(Video) NBA: Brooklyn Nets Player’s Home Burglarized, He Responds

Andrei Kirilenko

Andre Kirilenko’s home was broken into and many of his personal items were stolen. When reporters caught up to him at a charity event in NYC, he spoke about the incident. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Paul Pierce Competing in the World Series of Poker; Check Out His Buy-In & What He’s Up To So Far

IFWT_PP poker 1

What free agency?!  Paul Pierce has other things to worry about — he played last year and he’s back again competing in the World Series of Poker.
Check out how he’s doing so far…

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NBA: Is He Hiding Something?! Kevin Garnett Sued


It’s always something.  Kevin Garnett is being sued and his neighbor is alleging that illegal activity.  Hit the jump for details…

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Lotion-Bombing — New Trend For NBA Stars While Teammates Sleep?!

Aaron Brooks, Marquis Teague

Pause mannnnn!!  These pictures look a little crazy!  It used to be a simple “Got’em,” but now it may be going a step further.  Two NBA players are forcing each other to sleep with one eye open … because they keep lotion-bombing each other.  What is lotion-bombing you ask?!  Check it out…

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NBA: Nets Agree To Trade Jason Kidd’s Coaching Rights To The Bucks


We heard about this yesterday and it looks like it’s official today.  Jason Kidd wanted more power with the Nets and after his failed attempt, he’s now headed to the Bucks.  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Happy Birthday To @DeronWilliams !


Happy 30th Birthday to Deron Williams! Wishing you many more!

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(PHOTO) NBA: Andray Blatche Has A Hookah Shaped Like An AK-47


Well this is different.  I know some fans are going to complain that he shouldn’t even have a hookah & others will say it promotes violence, but reality is Nets baller Andray Blatche can do & have whatever he wants (for the most part).  He took to Instagram to show off a hookah he got that’s shaped like an AK-47.  It’s actually kinda dope — and I don’t smoke or own guns. Lol.
Check it out…

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NBA: Check Out Which NY Star The Lakers Are Reportedly Going To Target


We know that Kevin Love wants to head to the Lakers or Knicks, but who are the Lakers looking to target?!  Well they reportedly want someone that wants out of their current situation in NY.  You know who it is right?!  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Deron Williams Wants Out Of Brooklyn, Nets Want Him Gone Also?


Are the Brooklyn Nets gonna fall apart after just one season? And by one season I mean they made all those moves last summer to put together a championship caliber team and it failed after losing to the Miami Heat in the second round of the playoffs. It is likely the Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce won’t be back, let alone playing anywhere. Now there are reports that Deron Williams and the team also want a break up. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Is Paul Pierce Done?! He Reveals How Much Longer He Has Left In The League


Last night the Brooklyn Nets lost to Miami Heat and that sent them packing for the season.  So what does the future hold for Paul Pierce?!  Is he planning on retiring?!  Not just yet!  Hit the jump to see what he had to say…

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