It’s Never Over: Nicki Minaj’s Former Wig Maker, Terrence Davidson Wants Money From The Barb!


Terrence Davidson filed a $30 million lawsuit against fashionista, Nicki Minaj. Davidson claims that he and Nicki had a verbal agreement to kickoff a wig line filled with colors, curls and long multiple lengths. He also states that Nick talked him out of a multi-million dollar reality show, so that they could continue their working relationship together. After all of that, Nicki backed out of the deal.

Nick on the other hand said that you can’t put ownership on wigs – calling his claim no bueno. Well, guess what? A judge agreed with the, “Anaconda” diva and threw Davidson’s suit out of the window.

You would think it’s over, right? Wrong. Drop down bottom for the details.

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NBA: Gloria Govan Allegedly Forged Matt Barnes Signature For a $150K Loan!

Matt Barnes Gloria Govan

I assumed the “trust issues” in Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan’s marriage stemmed from cheating but it looks like there may be another issue.  According to a lawsuit, Govan has been accused of forging the NBA star’s signature to take out a $150k loan!

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Legal Issues: Jas Prince Says That Young Money Owes Him MILLIONS Of Drake’s Royalties!


Boy-oh-boy, it wouldn’t be a day in entertainment news without a lawsuit. This go ’round involves Cash Money and producer Jas Prince, former fiancé to Christina Milian.

Lil Wayne’s record label is blasting Christian Milian’s ex-fiance Jas Prince, saying his claim that he is owed $4 million dollars from Drake’s royalties is nonsense and they don’t owe him any money — exclusively reports.

Earlier this year, Jas Prince filed a federal lawsuit against Cash Money Records claiming that they had owed him $4 million from the royalties accumulated thanks to Drake. Well, Cash Money is not having none of that IOU talk – the label says that they don’t owe a thing.

Hit the jump for the details.

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This Can’t Be Good! McDonalds Sued For Manager Attacking Customer

McDonalds Times Square

McDonalds is being sued because a manager at one of their NYC locations beat the crap out of a patron. But the deets seem to be fishy. See more below!

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T-Boz & Chili Getting Pulled Into Pebbles’ $40 Million Dollar Movie Lawsuit


UH-OH! T-Boz and Chili really aren’t trying to get into this with Pebbles, but she is just really relentless with this lawsuit she’s filing over the TLC movie.

So, for the way CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story portrayed Pebbles [their former manager], the group has been slapped with subpeonas in the legal battle against Viacom.

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Uh Oh: Young Jeezy Is Being Sued For WHAT?!


Young Jeezy just can’t catch a break from the world of legal troubles this year. Tha Snowman is currently being sued for allegedly stealing his hit-song “Me Okay” from a Wisconsin rapper named Christopher Syrrakos. He claims Jeezy straight jacked Syrrakos’ “13 Shots” to make his track which appeared on his recently released Seen It All album. There’s two fishy things about the story, however. 1) “13 Shots” was released a total of five years ago and 2) Nobody can seem to find ANY trace of this alleged track or his Big Chris Uncut album anywhere. Are we calling BS on these allegations against Jeezy? I sure hope so.

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DJ Khaled Suing eOne Music Record Label For What?!


The super producer is not too happy with eOne Music, where he says he eleased his first four records from 2006 to 2010. The sum will be a total of a rough $1 million. Billboard says, Khaled filed a lawsuit accusing that their was a “breach of contract, accounting and unjust enrichment” against the eOne Music label. According to Khaled their was “failure to properly account and pay record and mechanical royalties.”

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NFL: Drew Brees Has War Of Words With Former Saints Teammate, Drops Lawsuit Against Him


Drew Brees is giving up today on a lawsuit against one of his former teammates, Kevin Houser. The two were teammates on the Saints before Houser became a licensed security broker and left the team. The two had become friends and Houser convinced Brees to make an investment into a fake company according to Brees.

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Robin Thicke And Pharrell Williams Throw Beethoven Under The Bus As A Defence In Lawsuit Against Blurred Lines!

Robin Thicke And Pharrell

Noone like a snitch you guys…. The lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s song “Blurred Lines” is battling on as they try to prove that they did not steal the music from Marvin’s Gaye. They recruited the aid of a long dead musician to help their case….
More details after the jump!

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WHAT?! You’ll Never Guess Why Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ Is Being Sued For $250 Million!


The super popular children’s movie Frozen takes the crown for being the highest grossing animated film of ALL time. With that being said, it was just a matter of time before someone came along trying to stir up some controversy. Isabella Tanikumi is claiming that Frozen is her life story and that the writers jacked the whole plot from her 2010 autobiography about growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru. She’s suing Disney for allegedly plagiarizing the story and using the characters from her autobiography. But wait, isn’t Frozen about an ice princess and a talking snowman? Yeah, it’s lights out for that one, girlfriend. #HangItUp.

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