Jared Fogle Child Porn Victim Drops Lawsuit Against Him


One of Jared Fogle’s child porn victims has just dropped her lawsuit against him. She filed documents stating that she and her family have decided to do away with the suit.

Donald Trump Denies Sexual Harassment Claims & Threatens To Sue NY Times


In a new NY Times piece, two women claim that Donald Trump inappropriately touched them touched them in the past. Jessica Leeds alleges that about 30 years ago, Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt while on an airplane. Rachel Crooks says she previously worked in Trump Tower at a company that Trump did not own, but once ran into the Presidential hopeful outside of an elevator – who kissed her after she introduced herself.

Gabrielle Union Sues BET Over ‘Being Mary Jane’


It appears that fans are going to have to wait even longer for the next season of Gabrielle Union’s hit show Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle just filed a lawsuit against the show’s network, BET, claiming they’re trying to get her to do two seasons for the price of one. Gabrielle says that network execs promised her multiple times that there would never be more than 13 episodes in a season. Her contract also states that she gets a pay raise from $150k per episode to $165k per episode in Season 5. Instead, BET is reportedly trying to cram 20 episodes into season 4 and spacing them out, instead of making it two seasons!

Jay-Z, Kanye West & Frank Ocean Beat “Made In America” Lawsuit


Another W in the courtroom for Hov. This time around an artist tried suing him and others for stealing his song that he thinks sounds strikingly similar to “Made In America”.

Kim Kardashian Files Lawsuit Against MTO


Finally, someone has done it – and I hope they get taken out for everything they have! Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against MediaTakeOut.com – a gossip site that posts literally anything they feel like making up, and tries to pass it off as fact. Because of its popularity and sometimes (but rarely) factual stories, most people believe what they read on there, and it ends up causing a lot of issues for the innocent parties they’re lying about. This time, it’s Kim, and she’s had enough of their ish!

Snoop Dogg Settles Lawsuit With Pabst Brewing Company


Snoop Dogg was set to head to trial with Pabst Brewing Company on Halloween, but they’ve been able to reach a settlement before it got to that point. In 2011, Snoop had signed a three-year deal with the company to be a brand ambassador for one of their new drinks – Blast by Colt 45. As part of the deal, Snoop was to receive 10% of the selling price of Pabst as a company, should they be sold prior to January 2016. As it turned out, they were sold to Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings for $700 million in 2014, which meant Snoop was owed his 10%!

NFL: Cam Newton Being Sued For Almost $300K For Allegedly Trashing Beverly Hills Mansion!

IFWT_Cam Newton

Cam Newton apparently partied way too hard in the Beverly Hills mansion he rented after the Super Bowl, causing nearly $100,000 in damages according to a new lawsuit.

Another Person Sues 50 Cent, Claiming He Stole Their Idea for ‘Power’


Once again, 50 Cent is being sued by a man who claims he came up with the idea for Power. This has happened before with not only Power, but Empire as well. R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon claim that they pitched the show to 50 Cent in March of 2011, except theirs was titled Dangerous. It was about a black drug dealer attempting to turn his life around for the better, and included a Irish gangster friend and his girlfriend. Hord and Scoon are also suing Starz and parent company CBS, and are looking to get as much as $180,000 per episode.

Ciara Demands Injunction Against Future To NEVER Speak Her Name In The Press Again


Ciara and Future have been going back in fourth in the courts since the winter, after Ciara got fed up when Future called her a bitch on Twitter. She quickly sued him for slander, to which he then counter-sued, though he’s since dropped his suit. Ciara’s is full steam ahead, however. Now, CiCi is demanding the judge grant a permanent injunction against Future, preventing him from ever speaking negatively about her in the press or on social media ever again.

Young Money Loses Lawsuit To David Banner; Has To Pay Him Over $160K


Weezy’s record label Young Money has owed producer/rapper David Banner some royalty checks for quite some time now for work he did on Lil Wayne’s Grammy winning album Tha Carter 3. At the end of the day, the judge sided with Banner.

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