(Video) Wow…Man Murders His Brother Over A Cheeseburger

Crazy what some people get their boiling points too! This man murdered his brother over a cheeseburger stemming from an argument about “responsibilities”. Talk about a sibling rivalry…man rest in peace.

NFL: Von Miller Named as Potential Witness in Murder Trial

It just doesn’t stop when it comes to Von Miller.  First the suspensions, then the arrest and now this.  The LB has been named as potential witness to 2012 murders.  Report after the jump…

Fitted Of The Day: 7Union L.A. Murders Fitted Baseball Cap

The fitted of the day goes too the 7Union L.A. Murders Fitted Baseball Cap. the cap has perfect quality featuring dope designs. With this feature of the hat they switched it up with the Los Angeles Dodgers logo, with Red lines and a baseball rising up and instead of the Dodgers name embroidered, the cap holds the word ‘Murders’ in all White – all of this over the cap’s all black base. This explains the title for the cap. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the cap.

WTF?? Chicago Grandmother Charged With Murder Following The Death Of Her 8-Year-Old Granddaughter!!!

51-year-old Helen M. Ford, of Chicago, has been arrested for the not only tragic, but disgustingly graphic, death of her own granddaughter. It’s extremely unimaginable. Hit the jump for the grim details.

(Photos) WTF!?! Chicago Rakes in 200th Homicide During Holiday Weekend!!

The paper reads “Murder. Black-on-Black murder.” Chi-Raq has reached a pretty depressing milestone this past weekend. As of July 6, 2013, The Windy City has surpassed 200 murders … and it’s only July! It seems that the bulk of the murders are gang-related, but since the Fourth of July the shooting victims’ ages range from 5 to 48-years-old.

(Highly Graphic Video) Russian Murders Caught On Camera

Real graphic! Avoid Russia by any means necessary. The murderer films the mutilation of an already dead body in a dingy dirty field. Drop down bottom and check out the video. Be aware. 18+.

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