NBA: Carmelo Anthony’s Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Says Melo is ‘Unlikely to Win an NBA Title’

Carmelo Anthony made Olympic history when he won his record third gold medal in his record fourth Olympics for U.S men’s basketball.  Unfortunately, his Olympic success has shone a light on his NBA failure, and Anthony’s college coach offered a bleak prediction for the remainder of the veteran’s NBA career.

NBA: DeAndre Jordan Says Winning an Olympic Gold Medal is Above an NBA Championship

Both Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving received flack for saying an NBA championship and Olympic gold medal are pretty much the same.  Anthony caught more flack since he’s never won an NBA title before.  Fellow Team USA teammate DeAndre Jordan went even further and said an Olympic gold medal is better than an NBA championship.

(Video) Olympics: Draymond Green Is Having Kyrie Irving Flashbacks!

Draymond Green took to Snapchat to express his three-point anguish against Kyrie Irving. Take a look.

NBA: Kyrie Irving Backs Opinion With Melo That NBA Title & Olympic Gold Medal Are the Same

Recently Kyrie Irving said that an NBA championship and an Olympic gold medal were pretty much the same thing.  His Team USA teammate Carmelo Anthony agreed with that opinion.  Their comments however caught some serious backlash; some people criticized Anthony since he’s never won an NBA title and some Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans took Irving’s comments as slight to the championship they waited decades for.  Well Irving took to Snapchat and stuck with his opinion, reiterating that it’s HIS opinion and why he feels that way.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says an NBA Championship & Olympic Gold Medal are Pretty Much the Same

Carmelo Anthony has become the elder statesman and leader of the Team USA’s mens basketball team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Anthony is the only player in U.S men’s basketball history to compete in four Olympics.  He just passed Michael Jordan to become the United States’ third all-time leading scorer in the Olympics, behind David Robinson and LeBron James.  Anthony has six All-NBA selections, nine All-Star Game appearances, and a scoring title to add to his three Olympic gold medals but there’s one thing noticeably missing from his Hall of Fame resume, an NBA championship.  It’s obvious the Knicks aren’t heading for one in the near future but Anthony is not only optimistic, he’s at peace.

NBA: Kyrie Wants To Really Clear The Air About White Girl Yacht Party

We know that Kyrie Irving and friends won the NBA Championship this year. We know that it’s been a non-stop party for most. We also know that Kyrie recently had a lil shindig on a yacht. We also saw the video from that party that had mostly, if not all white girls getting jiggy with it. Black girls was maaaad. Kyrie has a lil somethin’ to say to us yall.

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