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(Photos) NBA: Check Out Phil Jackson’s Swanky New NYC Home


Looks like Phil Jackson is all settled in as the new President of the New York Knicks and it’s complete with a new home.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Finally Admits The Obvious: ‘I Do Not Expect To Win A Championship This Year’


Carmelo Anthony finally admitted what we all knew, the Knicks won’t win a championship this year.  During his free agency tour, Anthony said winning was his priority so it didn’t make sense to some that he re-signed with the Knicks.  When he re-signed with the team on five-year, $124 million contract, he reiterated that it was because he believed in the team and not for the money.  Now he acknowledges that winning will take some time.

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NBA: Knicks Considering Bringing Back Metta World Peace

NY Knicks practice

Metta World Peace didn’t even make it through his first full season with the Knicks, but with a new regime running things now, apparently the team is willing to consider giving him another shot.

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NBA: Here We Go Again… Phil Jackson Interested in Andrew Bynum IF He’s Healthy

IFWT_Bynum x Phil 1

It appears that as long as Andrew Bynum can walk, there’ll be a team willing to sign him.  That’s often the case with 7 footers in the NBA, despite his antics and numerous injuries, teams are still willing to take a chance.  This time he might be able to link up with his former coach, Phil Jackson who’s now the president of the New York Knicks.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Speaks The Truth About What Happened With Dwight Howard & Kobe


Everyone knows Dwight Howard & Kobe Bryant never really got along as teammates on the Lakers. There has been rumors to things that may or may not of happened but Dwight & Kobe themselves never really gave specifics on their relationship. Fans and media have gathered enough info on their own but there is nothing that compares to hearing it from someone directly involved. Phil Jackson knows exactly what happened including the details on the private meeting that occurred prior to Dwight choosing to sign with Houston.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Phil Jackson Has Funny Reaction on Twitter After Pau Gasol Signs With Bulls

IFWT_Phil pau 1

Over the weekend we learned that free agent Pau Gasol chose to join the Chicago Bulls. Phil Jackson had a great tweet in reaction to the news.  Gotta love the Zen Master’s sense of humor.  Check it out…

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NBA: Bad Sign For Knicks Fans? Carmelo Has Been Ignoring Texts From Phil Jackson!


Phil Jackson might have a “good feeling” about Carmelo returning to the Knicks but he wouldn’t be able to tell you that for sure because he hasn’t heard from Melo himself! In reports that came out yesterday, Phil is saying he feels confident that he made a connection with Melo and thinks they are on track to re-sign him but the same reports say Phil has been texting him and getting no reply for close to a week. That may be the reason the rumors of Melo giving strong consideration again to joining the Bulls after it seemed Chicago missed their chance. Hit the jump.

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NBA Report: Huh?! New York Knicks to Go After Pau Gasol As a Way to Keep Carmelo Anthony


With Phil Jackson as the Knicks president, he’s been bringing in and targeting a lot of people he already has a previous relationship with.  From his coaching search to free agents, Jackson has targeted his former players.  The latest buzz surrounds getting Pau Gasol.

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NBA: Big Plan Revealed?! Check Out Who Phil Jackson Has His Eyes On For 2016

IFWT_Fisher knicks  2

Now it’s allllll coming together.  Yes, the Zen Master had a plan (you didn’t doubt him did you?!) & it looks like with the hiring of Derek Fisher as head coach of the Knicks it’s starting to fall into place.  As a Knicks fan, I would love for this to happen.  Check it out….

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NBA: Phil Jackson Had Only Two Words When Asked About Derek Fisher

IFWT_Phil Fish 6

Yesterday the sports world learned that the Knicks reached an agreement with Derek Fisher to become the team’s next coach.  Well everyone in the organization has been pretty quite about it, but reporters caught Phil Jackson last night and asked him about Fisher — he had just two words in response.  So how do you feel Knick fans?!?!
A press conference for the announcement is scheduled for later today.  Hit the jump for details…

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