Ray J Allegedly Denied A Visa Because Of Chris Brown Event

Ray J and his now wife Princess were all ready to enjoy themselves in Australia. Well that trip got cut real short as Ray was alledgedly denied a visa because of the event that took place at his homie Chris Brown’s home.

(Video + Photos) Ray J & Princess Love Gets Married!

Congratulations are in order for Ray J & Princess Love! The two have finally tied the knot and made it official, while family and friends gathered to watch the special union.

Ray J & Princess Are Getting Married But Only Under ONE Condition

Love & Hip-Hop stars Ray J and Princess recently got engaged back in October, despite their EXTREMELY dysfunctional relationship. Now they definitely plan on actually going through with the wedding but only under one circumstance and one circumstance only – if the two can both manage to stay 100% sober.

WELP.. Guess Which Former “Love & Hip-Hop” Rivals Made An Alliance After Beefing With One Another?!

Ratchet TV Mondays consumes the lives of so many as soon as we see that “Love & Hip-Hop” is coming on TV. Between the drama, the fights and the all-around craziness, it’s hard to not want to tune in and check out what’s going on now. During the last season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, we’ve watched the crazy beef unfold between Teairra Mari and Princess, both former lovers of Ray J. Since during the show Ray and Princess were still an item, she often bumped heads with Teairra. However, the two have now formed some sort of odd “The Real Ex Girlfriends of Ray J” alliance and have been reportedly hanging out together. In fact, the two ended up at Drake’s private party at his home in Miami where they were supposedly “almost making out,” according to inside sources who were in attendance at the event. Since then, the beef has gotten real between Ray J’s manager Wack 100 and his ex Princess. The two got into a heated argument and it was put on blast that Ray J kicked her out of her home that he paid for and took back her Bentley that he also was spotting the bill for. Check out the drama over in the gallery. *Grabs popcorn*

(Audio) Ray J Was Afraid His Girlfriend Was Going To Pull A Murder Suicide?!

Looks like Ray J was getting nervous that his girlfriend Princess might go crazy and pull a murder-suicide by killing him then offing herself. Just days after Earl Hayes murdered his wife Stephanie Moseley and then shot himself dead in their Los Angeles apartment, Ray J called the police in a panic saying she’s trying to kill herself with a gun after he tried to break up with her. He kept bringing up the Hayes/Moseley situation up to the dispatcher to most likely instill the severity into their heads to send a unit over ASAP before it was too late. Check out the very strange audio from Ray J’s 911 call below. We’re not sure if he was scared for his life or just really need to “film a TV show” as we hear in the call. Hmmm, who knows. These celebrities are a different breed.

Breaking: Love & Hip-Hop’s Princess Threatened Suicide When Ray J Broke Up With Her So He Called 911

I don’t keep up with the mostly-fake Love & Hip-Hop drama, especially with the Hollywood cast. Apparently Ray J was dating someone named Princess…but wasn’t he dating Teiarra Mari before? Or that’s old? See, this is why I can’t keep up. Anyway, I guess Princess was the latest flavor of the week, but Ray was over it and was attempting to break things off last night. Princess clearly didn’t take this very well, and threatened suicide after “incessantly” texting Ray as he tried to break it off, and not getting the answers she wanted to hear. In light of the recent tragedy with dancer Stephanie Moseley and TMT member Earl Hayes, Ray J did not want to take this threat lightly, no matter how over-dramatic it likely was. Since he knew there was a gun in Princess’ house, he immediately called 911 and informed them of his concerns, and they promptly made their way over to his now-ex’s home. However, she wasn’t there, but Ray has since spoken to her and she promises she will not make good on the threat. Do you think Ray was legitimately concerned, or did he want to embarrass her with all of the headlines this would absolutely cause? Or – could this be the most elaborate Love & Hip-Hop faux drama yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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