NFL Report: Mark Sanchez or Michael Vick Could Reunite With Rex Ryan on the Buffalo Bills


Is a reunion in order?  Can coach Rex Ryan put Mark Sanchez’s number back on his arm tattoo?  Well maybe, maybe not.  The Buffalo Bills added Rex Ryan to get things in order but they still have quite a few needs, including the quarterback position.  Enter Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick who are both veteran quarterbacks, free agents and have a history with Ryan.

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(Photos)NFL: Nike Reunites With Mike Vick To Release Kicks From Ten Years Ago!


Mike Vick has really come full circle. Nike dropped him fast back when the dog fighting charges arose and companies, especially Nike rarely, if ever do business with someone again after they dropped them. Vick has obviously done enough in the eyes of the company to restore their commitment to him and to restore himself in the eyes of the public. They plan on re-releasing the Air Zoom Vick 2 which was first released back in 2005.

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NFL: Michael Vick Says Jameis Winston is the Future of the NFL

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has gone through a ton of ups and downs in his college career but he is still projected to be one of the top quarterbacks taken in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Though some teams are weary of picking him because of his off-the-field issues, some think his on-the-field success overshadows that.  Recently an NFL veteran at quarterback, one who is no stranger to off-the-field issues himself, Michael Vick, weighed in with his thoughts on Winston, and he happens to see some big things in this young man’s future.

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NFL: Michael Vick Open to Playing For the Washington Redskins


Michael Vick’s time with the New York Jets is almost up and his job search will begin in just a few short weeks.  Not only does Vick feel he can be the face of a franchise, he has a pretty good idea of where he wants to go.

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(Video) NFL: Michael Vick Nearly Finished Paying $18M Debt


Michael Vick talks about hardship faced after jail and the debt that he is finally almost done paying off. He is only ONE month shy from being paid in full with his $18 million debt…further deets after the jump!

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(Video) NFL: Michael Vick Says He Uses This Quarterback A Lot When He Plays Madden


Michael Vick still loves playing football video games, but not as himself.  Instead he says he prefers to “play with a passer”.  So who’s the best passer?

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(Photo) NFL: Michael Vick’s Brother Uses Emojis To Describe How He’s Been Playing


It’s no secret that Michael Vick’s been struggling during his time with the Jets. Marcus Vick was asked his thoughts on how his brother’s been playing and Michael responded by using emojis. Hit the jump for details.

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NFL: Chris Johnson Says Things Would Be Different if Mike Vick Started For the Jets From Day One!


Michael Vick isn’t the only one who believes the NY Jets would have a better record he were starting sooner.  His teammate Chris Johnson feels the same way.

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NFL: Mike Vick Believes Jets Would’ve Won More Games If He Was Starting Sooner Over Geno Smith


The New York Jets finally broke their eight-game losing streak on Sunday when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-13.  Mike Vick was the starting quarterback but it took Rex Ryan a long time to make the switch from Geno Smith.  Many speculated that the Jets would’ve won more games if Ryan hadn’t been stubborn and given Vick a chance sooner.  Vick apparently feels the same way.

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(Video) NFL: One Hitter Quitter – Jets’ Fan KOs Bills’ Fan With SINGLE Punch!


Yet another NFL fan brawl, as mayhem broke out in MetLife! A NY Jets’ fan has been arrested and charged with assault for knocking out a Bills’ fan in a nearby seat. The Bills’ fan was left slumped over after the two-second tussle, belly out and everything, after the one smooth punch put him out COLD…Hit the jump to see the MEANN KO!

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