Oh No! Kim Kardashian Is Threatening To Sue Over WHAT?!


Reality TV star/business woman Kim Kardashian is pretty much an open book in regards to every aspect of her life. However, there are some things she does not want out in the open. A photo agency that goes by the name X17 apparently captured a naked picture of Kimmy Cakes by her pool and Kim is outraged. Her lawyer, Marty Singer, penned a letter to the photog company explaining that they broke the law by taking photos of Kim at her Hidden Hills home from a helicopter (how creepy.) However, According to Kim and her legal team, she was NOT naked and was in fact wearing a blue bikini. She claims once she saw the helicopter, she grabbed a towel to cover up.

Singer must have gotten through to X17 because since then, the photos have been completely removed from their site. The whole ordeal is a tad bit ironic being that Kim openly releases her naked flicks all the time but hey, I’ll sip my tea and let her rock with this one. *Exits stage left*

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Boxing: Bob Arum Suing Al Haymon For $100 Million, Claiming He’s Rigging Boxing!


Manny Pacquiao’s manager Bob Arum is declaring war on Floyd Mayweather’s promoter, claiming the guy is “rigging the boxing industry” and taking aim at everyone, including Jay Z, this according to a lawsuit.

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This Guy Filed A $730K Lawsuit Against Bobbi Kristina

IFWT_ Leolah_Bobbi_Kristina

Bobbi Kristina Brown being on her death bed means nothing to a Georgia man, who has filed a lawsuit against the 21-year-old.

Details after the jump.

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(Video) Man Who Claims Jay-Z Is His Father Speaks Out Again!


It looks like this story just won’t go away for the Hov and from the outside looking in, it does seem like the man claiming Jay-Z is his father, simply wants money more than an actual relationship. Rymir Satterhwaite recently sat in an interview where he described his frustrations toward Hov!

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Uh Oh! Usher And Justin Bieber Sued For $10 Million


It looks like the past came back to bite Justin Bieber and Usher in the you know what. Find out what I mean after the jump.

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AWKWARD! Jury Forced To Watch Rick Ross’ Baby Mama’s Sex Tape For 50 Cent Case

50 Cent x Rick Ross

If you haven’t been keeping up with this legal drama, let me get you up to speed. In 2009, 50 Cent and Rick Ross had quite the feud, and it resulted in 50 tweeting out a link to an old sex tape of Rozay’s son’s mother, Tia, and her then-boyfriend.

Fast forward to 2015, and Tia filed suit against 50 Cent for leaking the tape. In his defense, 50 then sued ROSS, alleging that it was actually the MMG rapper who leaked the tape, and he was merely sharing his link. He is suing to get his fees and settlement covered, should Tia win her suit.

As the battle goes through the court system, things got pretty awkward this week – as the jury was forced to watch clips from the tape!

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Paul Walker’s Estate Sues His Friend For Allegedly Stealing His Cars Less Than 24 Hours After He Died

_Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s estate is filing a lawsuit alleging that his friend stole Walker’s sports cars less than 24 hours after his death. Read more on the story below!

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Beyonce Sued For $7 Million – Background Singer Claims She Stole “XO ”

Republicans Call Beyonce "Mental Poison"

The Queen Bey is being sued by one of her former background singers for $7 million. The singer has accused Beyonce of stealing his music for the hit song ‘XO.’ Beyonce brushing off the claim asking the court to dismiss the case and that the defendant receive nothing. Hit the jump for more details.

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Sports: Off Duty Cop Suing The Game for $12 Million For Punching Him During Basketball Game!

IFWT_The Game basketball

Unfortunately celebrities have to learn how to keep their cool no matter what happens because one swing could cost them major money.  It’s totally unfair but sadly that’s how the world works now.

The Game must really have fists like Mike Tyson, because the guy suing him over that punch he threw in a basketball game wants more than $12 million for his troubles.

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NBA: Dwight Howard’s Baby Mother Suing For More Child Support, Says $10,000/Month is Too Low!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

Hey rich celebrities… WRAP IT UP.  Apparently $10,000 per month is WAY too low for child support according to one of Dwight Howard’s baby mother’s, who says Dwight has been screwing her out of serious money and now she wants to collect.

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