NFL: Chris Johnson Says Things Would Be Different if Mike Vick Started For the Jets From Day One!


Michael Vick isn’t the only one who believes the NY Jets would have a better record he were starting sooner.  His teammate Chris Johnson feels the same way.

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NFL: Mike Vick Believes Jets Would’ve Won More Games If He Was Starting Sooner Over Geno Smith


The New York Jets finally broke their eight-game losing streak on Sunday when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-13.  Mike Vick was the starting quarterback but it took Rex Ryan a long time to make the switch from Geno Smith.  Many speculated that the Jets would’ve won more games if Ryan hadn’t been stubborn and given Vick a chance sooner.  Vick apparently feels the same way.

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(Video) NFL: One Hitter Quitter – Jets’ Fan KOs Bills’ Fan With SINGLE Punch!


Yet another NFL fan brawl, as mayhem broke out in MetLife! A NY Jets’ fan has been arrested and charged with assault for knocking out a Bills’ fan in a nearby seat. The Bills’ fan was left slumped over after the two-second tussle, belly out and everything, after the one smooth punch put him out COLD…Hit the jump to see the MEANN KO!

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NFL: Michael Vick Says Percy Harvin “Won’t Be a Monster” With the Jets

IFWT_Vick x Harvin

Since the shocking trade that sent Percy Harvin from the Seahawks to the Jets, numerous reports have come out about Harvin’s behavior.  From refusing to play in games to fighting his teammates and even giving Golden Tate a black eye.  These stories aren’t new however, when Harvin left the Minnesota Vikings, negative “locker room cancer” stories came from there too.  So now that he’s on the Jets will they have the same problem?  Quarterback Michael Vick weighs in.

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NFL: Michael Vick Explains His Poor Performance Against The Chargers, Says He “Wasn’t Ready”


All season long, Jets fans have been calling out Vick’s name during games and when he finally had the opportunity to play on Sunday…the Jets had a horrible showing once again. In a recent interview, Vick offered his explanation. Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: Michael Vick Speaks On Ray Rice KO Video


Athletes and celebs are still coming out & voicing their opinion on Ray Rice.  We’ve heard from Evelyn Lozada – celebs – players – Chad JohnsonRay Lewis and even President Obama.  Well now Michael Vick is sharing his opinion.  Report after the jump…

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NFL: What Does Michael Vick Call The Best Move He’s Made In His Career?


Vick has been the subject of many controversies throughout his career mixed with being one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league throughout the years. Today Vick, who currently plays for the NY Jets, discussed he’s defining career moment. Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: Michael Vick Says He Never Had a Chance to Compete to Be The Starter, Jets Chose Geno Smith From the Jump

Geno Smith, Michael Vick

While it appeared that Geno Smith and Michael Vick were competing for the New York Jets starting quarterback spot, Vick says it never was a competition at all.

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NFL: Jets QB Michael Vick Offers Advice To Ray Rice After Domestic Violence Incident


Michael Vick is no stranger to intense backlash for incidents, in 2007 he was convicted of felony dog fighting and served 2 years in prison. In light of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, Vick offered some valuable advice on what Rice’s next steps should be. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NFL: Michael Vick Gets Pranked During Radio Show

IFWT_VIck prank

Michael Vick handled the situation pretty well if you ask me. He was the target of a live radio prank where “callers” heckled the him about poodle-fighting and black-on-black QB crime. I didn’t actually think the prank was funny, but apparently some of you do.
Check it out…

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