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(Video) Doctors Cut Off This Guy’s WHAT?!


An Alabama man went into the operating room expecting to lose a tiny bit of his manhood in a routine circumcision but instead came out missing his entire penis! Now ain’t that just a kick in the balls? Find out the whole story after the jump!

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(Photos) Man Sues Oprah & Starbucks For Putting What In His Drink??

This lawsuit is outrageous to say the least! A man is suing Starbucks and Oprah for adding heroin, ambien, and hallucinogenics to his Chai tea. He also claims the Starbucks he brought it from cursed out and screamed at him with racial slurs. Before you start to believe this man check out the twist..! Man!! They get crazier by the second!

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Sports: Couple Blames Their Ruined Sex Life On Los Angeles Kings??


I guess this sounds legit right? A older couple is blaming their lack of sex in the relationship on the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings! Confused? Yes you should be. The couple says things have not been the same since they went to a birthday party for their granddaughter back in January. The party was held at the L.A. Kings Icetown sports center in Riverside, CA where according to reports, a puck came flying at the head of the wife, Trina Adam and knocked her out cold. They claim there has been many after affects from that day that are hurting their relationship. Hit the jump.

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Finally Some Good News: $750k Lawsuit Against Meek Mill Dropped!

Meek Mill

Back in 2012, Meek Mill was arrested in his hometown of Philly for allegedly having weed, and it turned out that he had nothing. Naturally, the outspoken MMG rapper went on to blast the arresting officer on social media, to which the cop (who was later fired from the squad for reasons unrelated to Meek) said it “damaged his reputation and character,” and attempted to sue for $750k, stating it was hard to find work because of Meek “slamming” him in the media. SMH! Luckily the residing judge on the case doesn’t hate Meek as much as the D.A. in his probation case, and shut down the suit. More details below.

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Dentist Tries To Make A Come Up Off Kim Kardashian’s Mouth?!

Kim Kardashian diamond dust spray tan

Kim Kardashian is so famous that even her former dentist is trying to make a come up off of her. Kimmy Cakes visited Dr. Craig Gordon back in 2001 to get some work done on her mouth (no pun intended) and she ended up stiffing him. He ended up filing a lawsuit against the reality TV star, but she was a no show in court. The judge ended up granting Dr. Gordon a default judgement for $1,605.73. The dentist is now selling his judgement for almost 4x it’s actual worth. However, the interest of the judgement skyrocketed to $3,486.85 over the years and Dr. Gordon thinks he can get a total of $13,000 for it. It’s only right to ask Kimmy one question: WHAT THAT MOUF DO?! (LOL!)

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SMH! Lil Wayne Gets Sued For WHAT?!


Looks like the head honcho of the highly successful Young Money Records enterprise is under fire. Lil Wayne is getting sued and could possibly lose the entire YMCMB empire that he built that is comprised of Nicki Minaj, Drake and others. Before there was Young Money, there was a website called youngmoney.com that helped young entrepreneurs manage their finances and bring in more income. The lawsuit states that the website sold it to Lil Wayne’s label back in 2011 for a total of $600K. However, the deal was that if they were late on their payments, the domain name would go right back to the original owner. Wayne hasn’t paid his balance of $250K and the name is about to go RIGHT back to the seller. Yikes!

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Kendrick Lamar Sued For “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” on Section.80 ?

IFWT_Kendrick Lamar All Star

According to the Hollywood Reporter Kendrick Lamar is under fire for his 2011 cut “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain),” off his Section.80 mixtape. Woolfsongs Limited filed a suit in California Federal Court saying that he improperly sampled The Alan Parsons Project’s selection “Old and Wise.” The managers of The Alan Parsons Project, are now seeking funds. Compare and listen to the two songs The Alan Parsons Project’s “Old and Wise” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” after the jump.

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Bride Sues Hotel After A Man Flashes His Nuts To Her Whole Wedding Party!


Newly wed Anna Rogers Murphy is suing the Charleston Doubletree Inn after her March 2013 wedding was ambushed by a genetalia flashing crasher. Well, that’s just rude. No one wants to see your little balls when they’re trying to ring wedding bells. Find out the whole story after the jump!

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RIDICULOUS! Guess Which Popular Girl From Memes Is Suing Instagram For $500M?!


I hate to laugh but, this is absolutely ridiculous. The “confused face girl” from all the memes that INVADED social media is pissed at her new found fame. From celebrities to a billion other online users, everyone has been sharing the pic and it has gained quite some buzz. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the meme that has over 68K likes. However according to the girl whose face is in the picture, she doesn’t even look like that in real life. “My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up.. I look nothing like that in real life… Im really a bad b*tch!” she said according to 101.9 Kiss FM. She’s so upset at how she’s being portrayed that she’s apparently suing Instagram for $500K. Do you think she’ll get far with this lawsuit?

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Colombus Short Beating Victim “Embarrassed” And “Pissed Off” At TMZ For Exposing His Injuries!

Colombus Short

“Scandal” star Colombus Short is being sued after beating the sh*t out of Felton Hyche III a few months ago at an engagement party in California. Not only is Felton Hyche III upset about the whole situation being that Short broke his cheeks and orbital bones, but he’s PISSED at TMZ for putting the picture on blast of his jacked up face after he got popped in the grill. In the lawsuit, he claims Short just straight up sucker punched him and that it wasn’t a fair fight. As the beef was brewing, Hyche apparently told Short, “You might be richer than me but I get my girls to buy me everything I want, including your wife.” YIKES. No wonder he got his a$$ beat (just saying.) Incase you forgot what the nassssttyyyy pic looks like, peep game in the gallery. One word: OUCH! (Thanks TMZ.)

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