(Video) NFL: Superbowl MVP Tom Brady Inspires Mike Vick Comeback?

Photo Credit Wait a minute, didn’t Michael Vick just say that he was hanging up his cleats a minute ago? Well, post-Superbowl 51, he’s got new plans.

NFL: Michael Vick Announces He Is Officially Retiring From The NFL

image via: youtube What was already pretty much assumed is now official. Michael Vick has retired from the NFL, telling ESPN’s Josina Anderson the time has come. Many folks were surprised when this entire season came and went without a team showing interest in Vick, despite some of the lackluster quarterback play we saw around the league.

NFL: Michael Vick Is Looking For A Job Still Claims He Can Out Run Cam Newton

Michael Vick needs a job yall. Cause at 36, he’s only got about a hard 2 years left. But can he still do it with the best of them? He says yes.

NFL: Mike Vick Urges Fans to Sign Petition to Allow Officers to Rescue Dogs in Hot Cars

Michael Vick was released from a federal prison in 2009 after serving 21 months for his role in operating a dogfighting ring.  Animal lovers still won’t let Vick live it down and even protested him becoming a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers this year.  Vick has apologized numerous times and joined animal rights causes trying to make amends for his past mistakes.  This appears to be another attempt.

NFL: NFL Completes Investigation After Accusing Roethlisberger Of Using A Cellphone On The Sidelines

Ben Roethlisberger is not someone that fans hear about too often. He is generally very low-key and some might even call him “under the radar.” Well, not this week. The NFL did an investigation on Roethlisberger following accusations of him using his cell phone during Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.

NFL: Snoop Dogg on Michael Vick: ‘He did his time. What y’all gonna do hold it over his head forever?’

Michael Vick did his time in jail, apologized numerous times, and has done work to improve animal rights.  Still people won’t let up and continue to attack him about the dogfighting.  Well his good friend Snoop Dogg says enough is enough.

NFL: Animal Advocates Planning to Hold a Candlelight Vigil For the Victims of Michael Vick

Now that Michael Vick is a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, a group of animal advocates are planning to hold a candlelight vigil “for the victims of Michael Vick” on Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

(Photo) NFL: Mike Vick Sends Inspirational But Unintentionally Hilarious Tweet to Geno Smith

Michael Vick and Geno Smith were once teammates on the New York Jets.  Though Vick was brought in as more like a mentor to the young Smith, the two were vying for the same starting quarterback position.  Vick has since departed but still tried to send out some advice to young Geno after he got his jaw broken in a locker room fight today.

NFL: Michael Vick Gives Advice to LeSean McCoy on Situation With Chip Kelly

One of the biggest stories during the NFL offseason this year are the issues between LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly.  It all began when McCoy was surprisingly traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills.  McCoy hinted at racism and accused Kelly of getting rid of all the good black players.  Kelly denied the allegation and tried to call McCoy but LeSean hasn’t answered or returned his calls.  Former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick gives advice to McCoy.

NFL Report: Mark Sanchez or Michael Vick Could Reunite With Rex Ryan on the Buffalo Bills

Is a reunion in order?  Can coach Rex Ryan put Mark Sanchez’s number back on his arm tattoo?  Well maybe, maybe not.  The Buffalo Bills added Rex Ryan to get things in order but they still have quite a few needs, including the quarterback position.  Enter Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick who are both veteran quarterbacks, free agents and have a history with Ryan.

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