A$AP Rocky Dropped From Stage Diving Lawsuit


Last year, a woman by the name of Krystina Clowes filed a $225k lawsuit against A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Young Shabba and Live Nation. Clowes claimed that she’d suffered spinal damage after Shabba jumped into the crowd during the A$AP Mob’s set on ‘Under the Influence’ tour stop she’d attended on August 3, 2013.

Lil Wayne Dismissed From ‘Trukfit’ Lawsuit


Last fall, a woman by the name of Shanise Taylor sued Lil Wayne, his Trukfit clothing line, his record label and photographer Derick G, after her photo was used on shirts from the line. Shanise said she never authorized her image to be used, as the pics are from a random, unrelated photo shoot she did for fun back in 2011. She also didn’t like how they photoshopped the image to make it appear as if she’s not wearing underwear, and the fact that she was “on apparel associated with misogyny and violence.” She demanded damages for “the harm to her reputation, mental anguish, humiliation and the harm it has caused her career.”

Lesbian Couple Receives $80,000 Settlement After Being Jailed For Kissing in Honolulu


A lesbian couple went on vacation in Honolulu, expecting to have a good time and enjoy their getaway. Unbeknownst to them, they were going to be discriminated and even arrested for their sexual orientation.

(Video) Kanye West Is Getting Sued For “New Slaves” Sample!


In the wake of Kanye West’s latest album “The Life Of Pablo“, a producer says he filed the lawsuit because he wasn’t payed enough by the Yeezy’s designer according to reports.

Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard Under Investigation For Allegedly Attacking Another Photog Last Night


Last night, Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard got aggressive with a TMZ photog when he tried to capture a video of her with PartyNextDoor, and that incident was caught on film. Apparently, this paparazzo wasn’t the only one he got rowdy with, as another guy has filed a criminal complaint against her security for an incident earlier in the night. Kylie and PND had hit up the Chinese Theatre in LA for Russell Simmons’ weekly comedy show, and a man by the name of Charles Baker alleges that Kylie’s security punched him in the face when he tried to take a picture of them near the snack bar. He adds that his camera was damaged in the attack, and he has already filed a police report and obtained a lawyer.

Atlanta Producer Sues Iggy Azalea For $1.5 Million

ifwt_Iggy Azalea MAIN

According to Atalanta producer Jon Jon Traxx, he worked with Iggy Azalea pre-fame back in 2009, helping her to craft the sound that eventually got her signed to Def Jam. Traxx says that he also set up shows, got her a stylist and introduced her to influential record biz execs, but that Iggy stopped dealing with him after she signed her deal in 2013. Traxx says they both agreed to terminate their contract that year, but that he was still promised further compensation. Bring in the lawsuit.

Ciara Orders Future Be Questioned Under Oath


Ciara is now ordering that her ex-fiancee Future be questioned under oath in their lawsuit. The singer allegedly signed papers stating that her legal team will ask him questions during court. The hearing is set to take place next week in Georgia.

DJ Kool Herc Sues HBO Over Their Show ‘Vinyl’


Hip-hop legend DJ Kool Herc is suing HBO over their show Vinyl, which is based around the music industry in the 70s. On the show, there is a character named Mr. Campbell (his real last name,) whose nickname is Herc. Clearly, there is no doubt that this is supposed to be the real Herc, and this isn’t sitting right with him. No add insult to injury, HBO reportedly reached out prior to the show’s airing, and offered $10,000 for him to waive his rights and consultation services regarding the show. However, he refused to sign – which means they did not have the rights to this character.

Martin Shkreli Dropped From “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Lawsuit


A couple months ago, a fan sued Martin Shkreli & RZA for artwork on the packaging of “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”, claiming it was his art and they used it without his permission. Mr. Shkreli has now been dropped from the case, according to Billboard. Hit the jump.

Tech: Lawsuit Reveals GTA Online Earned $500 Million In Microtransactions


A lawsuit against Rockstar games has revealed their online service, GTA Online, has generated $500 Million in just microtransactions alone!

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