Deron Williams just convinced the Nets to buy him out of his remaining contract with the team for about $25-30 million dollars. He will now sign with his hometown Dallas Mavericks for two years/$10 million dollars. He is getting out of NY with a lot of money for not doing much but according to reports, part of the reason he wants to go is because of a long standing feud with head coach, Lionel Hollins.


Williams reportedly got into a physical confrontation with Hollins during the all-star break that lead to teammates physically having to stop Williams from continuing to go after the coach.

They were supposed to meet to talk about their differences, but instead things got worse and remained that way all season. Moving Williams out of Brooklyn is best for everyone involved because he certainly didn’t earn his contract with the Nets. Plus they still get to save roughly $10-15 million dollars from what they would have paid him had he played out his entire contract.

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