Marlon Wayans Says He Calls All His Friends The N-Word, Even White Girls


Marlon Wayans recently filed a legal document in which he defends an Instagram post where he called an extra, Pierre Daniel, from his movie, “Haunted House 2″ the n word and a Cleveland lookalike.

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Cash Money Sued AGAIN For Unpaid Production Royalties?!



A production company by the name of OFM, claiming that they are responsible for 8 tracks on Jay Sean’s 2009 album said it’s time for Cash Money to cough it up! Although Jay Sean is no longer with Cash Money Records as of recently, the label still owes the Orange Factory Music Company for royalty payments for the successful work done on the “All Or Nothing” album. The music company obtained a check for $211,000, but are seaking a whopping $1 million for the back up in royalties!

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Amanda Bynes’ Former Roommate Demands Money From Her For WHAT?!


According to Amanda Bynes’ former roommates, she’s like living with two completely different people. Bynes was staying with three girls in West Hollywood, one being her hair dresser. According to the [crazy] females who willingly let her stay with them, Bynes would lash out randomly and burn cigarette holes in the carpet and walls and splash blue hair dye all over the place… just because. The issue is, the mother of one of the roommates was the one who signed the lease. They’re now trying to sue Amanda and her parents for $1,500 to pay for the damages. However, Mr. and Mrs. Bynes told the woman to kick rocks because they let the former Nickelodeon star stay in the apartment against their will. HMMMM, this could get messy (literally.) Check out some pics of the damage in the gallery. HOTMESS.COM!

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Keyshia Cole Is Being Sued By The Women She Attacked In Birdman’s Apartment!

Keyshia Cole Is Being Sued By The Women She Attacked In Birdman's Apartment!

Keyshia Cole was recently caught in the middle of what appeared to be a love triangle when she walked into Birdman’s apartment back in September only to find another women in the apartment.
Cole went crazy and attacked the woman which resulted in Cole being arrested that night and having a restraining order against her. However that was only the beginning….
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(Photo) Ryan Reynolds And Jeff Bridges Movie R.I.P.D Being Sued!!


R.I.P.D or Rest In Peace Department is being sued by a set worker who said he was worked too hard and “popped” his back. Now he is seeking a lawsuit.

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NFL: SMH, Redskins Suing 5 Native Americans Offended By the Team Name


Apparently Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder doesn’t care about public relations or the outlook of his team as he’s fighting to keep the name and doing whatever possible.  His latest move is a lawsuit against the five Native Americans who complained about the name to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams Lose First Round In ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit!

_Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams

A federal judge ruled a jury will decide a claim by Marvin Gaye’s children that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ hit 2012 song ‘Blurred Lines’ copied elements from Gaye’s ‘Got to Give it Up.’ The superstars lost the first round against Gaye’s family. The judge also decided a trial will be needed to determine if the song was copied. The court date is set for Feb. 10th in Los Angeles. Read more on the story after the jump!

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Chris Brown Got Rid Of Two Major Lawsuits For HOW Much?!


Chris Brown has been a bad, bad boy these last few years. Luckily for him and his income due to his celebrity status, for a measly $120K, Breezy got rid of two big lawsuits. He was able to settle the incident where he allegedly attacked a man in D.C. for $100K. He also was able to steer clean from supposedly beating up Frank Ocean’s posse for only $20K! They were originally suing for $3 mil. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! All I have to say is…. MUST BE NICE.

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It’s Never Over: Nicki Minaj’s Former Wig Maker, Terrence Davidson Wants Money From The Barb!


Terrence Davidson filed a $30 million lawsuit against fashionista, Nicki Minaj. Davidson claims that he and Nicki had a verbal agreement to kickoff a wig line filled with colors, curls and long multiple lengths. He also states that Nick talked him out of a multi-million dollar reality show, so that they could continue their working relationship together. After all of that, Nicki backed out of the deal.

Nick on the other hand said that you can’t put ownership on wigs – calling his claim no bueno. Well, guess what? A judge agreed with the, “Anaconda” diva and threw Davidson’s suit out of the window.

You would think it’s over, right? Wrong. Drop down bottom for the details.

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NBA: Gloria Govan Allegedly Forged Matt Barnes Signature For a $150K Loan!

Matt Barnes Gloria Govan

I assumed the “trust issues” in Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan’s marriage stemmed from cheating but it looks like there may be another issue.  According to a lawsuit, Govan has been accused of forging the NBA star’s signature to take out a $150k loan!

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