchanging documents preparing for the upcoming trial later this year.

(Video) Troy Ave Suing Irving Plaza & Live Nation For Lack of Security

ifwt_Troy Ave MAIN

Troy Ave has always maintained his innocence in the Irving Plaza shooting, stating that he had simply acted in self defense, picking up the gun that he and his now-decreased friend Banga were originally shot at with and protecting himself.

Lil Wayne Lawsuit Against UMG Put On Hold


The $20 Million Lil Wayne is seeking from Cash Money’s parent Company, Universal Music Group, may not be making it’s way into Lil Wayne’s pockets so soon. His lawsuit against them has been put on hold and it’s all because of one man.

NBA Report: Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against Derrick Rose Likely Going to Trial

IFWT_Derrick Rose

Last August it was reported that a woman filed a sexual battery lawsuit against Derrick Rose claiming he and two friends drugged and gang-raped her in 2013.  The woman is reportedly seeking $21.5 million in damages.  Rose has vehemently denied the claims.  He acknowledges having a sexual relationship with the woman but says the group sex was consensual and they’ve done so on more than one occasion.  He claims the allegation was an extortion attempt after he cut off contact with her.  Now, nearly a year after the lawsuit was filed, the case has not been resolved.  Rose hasn’t offered a settlement and a federal judge has refused to dismiss the suit.  Now it could go to trial.

Burberry Perry Changes Name After Burberry Lawsuit


Yesterday, luxury brand Burberry filed a lawsuit against up-and-coming producer and Lil Yachty affiliate, Burberry Perry, for obvious reasons. In what’s probably the best decision, the Atlanta native has opted not to fight it, and instead has already changed his name. “I am no longer Burberry Perry I am THEGOODPERRY,” he announced last night via both Instagram and Twitter, where both of his handles have been changed to match. He also dropped a new song, “Blueberry,” which you can listen to here.

Burberry Sues Lil Yachty’s Producer, Burberry Perry


Burberry Perry has only been in the game for a few months, and he’s already watching the classic adage, “More money, more problems,” come true! Iconic luxury line Burberry has sued the young producer/rapper, mad that he’s not only jacked their name, but their logo as well. (See below in the video.) According to the suit, the company fears customers will think it sponsored or is somehow connected to Perry, and after his refusal to respond to multiple cease and desists, they filed the suit. Leave the kid alone, man. No one is confused or thinks he’s affiliated with your company – we assure you. And furthermore, Gucci isn’t barking down Gucci Mane’s back and he’s way more established. Relax, people.

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