(Video) Kendrick Lamar Explains Art Basel Performance And Playing Basketball With Obama


Kendrick appears for an interview and talks about the last year which included him dropping untitled. unmastered. specifically for the fans, his recent unique Art Basel performance and also playing basketball with the President.

(Video) President Obama Speaks On Unity In Final Thanksgiving Addressing


The time is now winding down. President Obama is making his last few speeches. During his final Thanksgiving message, he speaks on the concept of unity.

(Video) President Obama Tells Everyone To Wait And See What Donald Trump Does


Americans are truly not beat for Donald Trump being elected as our next President. There has been Anti-Trump protests being held everywhere. More than anything, American’s are afraid of what is in store for this country once Trump hits office. President Obama is now asking people to just wait and see what Trump is going to do before we just judge him.

(Photos) Social Media Goes Crazy With Hilarious Joe Biden Memes After Trump Victory


The Presidential election this past week has left everyone shocked, surprised and basically speechless (on both sides of the spectrum). With that being said, the internet never ceases to amaze us at how fast these memes get generated.

(Video) President Obama Speaks On Why Hillary Clinton Lost To Donald Trump


President Obama has recently spoken on what it was that caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election to Donald Trump. According to Obama, its all about letting the people get a feel for who you are which I agree with.

(Video) NBA: POTUS Addresses The Cavs At The White House


President of the United States, Barak Obama hosted the championship Cleveland Cavaliers at the white house and gave very specific shout outs to players for thier specific contribution to the team. Check it out.

(Photo) Donald Trump Tweets About His Experience At The White House


Just a few days ago, America elected Donald Trump as president. Since then, there has been a lot of unhappy democrats. A lot of which have taken to protest Trump’s election win. I’m pretty sure they are highly aware there is nothing that can really be done at this point, but it’s just the fact that they have a right to exercise how they feel. Obama called Trump and congratulated him on his win. He even invited he and his wife to the White House. True has now took to Twitter to share his experience.

LIVE: President Obama Now Addresses The Nation After Donald Trump Is Elected Our Next President


President Obama is now addressing the nation after Donald Trump has been elected as our next president. Obama recently called Trump and congratulated him along with inviting him to the White House. He called both candidates and congratulated them on their run. See what President Obama has to say after the election below.

(Photo) Trump Supporters Kick The Wheelchair Of A Kid With Cerebral Palsy


This is just awful. Yesterday, during a Trump rally, a young child with Cerebral Palsy was not only kicked out of the rally, but his wheel chair was kicked. J.J. Holmes went to the rally with his mother, Alison, to protest Trump. They were both kicked out of the rally as Trump supporters yelled “USA!” and Trump repeated “Get them out.” Super sick!

(Photo) Trump Taking Shots At Obama Once Again


You all know how Trump always has something to say especially about Obama and Hillary Clinton. Today he made a comment about both Obama and Clinton.

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