(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Shows Off $1 Million in Cash!


Floyd “Money” Mayweather is always showing off his money and everything that it buys him, jewelry, cars, and women.  After throwing out $100 bills on stage with Lil Kim at the Bad Boy Reunion tour, the former boxing champion posted a video on his Instagram account with stacks and stacks of money laid out.  He also used the video to promo one of his girlfriend’s websites, Bad Medina.

Kylie Jenner To Be Grilled About Tyga’s Money

ifwt_Kylie Jenner x Tyga MAIN

Looks like someone is really pushing Tyga to cough up the money he owes them…one person out of how many now?

(Videos) Lol: Everyone Needs Someone That Love Them The Way Blac Youngsta Loves Money


Depending on your Instagram taste, Mephis Rapper Blac Youngsta is either the funniest, most ignorant, or most inspiring person on ya TL. Your opinions more than likely come from the way he shows his love for his money. To me its hilarious and inspiring, inspiring cause this young man came from nothing and hilarious because well if you watch the videos you know why lmao. These videos are comedic classics and today hes dropped another one of his many love for money gems. Check out the new video and a couple of past favorites after the jump.

(Video) SMH: Man Flashes Money While In Jail


Uhhhh.. yeah! A little lost. In a video we see a man flashing money inside of jail. I guess the first question is who is recording and how?

(Video) Uber Driver Returns $3,000 To A Passenger Who Left It Behind


There are definitly some good people in this world. A Chicago Uber by the name of Jose Figueroa went to O-Hare International Airport to pick up a man who emigrated from Ukraine. Figueroa noticed that one of his passengers had left his wallet behind. Not only did he leave the wallet but also $3000 inside of it. The driver did the right thing and returned the wallet to the owner.

Find Out How Much Beyoncé Made Back In Destiny’s Child Days!

IFWT_Destinys Child-Youtube

Beyoncé is worth approximately $450 million these days, but the former Destiny’s Child singer certainly came from meager beginnings in comparison to that figure! The Jasmine Brand has uncovered the original recording contracts the DC ladies had back in 1998, which reveal they were only paid $85,000 to record their first album. And by the way, this is $85k total for all four women to split, as well as to use to record the project. It also stated the album would not be released anywhere else but the United States if it did not chart on the Billboard 200 for 5 consecutive weeks. Well damn!

Sheesh: Big Money Seized From Weed Dealers Home

The Miami-Dade police have just seized $24 million from the home of a suspected weed dealer. This is known to be the biggest single cash seizure in the history of Miami. Sheesh!

(Video) Waka Flocka Explains Why He Doesn’t Hang Out With Other Rappers

I haven’t really noticed this till now. Waka Flocka truly doesnt hang with many rappers. In a recent video, Waka gives us an explanation as to why. Waka says he is a boss and the only thing he is worried about is his money.

(Video) Boosie Flexing On Instagram For Father’s Day!

Boosie is always doing it big with his jewelry and clothes, and even recently beating cancer! This father has a reason to flex on the gram. Hit the jump to watch!

(Photo) STILL Haven’t Seen ‘Hamilton’? There’s Still Hope!

Alexander Hamilton is the face of the ten-dollar bill but if you want to catch one of the great successes in recent theatrical history you will be dishing out way more then that. Although the show has only been out for ten months and counting, tickets are almost impossible to come by.

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