NYC’s A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin Today!

If you aren’t aware of the Trayvon Martin hate crime, you should make yourself familiar. Due to racial profiling, an unarmed black child was murdered by a neighborhood watch captain for looking ‘suspicious’ by wearing a hoodie in the rain. His murderer is still a free man, and the public has decided to march this evening in his honor! If you are in the NYC area, you should definitely join the #MillionHoodies march to speak out against this injustice! Check out the details below! Caasi Cofer

CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Piquant BK – Bet you can’t tell me what’s on this plate!

  Ahhh! Since it’s Easter, I thought why not give you another great food spot! Piquant in Park Slope is one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. The brunch and dinner menu is scrumptious! A friend took me here for dinner, and once again, I was hooked. (Thank God for great friends!) The entire aura of this two-floor restaurant is very romantic. Real nice date spot! ‘HINT HINT fellas!’ The staff is very friendly and explains every dish thoroughly. You are severed complimentary tortilla chips with a so-so salsa. I ordered the special margarita of the night ($10) along with my entree ($19) and it was pretty yummy! I am a sucker for a well-presented plate, so when this plate was placed in front of me, my eyes lit up! Can you tell me whats on my plate?? @iBLONDEgenius

CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Bet you can’t tell me what’s on this plate!

So….I had a taste for some niceeee soul food cooking. Didn’t wanna harass my grandma for her famous southern cooking so I decided to check out Brother Jimmy’s. My girl Kalyn told me how scrumptious their food was so I had to try it. Yupppp – I will def be back. Food was spiced just right, reasonably priced (my meal was $18) and it was finger licking good! :) SCORE! Can you tell me what I had on my plate? More pics below. @iBLONDEgenius

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