Obama Administration Creates Second Chance Program

IFWT_Barack Obama

Obama, Obama, Obama. Our President is clearly going out on a high note. He promised change and he’s delivert.

(Photos) Happy Father’s Day: The Celebrity Edition


Check out flicks of several celebrity fathers with their kids, alongside some other joke related posts about Brittney Griner and Russell Wilson/Ciara.

(Photo) Donald Trump Says Obama Should Step Down In Wake Of Orlando Shooting…


Shortly after President Obama addressed our Nation in the wake of the Orlando Night Club Shooting Donald Trump decided to state his opinion.

SMH: Stacy Dash Comes For Obama Over #ClubPulse #Orlando Shooting

IFWT_StacyDash endorsing Trump

Damn Dash! Back at it again with the conservative BS! Stacy Dash always knows the wrong thing to say. Today she took to Instagram to give her condolences to the LGBT community, but as usual the condolences were delivered in a distasteful manner. The hate filled post began with the trolling of President Obama, asking the president the condescending question,

“Is he an Islamic terrorist?”.

Well users, like most of the world, are sick of Stacey Dash, are not having it, and have began to clap back. Its crazy how someone so beautiful on the outside can be so ugly within. Screenshots of post and comments located in the gallery after the jump.

David Perdue Jokes About Obama


> David Perdue is a Georgian Senator, at the GOP convention he decided to say a joke about Obama. Perdue crossed the line with his jokes.

(Photo + Video) Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton


President Obama has made his choice. He is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Obama says he is ‘fired up’ for Clinton.

(Photo) Stacey Dash Endorses Trump!


Stacey is back again with the republican antics click more for the Dash dish

(Video) Chance The Rapper Believes Obama Should Be The Mayor Of Chicago


During a recent interview, Chance states that he would like for Obama to be the mayor of Chicago. Chance feels as though Obama should due to the fact that he’s always on that side of town.

(Video) Obama Drinks Flint Water As He Blames Culture For Neglecting The Crisis


While at a high school in Flint, President Obama asked for a glass of water. He drank the water from Flint as a way to show solidarity. Back in January, Obama declared a state of emergency to get national attention on the crisis.

(Photos) Today Marks The 5 Year Anniversary Of Osama Bin Laden’s Death


Today marks the five year anniversary of notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden’s death. To celebrate, the CIA Live tweeted the raid on Bin Laden in ‘real time’ as if it were happening today. President Obama also spoke on the raid, and he had some very interesting things to say.

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