Saw This From A Mile Away: Victim Suing After Alleged LIV Fight With Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan

When news broke earlier this week of an alleged altercation between Rich Homie Quan and a LIV security guard, the story had lawsuit written ALL over it, as the victim had already retained a lawyer, and stated more than once that Quan was the aggressor. Needless to say, a few days later, the lawsuit has arrived.

Christian Cajigas says he’s been “disfigured and left in intense physical pain” after Quan reportedly punched him outside of a VIP entrance at the popular Miami club on Sunday night, and is suing an unspecified amount (though TMZ says “it sounds like a lot.)

Check out a pic of the victim’s injuries in the gallery. Quan better get out of bed with Jhonni Blaze and start getting a plan together here!

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(Video) Lawsuits Spark After Empire Gets Sued By A Same Name Record Company

Empire Gets Sued By Same Name Record Label

Uh Oh! They say success comes with many things and obviously “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” is abound: Lawsuits Spark After Empire Gets Sued By A Same Name Record Company and now FOX Network is battling it out in court over the right to continue using the name!

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DAMNNNNN! Mac Miller Gets Sued For WHAT?!

Mac Miller

Mac Miller may be living the Most Dope life but unfortunately, things are about to hit the fan. According to a recent lawsuit filed, Mac apparently ripped off a popular song from a 1970s band called Aquarian Dream. According to the group’s lead singer, Jacques Burvic is saying Mac Meezy stole their song “Yesterday (was so nice today)” from their album “Fantasy” and used the track for his song “Therapy” which was featured on Mac’s album, Faces.

Apparently Miller’s side is not responding back due to the fact that they know they messed up. According to them, they reached out to the band to get the approval to use the song, but when they couldn’t get ahold of Burvic, they went ahead and used the song anyways. Mind you, the track has been downloaded 700,000+ times from Mac’s site, leaving Burvic to sue for at LEAST $150K in damages. GOT DAMNNNNN!

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Marvin Gaye’s Family Now Going After T.I. and The Labels For “Blurred Lines” Money


Last week, Marvin Gaye’s estate won $7.4 million in their lawsuit against “Blurred Lines” creators Robin Thicke and Pharrell for its illegal sampling of Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.” Though T.I. was also on the song (making $700,000 to date from it) and the guys’ respective record labels Interscope, Star Trak Entertainment and Universal all got about $3 million each, only Robin and Pharrell were forced to pay out. (They both made a little over $5 million from the song, so splitting $7.4 between them still left them with around $1.5 million each. There was also around $8 million in publishing revenue made, though it’s unclear how the splits worked for that.)

Today, it’s been announced that the Gaye estate now wants to go after Tip and the labels as well. They’re also currently seeking an injunction to stop distribution of the song until Marvin gets a writer’s credit, and they get royalties. Do you think the Gaye estate is going too far, or are they simply seeking what’s rightfully owed? Let us know in the comments!

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NFL: Ex-49er Ray McDonald Plans to Sue the Woman Who Accused Him of Rape


More men should do this IF they are truly innocent.  When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape she not only ruins his life, she also makes it more difficult for women who are actual victims.  A rape accusation is something that sticks with you even if you aren’t charged.  Ray McDonald was accused of rape in December, and the 49ers cut him immediately after news broke that police were investigating. But McDonald has not been charged, and now he plans to sue his accuser, saying she made a false claim and that it has put his football career in jeopardy.

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Robin Thicke & Pharrell Lose “Blurred Lines” Lawsuit; Forced To Pay $7.4 Million

Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams

The lawsuit between “Blurred Lines” creators Robin Thicke and Pharrell versus Marvin Gaye’s estate has been raging on for some time now, with the estate alleging the guys copied elements from Gaye’s 1977 hit, “Got To Give It Up.” Back in November, Team Blurred Lines lost the first round against Gaye’s family, as the judge ruled a jury will decide the claim, and set a trial to do so. The trial has now wrapped…and Robin, Pharrell and co. have lost.

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We Want Our Cut! Lawsuit Claims Pharrell & Robin Thicke Earned Over $5M Apiece For “Blurred Lines”?


Uh-oh. Its not looking good for the trio who allegedly sampled Marvin Gaye’s “Give It Up”. Robin Thicke, Pharell, along with T.I. may be forking over some serious cash to Marvin Gaye’s estate, as the trial is brining to light some very interesting numbers and Gaye’s family is saying….We want our cut! Lawsuit claims Pharrell & Robin Thicke earned over $5M apiece for “Blurred Lines”? According to reports. See full details inside.

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(Photos) Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees

Fendi & Tommy Hilfiger Sued by Employees

Not a good look: Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees for identifying the entry-level workers as interns to avoid paying out at least minimum wage. The class action suit follows a string of similar cases, most recently bringing the fashion and media power house Conde Nast to a $5.8 million payout.

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(Video) Eric Garner Family Braces as NYC Spends 732 Million on Cases It Got Wrong

Will City Settle Eric Garner Case for $75M?

Is it better to settle? NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has been busy shoveling millions of dollars into settling lawsuits that overtime were found to lack the “liberty and justice for all” they should have. While wrongful convictions, years of prison time, and even accidental deaths have occurred as a result of these oversights, most families go for the money as oppose to holding out for any change in law, policies or any lasting effect on reality. With that said, the Eric Garner Family Braces as NYC Spends 732 Million on Cases It Got Wrong. Will they go for the money too?

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NBA: Tim Duncan Suing Financial Advisor After Losing Over $20 Million in Fraudulent Investments

IFWT Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan isn’t exactly going to be appearing on the next Broke documentary, but he’s another athlete who’s fallen victim to a crooked financial advisor and the losses are astounding.

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