(Photos) NFL: Odell Beckham JR Wants More Money!

IFWT_Odell Beckham Jr OBJ

There is an art to using your platform to get what you want these days and it looks like Odell Beckham Jr knows that. In a recent interview, ODB calls for NFL players to make more money. Click more to read the full story!

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Forbes Names The Top 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists Of 2015


It’s that time of year again when Forbes reveals the top power-players in hip-hop, and it should come as no surprise that it’s the same 5 people it usually is. A slight shift here and there in the order, but the message remains the same: these guys are really, really ridiculously rich. Find out who made the cut below!

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(Photos) NFL: Is Money Manziel The Guy In Cleveland Now?


Money Manziel, the guy that many loved to hate during his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns, seems to truly be future of the organization. With the NFL Draft coming to a close, The Cleveland Browns had ample opportunities to draft a rookie quarter back but they decided not to. What does the really mean for Manziel? Click more to read the story!

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(Photos) Uh-Oh! Chief Keef Is Being Sued By Promoter For $23,000


It seems like a few artists have been in hot water with court cases in the past couple of months. Next up to have a lawsuit against them, Chief Keef. The CEO of The FN Media Group, Joey Capers has filed a default judgment of $23,500 against Keith Cozart who goes by the name Chief Keef and his manager Idris “Peeda Pan” Abdul Wahid. He also filed against Keef’s label Glory Boyz Entertainment, Global Touring and his former management team Uncle Ro MGMT. The rapper is getting sued because he was scheduled to perform a show in Philly back in December of 2012. Capers is claiming that Keef skipping out on the show caused his business to be “destroyed.”

Check out some of the documents in the gallery!

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(Photos) Former NY Mayor to Buy NYTimes ?


Reports surfaced back in January of this year, and now there’s a possibility a former NY Mayor wants buy the NYTimes.

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No Rules?! Facebook Ranked #1 Company To Work For In America


Business Insider revealed its 2015 list of best places to work in the US. Surprisingly, Google was beat out by Facebook for the number one spot. Facebook, being the largest social network, with over a billion registered users and 10,000 employes, has totally changed the way we socialize and get our news. As we uncover technological advances, we continue to see Facebook innovate to offer services complimenting these advances. It’s no secret that Facebook has had a huge impact on society, and TatWza predicts it will continue to have an impact; but let’s take a look at what the growing company offers it’s employees.

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(Photo) Strippers Vs Bartenders


Who do you think makes more money , Strippers vs Bartender? In this generation not far from different of any other, strip clubs are at an all time high. From East to West Coast from the richest of men, to the top celebrities and artist they all have the same thing in common. All of their money goes to strip clubs. These days the bartenders are giving these dancers a run for their money, literally

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(Photos+Video) ComCast Abandons $45 Billion Merger With Time Warner!


Thats a hell of a deal to back out on. According to a Bloomberg Report ComCast the largest cable provider in North America is abandoning its $45 Billion bid to merge with Time Warner Cable. Sources are reporting that on Friday Comcast will make an announcement in a shocking change of events. The deal had been waiting federal approval for a year because of the sheer size of this merger. If successful the new company would have control over 57% of all United States homes that have standard broadband connection. Check out why the deal fell through after the jump

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A Desperate Scott Disick Allegedly Taking Every Job Offered To Him Including WHAT?!


We all know (or think we know) “Lord” Scott Disick is doing fine financially, but we’ve never been sure what he exactly does for a living. However, according to an inside source from RadarOnline, Scott has been so desperate for money recently that he is taking every odd job coming his way. After recently being paid to enter rehab, Scott has allegedly been reaching out to every business owner her knows to see if he can make an extra buck somehow, including getting paid to tweet and Instagram photos.

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NFL: Former NFL Player Shares Story Of His Mom Demanding $1 Million For Raising Him When He Got Drafted


The NFL Draft is now just a few weeks away, which means that a whole new crop of former college football stars is about to get paid! But while we as fans only think about the cool side of being a pro athlete — the cars, vacations and women — there is a very real, and much darker, side. It’s one filled with everyone from friends, family members and agents trying to get a piece of these young athletes coming into new money. It’s something that most of us could never imagine, but it’s also something Phillip Buchanon experienced first-hand.

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