NFL: Michael Vick vs. Geno Smith — Guess Who Will Wear #7 For The Jets?!

IFWT_Vick Geno  4

Last week after Michael Vick signed with the Jets, many realized that there could be an issue with jersey no. 7.  Geno Smith has been rocking it with the Jets and Michael Vick has always rocked it (from high school to Virginia Tech and on both NFL teams he’s played for).  So who gets to keep the number?!  It’s been worked out.  Check out what happened and who will wear it…

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NFL: Geno Smith Reacts to the Addition of Michael Vick to the NY Jets

Geno Smith, Michael Vick

It isn’t the New York Jets if there isn’t some quarterback drama spewing lately.  Last season rookie quarterback Geno Smith beat out an injured and tanking Mark Sanchez for the starting spot.  Now in his second year the Jets have added veteran QB Michael Vick and once again Smith is in for a battle.  When asked about the acquisition however Smith was elated so if he’s nervous about losing his starting quarterback status, he’s doing a good job of hiding it… so far.

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(Photos) NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus Slams PETA After Their Hateful Tweets


Though many New York Jets fans are very excited about the signing of quarterback Michael Vick, there are others who still have a huge disdain for him.

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(Photos) NFL: ESPN Reporter & Dog Lover Michelle Beadle Drops Jets After Michael Vick Signing

IFWT_Beadle x dog

ESPN reporter and dog lover Michelle Beadle was not happy about the New York Jets signing of quarterback Michael Vick.  Beadle took to her Twitter account announcing that she would have to find a new football team.

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NFL: Jets Inquire About DeSean Jackson Trade, Michael Vick Wants Him in NY Too


The New York Jets made it official yesterday by releasing quarterback Mark Sanchez and signing quarterback Michael Vick.  The Jets still have a need in the wide receiver department and Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is currently in limbo with his team so it would make sense for him to reunite with his QB Vick.  It’s definitely a move the fans would welcome and so would Vick.

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NFL: It’s Official! New York Jets Sign Mike Vick, Release Mark Sanchez


After weeks of speculation the deal is finally done. Michael Vick is finally a member of the New York Jets. The deal is rumored to be a 1 year contract for $5 million. At the same time the Jets released former starting quarterback Mark Sanchez before they had to pay him a roster bonus of $2 million next week. His time may have passed in NY, but I still expect Sanchez to get an opportunity to start somewhere with hopefully better offensive weapons. Signing Vick will now create an open quarterback competition in training camp between himself and Geno Smith. It also reunites Vick with his offensive coordinator from Philly, Marty Mornhinweg, who came to the Jets last season. No word about the whole #7 situation we were told earlier that Vick may make a big deal of. Things certainly just got interesting for gang green.

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NFL: Report, Michael Vick May Sign With Jets Today, But There Is A BIG Issue


From the sounds of reports around the NFL, when Michael Vick visits the New York Jets today he is pretty much expected to sign a deal with the team. There is one thing that might ruin the deal however and it’s all on Vick. We may think it is petty but Vick is adamant about wearing #7. For those that forgot, current Jets starting quarterback and possible future of the team, Geno Smith, already wears that number. If Vick can not get that number it may seriously be a deal breaker. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Michael Vick To Visit With Jets This Weekend — What Do You Think Jets Fans?!


Sanchez is finished in NY?!  I can just hear Flex now.  Lol.  I’m not a Jets fan, but I’d love to see what Michael Vick can do with that team — I’m pretty sure there’s a few of you that won’t agree.  There’s reports that he’s meeting with the Jets this weekend.  We’d love to know what Jets fans think…

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Wants Vikings To Sign Michael Vick

IFWT_Vick Adrian 3

Wouldn’t this be a force in the NFL?!  Adrian Peterson has voiced his opinion that he wants Michael Vick on the Vikings.  I’d love to see what they can do on the same team!
Hit the jump for details…

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NFL: Check Out How Much Money Michael Vick Has Now — 6 Years After Filing For Bankruptcy!


Mike Vick is back!!  I don’t like to count pockets, BUT this is such a great comeback story that I had to share.  Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago (after serving time in prison).  Many didn’t think he’d be able to recover & rebound from that whole mess.  Well financial records for QB have come out & it looks like Vick is doing well for himself.  I know some of you will never forgive him, but I’m happy to see how far he’s come.

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