NBA/NFL: Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki Sends A Message to Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Well isn’t this sweet? lol Dirk Nowitzki sent a message to Tony Romo today after Romo’s epic collapse yesterday. Check what he had to say after the jump…

(Video) Governor Christie’s Message To The People: “Get the hell off the beach!”

As a final warning to the people of New Jersey, Governor Christie sent out a unique but serious message earlier this evening. See what he had to say after the jump! @ItsLukieBaby

Khloe Kardashian’s Message To Her Sister Kim On Her Wedding Day

It’s weird knowing that right about now, Kim Kardashian is walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life, NBA-star Kris Humphries. But before the ceremony commenced, Kim’s sister Khloe sent Kim and Kris a special message for their wedding day. Hit the jump to read what she had to say to the newlyweds! @ItsLukieBaby

Tech Talk App: Facebook Releases It’s Own BBM!!!

If you remember Facebook started it’s own Messaging service, where it combined Email, Text, Chat, and Video kinda all in one, although I tried the text side, and man it was annoying, but Facebook may have fixed the prob, they now had their own Messenger App, completely separate from facebook’s app’s, and it seems to compete with the likes of BBM, or Apple’s new iMessenger, Hit the Jump Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Message: Live Egg Vending Machines Are Wrong!!

The German PETA, NOAH, is trying to spread the Message of the Chicken Work Force, that they are over worked, under paid, and stay in some Tight Spaces, through this TV Ad, Check it out after the Jump. @TatWZA

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