(Video) Rick Ross Battles It Out With Forbes On How Much He REALLY Makes


Rick Ross the boss has never bit his tongue in regards to his feelings towards Forbes. Every year they release a list giving a better insight into the financial status of the top dawgs in the Hip-Hop game. However, Rozay claims he makes way more than they reported. If you heard the MMG rapper’s intro to his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, you know how he REALLY feels about the extremely popular yet controversial list. (Hint: it’s not very nice.) Ross and Forbes finally had a sit-down and battled it out one-on-one to determine whose numbers are more accurate. Check it out below!

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Damn Girl – Iggy Azalea Offered Six Figures For An Alleged Sex Tape?!


This is one celebrity sex tape I sure would watch! Seriously, have you seen Iggy Azalea’s a**?! Any who, I’m not the only one. Vivid Entertainment co-founder, Steven Hirsch is looking to drop some major doe in Iggy’s wallet if she allows his company to release a sex tape that she allegedly appears in…will she do it?

Drop down bottom for more details.

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NBA: 30 Years Later, Charles Barkley Admits To Doing What In College?


I still get upset when current & retired pro athletes admit years after the fact to cheating in college or taking some kind of money while they were there. I don’t mind the fact they did it personally, but I do mind the fact that their admissions cause no repercussions for themselves, but cause big issues for current and soon to be athletes at those schools. Charles Barkley admitted in an upcoming interview that he took money from agents multiple times while he was at Auburn, as much as $20,000 in one shot. If someone had known this at the time Barkley would of had alot of problems, but he was able to hide it. I do like the spin Barkley is trying to put on it with his comments though. Hit the jump.

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Boxing: Here’s What Floyd Mayweather Wants 50 Cent To Do With $750K Challenge Money


Floyd Mayweather didn’t take up 50 Cent on his $750k challenge — but Floyd still wants Fif to do something special with that money he offered to donate.  Check it out & let us know what you think about it…

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(VIDEO) Boxing: Money!! Lol, Floyd Mayweather Does Yoga Just How You’d Expect Him To


On the latest episode of Showtime’s ”All Access,” Floyd Mayweather is living up to his name by doing yoga just the way you might think he would  … surrounded by money … hundreds to be more specific.  This guy just doesn’t stop flaunting, lol.
Check it out…

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(Videos) Boxing: Sheeeesh Floyd Reminds Everyone Why His Nickname is “Money” Mayweather


50 Cent may have embarrassed Floyd Mayweather by trying to point out his reading issues but Floyd simply reminded everyone that he’s filthy rich.

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SMH! The Kardashians Think WHO Is Stealing Money & Jewelry From Them?!


The Kardashian clan is refusing to film season 10 of their E! reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians until the culprit who is stealing thousands of dollars and jewelry from them is caught. The family thinks it’s someone who works for the TV show because every time filming is going down in their homes, things start to magically disappear. Thus far, $4,000 was taken from Kourtney’s Hampton’s rental home, $50,000 stolen from Kourt’s Calabasas house and $250,000 in jewelry has been taken from Khloe’s home. They all appear to be inside jobs because there has been no sign of forced entry. Before filming begins in October (hopefully), the girls are making the whole entire crew take lie detector tests. If the thief is not caught by then, there will be no more KUWTK. Yikes!

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Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Stole $20,000 From Her & She Still Hasn’t Seen Her Baby!?

_Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd claims that her estranged husband took $20,000 from her bank account and she still hasn’t seen her child. Read more on the story below!

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SMH: Misstress Of Music Mogul Sues For LIFETIME Support!


These H*es ain’t loyal! The Misstress of famous music mogul Ted Cohen, whom is famous for working with everyone from Prince to Van Halen, is suing the mogul not just for a little bit of money. Deborah Sass is suing for LIFETIME support. So if he dies first, do she still get money? Hit the jump for more details!

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(Video) Dame Dash Talks How He Made Street Money As A Kid!!


Dame Dash isn’t new to this! He told VladTV about being an entrepreneur since he was a young kid. He claimed that even tho he’s not proud of selling crack during that time, it prepared him with a mindset to strive for better. After seeing a kid get killed in the street, which was played out in the movie “Paid in Full”, he just wanted out of that life and soon he started going to industry parties with his cousin. That helped to motivate Dame to utilize his hustling skills because he felt like in that room full of people, none of them were real hustlers.
Watch the video clip after the jump…

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