(Photos) Sports: Dayton University Goes Crazy With Huge Party That Needs Riot Police After Sweet 16 Win

These kids at Dayton damn sure know how to party. Even the president of the university got in on the action in the middle of the night. After the basketball team beat Stanford last night to win in the sweet 16 and advance to the elite 8 of the NCAA tournament, the campus celebrated like it was project X. The school has not been this far in the tournament in 30 years and they have knocked out some heavyweight schools like Ohio State and Syracuse along the way. Police in riot gear had to take over and start marching down the streets after glass bottles were being thrown and fires were being set. Some students said they were threatened by police with bodily harm if they did not leave the area. Comes with the territory at a college party. Hit the jump for the pics.

(Video) NCAA: Fail!! Jimmy Kimmel Asks March Madness “Fans” To Name A College Basketball Player

Yikes!!  I love sports, but I’ve always been honest about not watching college basketball (or football) — shame on me I know, esp. during March Madness — but this is bad! During a segement on Jimmy Kimmel that’s called, “The Pedestrian Question” he asks “fans”, “Can you name a single college basketball player?” Check out the comedy…

March Madness: Down Goes Syracuse, Dayton Heads to the Sweet Sixteen!

It’s called March Madness for a reason and this year’s shining star so far is the Dayton Flyers.  After defeating No. 6 seed The Ohio State, they went on to beat the No. 3 seed Syracuse Orange 55-53.

March Madness: NCAA Tourney Increases Whorehouse Revenue By At Least 50%!

March Madness is a big boost to the economy especially in Las Vegas from the casinos, game betting and even the brothels.  One brothel’s revenue is currently going through the roof.

(Photo) NCAA: March Madness!!! Woman Delays Emergency Surgery Until End of Memphis Game!

Fan is short for fanatic and this woman totally fits the bill.  An 81-year old woman was in the emergency room after suffering a collapsed lung but she didn’t let that get in the way of watching her favorite team.

(Video) March Madness: Mercer Players Style On Duke With Nae-Nae Dance After Huge Win

Some people might take this as being disrespectful by doing it on the court, but the way the kids from Mercer are feeling today you can’t tell them nothing, nor should you. They just pulled off the biggest win in school history and hit the nae-nae like they were in the club.

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