Tracy Morgan Settles Crash Lawsuit


Comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan has finally reached a settlement with Walmart. Not only did they reach a financial agreement, but one in which Tracy is very happy with. Considering the accident was fatal, there is no amount that can compensate the loss of his fellow comedian and friend, Jimmy Mac or the pain and suffering Tracy felt through the process BUT Walmart has decided to write Tracy a fat check to dry his tears. Find out the amount after the jump!

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Bruce Jenner Plans To Hand Over NO Red Cents In Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Will Bruce Jenner get a break any time soon, no. It’s only going to get worse from here. Following the February car crash that resulted in the death of Jenner’s longtime friend Kim Howe, her step-children William and Dana, 57 and 60-years-old filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Well, Jenner responded to that lawsuit, and well, it’s makes sense.

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Wait, WHET?! Eric B & Rakim Accused Of Stealing Music!


Eric B & Rakim accused of stealing music, say it ain’t so. When you hear of Eric B and Rakim, you are really hearing ‘rap gods of this hip-hop s**t’, which is why it’s hard to believe that they have been accused of copyright infringement.

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(Photos) NFL: Jameis Winston Claps Back At His Rape Accuser


After what seems like an endless cycle of tearing someone down, first round draft pick Jameis Winston finally gets back at his accuser. Winston has reportedly filed a counter suit on the grounds of character defamation. Click more to read the full story!

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NBA: Nick Young’s Rape Accuser Demanding $3 Million in Lawsuit, He Refuses to Settle


A woman accused Nick Young of rape back in 2011.  The case was dismissed after cops investigated and decided her story didn’t add up.  Apparently she hasn’t given up because now she’s demanding $3 million in damages to make things right but Young is refusing to budge too.

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Lawsuit Brought Against Miguel Over Billboard Music Awards Performance Fail From 2013

Miguel at the Billboard Music Awards

Almost 2 years ago to the day, Miguel‘s Billboard Music Awards performance ended in infamy when he accidentally drop-kicked an audience member, and the inevitable lawsuit has finally arrived.

Cindy Tsai was allegedly injured in the melee, and in her recently-filed lawsuit, says Miguel landed on her head, causing it to hit the stage hard. She is suing the singer and the MGM Grand Hotel for negligence, and is seeking damages to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

There was another woman who was also injured in the incident and considered suing, but she never did. Wonder if this will inspire her to, however…

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(Video) Parents File Lawsuit To Allow Daughter To Use Medical Marijuana In School

_Parents File Lawsuit To Allow Daughter To Use Medical Marijuana In School

New Jersey parents file a lawsuit to allow their daughter to use medical marijuana in school. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

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Tyga’s In Some Heat With His Landlord After He Skips Court


Tyga hasn’ t had the best year so far. He has been frequently in the spotlight for YMCMB conflicts, relationship drama and lawsuits. Here he is again with some more legal drama.

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Oh Boy! Bruce Jenner Being Sued For Wrongful Death In Car Crash


Back in February, Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of Kim Howe, who was 69-years old at the time. Now, the two step-children of Howe have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the dad-gone-mom.

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UPDATE: (Photos) Woman Sues Black Ink Tattoo After Infection Sends Her To The Hospital!

IFWT_ Blackinkcrew

UPDATE: Black Ink Studios owner and star of the VH1 Show Black Ink Crew, Ceaser and girlfriend Dutchess, went to their Instagrams to vent about the allegations against the shop.

“My business has been in Harlem for 5 years and never had hear anything but good things about my business. And soon we get on TV the bulls*%t starts. False allegations and slander are being put out on the media displayed by people basically looking for a quick money schemes. But nobodies covering or care that the facts are all of the allegations are FALSE..” Ceaser

Caesar’s girlfriend and costar of the VH1 reality show Dutchess, had this to say to a fan:

“How money hungry does it look for her to slander the business and not her hired individual contractor who IS NOT a regular employee and IS NOT a Black Ink Crew cast member?”

Tia Pitts Instagram ||Twitter


Original:A trip to a popular tattoo shop, featured on a VH1 reality show, sent Loni Tate to the hospital with an infection and permanent scars! More details after the jump.

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