(Video) UPDATES, More Statements and Sorrow Surround Brooklyn Police Shooting

Officers Wenjian and Ramos Dead

MORE UPDATES, More Statements and Sorrow Surround Brooklyn Police Shooting that took the lives of Officer Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos yesterday in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. 13 year old son of Officer Ramos posted a powerful statement in regards on his Facebook page. Candle light vigil is set for 6PM tonight, a memorial has been set up for the officers by their 84th precinct and symbols around the city are up. NYPD officers lined Woodhull hospital to salute slain officers as ambulance drove them away. Official statements have also been in from President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, Mayor Bill de Blasio and actions against the mayor at news conference from Woodhull Hospital last night.

As NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch says “There’s blood is on many hands…we tried to warn…” Jaden Ramos, the son of slain Officer Ramos has commented bravely. “He was the best father I could ask for…RIP Dad.” #AllLivesMatter

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(Video) Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack: I’m Still HNIC

Obama on Cyber Attack

BREAKING: Early morning Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack in that he understands the executive decisions Sony had to make regarding the cyber attack–which sent the online and news world reeling as well as shut down premieres around the country for “The Interview” movie this week. While acknowledging Sony had to handle their business he was quick to remind that as President he’s the TOP exec and in charge for a reason. In other words…*Flex voice* –FALL BACK!!!

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(Video) 5 Things We’ll See Now That The US And Cuba Beef Is Over

Rebecca Basulto

“What’s Beef???” Beef is no friendship, no business, no politics, no travel, no negotiations, no love, and no recognition–since 1960!!! Beef is guerrilla war, nuclear threats, overnight sneak attacks, and boatloads of the innocent literally caught in the middle. Beef is Al Pacino’s Scarface and beef outlasts 10 presidents, until now. “We can not keep doing the same thing and expect a different result” said current President Obama in yesterday’s groundbreaking announcement to overhaul the old and bitter US-Cuba relationship. Since the announcement, a lot of things have been re-examined historically and politically. But what about culture, business, and this new world that’s ‘so far gone’ from 1960? Here’s our list of the 5 Things We’ll See Now That The US And Cuba Beef Is Over…

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Who Told Obama’s Daughters To “Show Some Class”


Elizabeth Lauten who is the communications director of Republican Stephen Fincher posted on Facebook a criticism about Malia and Sasha Obama’s appearance at the White House turkey pardon ceremony. She said the girls should “try showing a little class”. Apparently the women had a problem with how the girls dressed to the ceremony. She went on to say “dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar”. Mind you these girls are teens, and they most definitely don’t know anything about how to even begin dressing for a bar.

The girls have on stockings, one has on a dress, the other wore a skirt and they both had sweaters!! Since the SCANDAL Elizabeth has apologized for her behavior and for judging the poor girls. Check out the gallery for the pictures of the Obama’s daughters outfits on that day..

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(Video) Guard Fired After Taking Pictures Of President Obamas Limo

IFWT_Kenneth Tate

Kenneth Tate, Former security guard feels he was fired unjustly after he was assigned to escort President Obama and Secret Service officials in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sept 16.

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(Video) President Obama To Address To The Nation About The Threat Of ISIL. Watch It LIVE Here!


President Obama is going to address the Nation, this evening, about the treat that is the ISIL. With two American journalists deaths by their hands, Obama is going to address the measures against the terriost group.
Video after the jump

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Tune In! President Obama To Address Nation And Explain Plan Of Attack On ISIS

President Obama

This Wednesday, President Barack Obama will address the nation and detail “what our game plan is going forward,” in the fight against terrorist group ISIS. The President is confident that with aide from regional partners we will be able to eliminate the terror organization. Actions are said to include military, diplomatic, and economic components. See more below!

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(Photos) What? Obama Puts A Delay On Immigration!


According to White House Officials, President Barack Obama is putting a hold on the any immigration action until after the November congressional elections. Obama claimed to have no specific time to act on this issue, however, officials made it clear that the President would like to take care of the situation before the end of year.

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(Photo) Status Update! President Obama Tweets 10 Million New Jobs But There’s Still More To Be Done


This morning President Obama tweeted a chart depicting the rate in which new jobs were being created. The great news is that over 10 Million new private-sector jobs have been created within the last 54 months. But he assures us there is still more to be done. See the tweet and chart after the jump!

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(Video) Bill Nye The Science Guy Trying To Run For President?!

Bill Nye Selfie With the President

Everyone’s watched Bill Nye The Science Guy and learned oh-so-much about science. But, could you really picture Bill Nye running for office?

Bill Nye has already had a run in with Obama, so I guess he’s well on his way right? Probably not. On StarTalk radio program, Bill is asked if he would run for president. He replied jokingly, “Oh, sure, so Neil deGrasse Tyson and I are working on our cabinet,” Nye then offers positions to guest hosts comedian Eugene Mirman and former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. They accept LOL!

It’s all jokes.

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