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SMH! The Kardashians Think WHO Is Stealing Money & Jewelry From Them?!


The Kardashian clan is refusing to film season 10 of their E! reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians until the culprit who is stealing thousands of dollars and jewelry from them is caught. The family thinks it’s someone who works for the TV show because every time filming is going down in their homes, things start to magically disappear. Thus far, $4,000 was taken from Kourtney’s Hampton’s rental home, $50,000 stolen from Kourt’s Calabasas house and $250,000 in jewelry has been taken from Khloe’s home. They all appear to be inside jobs because there has been no sign of forced entry. Before filming begins in October (hopefully), the girls are making the whole entire crew take lie detector tests. If the thief is not caught by then, there will be no more KUWTK. Yikes!

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Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Stole $20,000 From Her & She Still Hasn’t Seen Her Baby!?

_Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd claims that her estranged husband took $20,000 from her bank account and she still hasn’t seen her child. Read more on the story below!

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SMH: Misstress Of Music Mogul Sues For LIFETIME Support!


These H*es ain’t loyal! The Misstress of famous music mogul Ted Cohen, whom is famous for working with everyone from Prince to Van Halen, is suing the mogul not just for a little bit of money. Deborah Sass is suing for LIFETIME support. So if he dies first, do she still get money? Hit the jump for more details!

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(Video) Dame Dash Talks How He Made Street Money As A Kid!!


Dame Dash isn’t new to this! He told VladTV about being an entrepreneur since he was a young kid. He claimed that even tho he’s not proud of selling crack during that time, it prepared him with a mindset to strive for better. After seeing a kid get killed in the street, which was played out in the movie “Paid in Full”, he just wanted out of that life and soon he started going to industry parties with his cousin. That helped to motivate Dame to utilize his hustling skills because he felt like in that room full of people, none of them were real hustlers.
Watch the video clip after the jump…

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(Photos) Money Team: French Montana Hits Up France & Balls Out Like A King!

French Montana

Coke Boys head honcho French Montana took his talents over to Cannes, France recently. The rapper balled out and flexed for the ‘Gram throughout the entire trip. He posted pictures feasting on huge lobsters, lounging by beautiful beaches and rocking Versace shades that look like they’re worth more than my life (LOL but seriously though.) To top it off, the Bronx native posed next to a Ferrari LaFerrari which is worth $1.4 MILLION dollars. Damn! Check out the flashy flicks of Frenchie over in the gallery. HANNNNNN!

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(Caught On Tape) Philadelphia Robbery In Broad Daylight!!


While a man was waiting outside with a bag of money, he was being watched by two. One man walked past the man while on the phone. Once he passed the man with the money, another followed up. The man with the phone turns back and then both pull out. Once the man with the money sees their guns, he immediately tosses the bag. See what happens next after the jump.

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NBA: Carmelo Says He Doesn’t Care About Money & How He Almost Went To Chicago


Carmelo wants people to know he doesn’t care about money at this point, despite staying with a bad Knicks team for much more money. While speaking with reporters, he also let it be known how close he was to really signing with the Bulls and leaving NYC in his rear view. In the end it was his belief in the team and faith in Phil Jackson and what he can do that brought him back. Hit the jump.

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First New Yorker To Win $1,000 Per Day Happens To Be WHAT?!?


New York’s Cash4Life gave a huge payout to Edna Aguayo of Ozone Park, Queens, making her the first New Yorker to win $1,000 per day for life. What’s even crazier is that Aguayo told reporters that a psychic predicted the entire thing. More info after the jump.

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(Photos) Damn, Cops Impounded Blac Chyna’s Car For What!?

Blac Chyna's car impounded

This past weekend, Blac Chyna made an announcement on Instagram, apologizing to fans for the delay in the opening of her Lashed Bar business because she was putting all of her own money into it. This led to fans ripping her for being “broke” and saying that Tyga doesn’t handle his business, to which Chyna replied with a series of posts telling followers that she’s been “humble” but that she could stunt if she wants to. Those posts have since been deleted, but it looks like there’s yet another reason for people to poke fun now.

Yesterday afternoon in Malibu, Chy got their Rolls Royce Phantom impounded…but at least it’s not for money reasons! Police report that the car was pulled over after cops got complaints it was being driven erratically, and when they ran the plates, found she was driving without a license and quickly took it away. She might want to go get that fixed, huh?

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NFL: Colin Kaepernick’s New “Controversial” Tattoo Took How Long To Complete & May of Cost How Much?!


Yesterday we shared a picture with you of Colin Kaepernick’s new tattoo (see here if you missed it).  There was controversy surrounding the tattoo because Kap recently signed a $126 million contract … and his new ink stands for “money is the root of all evil”  — and fans had a lot to say about that.
Anyways, now we’re learning a little more of the “behind the scenes” info.  Check out how long it took to complete that new tat & some other interesting facts…

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