(Video) Money And Violence Season 2 Trailer Is Here !


Season 2 of “Money and Violence” is almost here! The series has recently been picked up by Tidal. If you’ve missed out on Season 1, you may wanna catch up because Season 2 is coming out on February 9 and it looks pretty damn good.

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A Few Smart Guys Are Making BANK Off Of Kanye & Wiz’s Beef!


The Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa beef is proving very profitable – for people who actually have nothing to do with the situation. A t-shirt company by the name of We Own Your Kids (I’m thinking they JUST started this company) has put all of the now-infamous tweets on shirts, specifically the new phrases above. 24 hours later, 80% of the first batch of 500 were sold.

The shirts are selling for $25 each, so these guys are already in $10k. Talk about quick thinking!

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Find Out How Much 17-Year-Old Silento Earned For His Hit, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae-Nae)”


At just 17-years-old, rapper/singer Silento earned a solid $100,000 with his first-ever single, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” Not too shabby!

According to reports, the earnings come from over 500 million views on YouTube of the video, sales of the one-time number one single, and his contract with Capitol Records Silento is projected to earn $50,000 for his debut project and up to $500,000 for each additional LP.

What do you think of the numbers?

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(Video) Grab Your Wallets! Fetty Wap Makes It Rain In The Mall


The holidays may have just gotten a little easier for some. Shoppers at Garden State Plaza Mall got lucky when NJ native Fetty Wap showed up and showed out. The “Trap Queen” rapper is seen on video walking through the upper level of the mall making it rain over the balcony.

See the video after the jump!

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Trey Songz Handled That $750k Tax Lien No Problem!

Trey Songz

Last month, it was reported that singer Trey Songz owed a whopping $750k tax lien – and though it’s nowhere near as bad as some of his other fellow celebs have let their tax debt get in the past, it’s still a pretty big chunk of change!

Apparently it was nothing to Trigga, though – and in under 3 weeks, he paid off the entire $748,870.08 for his 2013 income. Yuuuup!

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Lol: Man Asks Woman For Coffee Money Back After He Get’s Rejected


Say hello to Lauren Crouch- the woman who rejected her Tinder date a second try at sealing the deal for the night and than got asked for a refund for the date. Read the hilarious anecdote after the jump.

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(Photos + Video) Fast Food Workers Demand More Money NOW!


In recent news fast food workers are still demanding that their pay be raised to $15 an hour. The fight for a wage increase for fast food workers continued on Tuesday morning November 10th; workers across the nation walked away from drive-thru lines and took to the streets in protest. In metro Detroit, several gathered in front of Southfield City Hall in hopes of getting officials to listen up during this election season.

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Amber Rose Criticized For Encouraging Woman To Seduce Men For Money


During a recent interview on her ‘How To Be A Bad Bitch’ book tour, Amber Rose stirred up some controversy after making a comment regarding women using the art of seduction to get what they want. During her interview with Time, the 32 year-old, told the mag that women should get get money “by any means necessary,” and then went on to offer tips on how to do so.

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New Love & Hip-Hop Star’s Former Manager Is Trying To Come For HALF Of Her TV Check!

Young B now

Young B – who you may remember from the 2006 hit song “Chicken Noodle Soup” – is one of many new faces we will be seeing on season 6 of Love & Hip-Hop: New York . Unfortunately, this break in her career doesn’t come without conflict, and she’s currently battling it out in court with her former manager – as he’s trying to come for HALF of her reality earnings! Crazy!

TMZ reports that Young B is currently suing a man named Arthur Smith, who she says she hasn’t heard from in 5 years. Yet now that he heard she’s on the popular show, he’s popped up out of nowhere, and is threatening to sue VH1 if he doesn’t receive 50% of her “participation fee.”

According to B, she signed with Smith in 2006 at the age of 16 and at the height of “Chicken Noodle Soup” popularity. In her lawsuit, she says that contract is void because Smith stopped meeting his management obligations long ago and his label went under. (I’m no lawyer – but I also heard that when you sign something as a minor, it can’t hold up as an adult…right?) She is asking a judge to toss out Smith’s claims.

Love & Hip-Hop: New York begins airing on December 4.

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Sean Kingston’s Playing In A Different Court Now

Sean Kingston

Sometimes things can get a little heated when you’re playing basketball and you may feel like swinging but violence is NEVER the answer, especially when you’re a celebrity. The person is suing from an incident that happened on the court two years; Sean Kingston and his bodyguard are being sued by the guy, who says he was allegedly sucker punched during a pickup basketball at a gym.

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