NBA: Andrea Bargnani Suffers Another Injury During Practice & Is Out Indefinitely Again


The Knicks won’t be getting Andrea Bargnani back as soon as they thought. The Italian big man seemed to be on track to make his season debut last night against the Philadelphia 76ers after suffering a hamstring injury before the season, but now he has strained a calf muscle, pushing his return back indefinitely.

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(Video) NBA: Hmmm Did Phil Jackson Throw Shots at the Lakers?


TMZ Sports caught up with former Lakers coach and current Knicks president, Phil Jackson.  They tried their hardest to get Jackson to say something bad about the Lakers but the Zen Master had all the right answers.  Still they managed to twist what he said into a Lakers diss anyways.  What do you think about his comments?

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(Video) NBA: Iman Shumpert Drives Past Giannis Antetokounmpo & Hits Him With a Reverse Dunk!

IFWT_Iman Shumpert

The Knicks lost another game falling 117-113 to the Milwaukee Bucks.  There is one positive on the team however (aside from Melo) and it’s Iman Shumpert who’s playing much better offensively this year.  Last night Shumpert drove past Giannis Antetokounmpo and hit him with a reverse dunk.  Shumpert finished with 21 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.

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NBA: New York Man Quits His Job to Attend All 82 Knicks Games, Home & On the Road!

IFWT_Knicks fan 1

As terrible as the Knicks are, they will always have die hard fans.  This man however takes fandom to another level.  He actually quit his job so he can go to all 82 Knicks games this season!

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NBA: Metta World Peace Explains Locker Room Fight With J.R Smith That Kept the Knicks From Re-signing Him


Many thought it was Metta World Peace’s recurring knee injury that kept the Knicks from re-signing him but he believes there was another reason.  Even when he was healthy, then Knicks coach Mike Woodson kept him on the sidelines and wouldn’t let him play.  It was never clear what the issue was but now MWP is clearing the air.

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(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith Goes Carlton Banks, Ignores Melo & Takes Terrible Last Shot

IFWT_JR last shot

If you’ve never seen Fresh Prince of Bel Air (you’re crazy) and won’t get the hilarity of this comparison.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Not Amused By Adam Silver’s Jokes About Knicks Struggles With the Triangle Offense

Derek FIsher announced as Coach

It’s still early in the season but the Knicks are visibly struggling as they learn the Triangle Offense.  It’s a system Phil Jackson used to win 11 rings as a coach of the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.  As the Knicks new president of basketball operations, Jackson hired his former player Derek Fisher and both are trying to teach the system to the Knicks.  Obviously it’s going to take some time for them to get it but Jackson isn’t interested in jabs from the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver in the meantime.

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NBA: Ticket Prices Are Up & This Team is the Most Expensive

IFWT_Nba money

The NBA is racking in more money than ever and even ticket prices have gone up.  The average price of an NBA ticket increased 3.4 percent this season to $53.98, but one team is way more expensive than the rest.

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(Video) NBA: Former Star Metta World Peace Wants To Return To The League, & Rules Out 2 Teams


In a recent interview, World Peace spoke about the possibility of returning to the NBA this season and made a hilarious reference when asked if he wanted to return to the Lakers or the Knicks. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: New York Knicks Star JR Smith Suspended For Hitting Wizard’s Player In The Groin


During last night’s loss to the Wizards, JR apparently hit Glen Rice Jr. below the belt. At first view of the video, it’s hard to tell if the hit was intentional, but Smith will serve his one game suspension tonight. Hit the jump for details.

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