(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Predicted Exactly What Would Happen Between Him & Pacquiao Back In 2009

Floyd Mayweather is a great boxer, marketing guy, entertainer & more but he might also be able to see into the future, judging from this 2009 interview.

NBA: Udonis Haslem Makes Prediction For First Heat/Cavs Game With Just One Word

Hmmm, this is an interesting quote.  Heat beat writer & columnist for the Miami Herald, Joe Goodman, shared what Udonis Haslem had to say when he was asked to make a prediction for the fist Heat-Cavs game.  It was a simple response that consisted of one word.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

(Video) NFL: Tyson Beckford’s Super Bowl Prediction

Yesterday model & actor Tyson Beckford joined the desk with ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss who will win Super Bowl XLVIII.  Check out who he has to take the title…

(Video) NFL: Joe Budden’s Super Bowl Prediction

Joe Budden was back again on Friday!  He joined First Take to discuss Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seahawks & the Broncos.  Check out what he had to say about the matchup & who he has to win….

NBA: Kevin Durant Responds To Jalen Rose’s Prediction!

Yesterday we shared a video of Jalen Rose predicting that Kevin Durant will end up leaving the Thunder and join Dwight Howard on the Rockets.  Some fans think he’s crazy and others think it could happen, but what does Kevin Durant think about it???  Check out what he had to say…

(Video) NBA: Jalen Rose Makes Prediction That Kevin Durant Will Leave Thunder & Go To The…

Really Jalen – where are you getting this info from??? Jalen Rose has been making some bold predictions lately!  First he said that he thinks Michael Jordan will return for one game this season (which I’d love to see happen), now he’s predicting that Kevin Durant will end up on another team in the next couple years and so will Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. Check it out & let us know what you think???

NBA: Metta World Peace Makes Prediction on Kobe Bryant & Lakers

Wondering how Metta World Peace feels about his former team & teammate Kobe Bryant?!  Wonder no more.  Last night while promoting the children’s book he wrote, he made a prediction about how far the Lakers will make it this season & on how Kobe Bryant will do with his injury.  He also commented on Lamar Odom’s recent drama. Report after the jump…

Sports: Michael Vick Makes Mayweather-Alvarez Prediction

Yep! The fight of the year is just a few days aways and athletes/celebs love making their prediction on the outcome.  Well Michael Vick has made his pick and shared it with the world.  Check out what he had to say along with Mayweather responding to it & stay tuned — I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to come.

Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya Thinks He Beat Mayweather & Makes Bold Prediction For Canelo Fight!

Damn Oscar, you’re still thinking about that fight in 2007?  Just take that L!  It’s no secret that there’s bad blood between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya, so this prediction shouldn’t come as a surprise. I definitely do NOT agree with it. Check out what Oscar had to say about Mayweather’s fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez coming up next month & let us know what you think!

NBA: Metta World Peace Chimes In on Dwight Decision & Makes Bold Prediction!

Gotta love Metta World Peace’s take on things. He always has something different to say.  He didn’t bash Dwight Howard, but he did have an interesting take on Dwight going to Houston…his analysis included talking about Omer Asik and Howard, naming an MVP next season,  a bold prediction & more. Check it out & let us know what you think…

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